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If you want to sell successfully on Amazon, you need to know all the tricks of the trade. Many sellers use tools to help them do this, Amazon PPC campaigns to create and optimize, recognize profitable product categories and identify and analyze their keywords. Sure... all of these tasks can also simply be ticked off by ignoring data and estimating search volumes, prices, etc., but this is rarely enough if you really want to be profitable.

One tool that helps companies and agencies to be successful on Amazon is Helium 10. It is one of the most widely used tools internationally for Amazon SEOfor which positive experiences are multiplying on the Internet. But are these reviews honest? I took a close look at the tool and share my impressions with you.

What is Helium 10?

Helium is a tool that consists of various modules. Each module has a specific function, such as product research or keyword tracking. Taken together, Helium 10 offers a comprehensive tool that has nothing to hide from its competitors. Over 600,000 sellers use Helium, although I believe some of them are inactive. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular Amazon SEO tools on the market. In addition to the usual features such as keyword research or index monitoring, Helium also offers other exciting functions such as assistance with returns or a warning system for impersonators.

Advantages and disadvantages of Helium 10

Advantages Disadvantages
Free account for 30 days PPC functions only available from "Diamond" onwards
Up to 2500 keywords/month tracking Only one user in Platinum Account
Useful Chrome extension
Exclusive functions  
App for iOS and Android  

Product features

To keep every facet of an Amazon business running smoothly, the Helium 10 program offers a comprehensive set of tools that process key insights and make them easy to implement. Here are the most important ones:

Product research

Helium 10 Product researchIn many ways, finding products to add to the existing product portfolio is the most important step of all. With powerful analytics and intelligent filters, Helium 10 enables sellers to make informed decisions based on sales trends, revenue estimates, profitability and customer insights.

Tools: Black Box, Trendster, X-Ray, Profitability Calculator

Keyword research

Helium 10 keyword research

It is essential that a product is constantly at the top of search results. Thanks to Helium 10's advanced keyword aggregation and detailed competitor data, sellers can not only discover databases of high-volume, potentially profitable keywords, but also determine their competitors' keyword strategy and use this information to improve listings.

Tools: Magnet, Cerebro, Misspellinator

Optimization of your listings

Helium 10 Listing OptimizationHelium 10 offers tools for optimizing listings. Frankenstein helps to filter, sort and group keyword lists. This is the basis for optimized titles, descriptions, etc., which can improve the ranking. With Scribble, Helium also offers you an automatic check of your listings for the use of keywords and frequently used words.

Tools: Frankenstein, Scribbles, Index Checker

Business Analytics

Helium 10 Business AnalyticsHelium 10 helps to simplify daily tasks through precise automation. It allows sellers to control inventory by limiting the number of units a customer can purchase. It simplifies the refund process with automatic seller refund requests. It monitors selected ASINs and alerts sellers of suspicious activity. It encourages organic reviews, increases ranking and contributes to better customer engagement.

Tools: Inventory Protector, Refund Genie, Alerts, Follow-Up


Helium 10 MonitoringHelium 10's tools can show sellers how potential changes can affect or benefit their listings. They can also help analyze popular search terms, identify markets and improve performance through keyword tracking. To ensure operability, Helium gives its users the ability to track their income with timely updates of gross revenue, performance matrix, net profit and sales trends.

Tools: Keyword Tracker, Profits, Market Tracker

Marketing and advertising

Helium 10 MarketingIf potential customers don't know why they need a product, all sales efforts are automatically ineffective. Helium 10 enables sellers to manage marketing at a granular level with AI-powered advertising campaigns. The program can be used for direct targeting by building drag-and-drop landing pages and streamlining campaigns with keyword analysis and predictive bidding suggestions.

Tools: Ads, Portals


To provide more flexibility, Helium 10 offers five monthly/yearly membership plans, each of which includes access to a variety of tools. If needed, sellers can easily customize their membership. Here are the key offerings of each plan:


30 days access for 1 user

Basic functions

PLATINUM (97 $ / month)

1 User

All tools available except PPC

30-day money-back guarantee

500 Follow Up Emails

Inventory management

Free course

DIAMOND (197 $ / month)

Multi-user access

4 Seller Accounts

Keyword tracking with 5,000 keywords

30-day money-back guarantee

600 ASIN Alerts

Access to PPC Tool

ELITE (397 $ / month)

1X per month workshop

LIVE Online Training

Private Facebook group

30-day money-back guarantee

All features largely without limits


Alerts 2 ASINs 300 ASINs 600 ASINs 1,000 ASINs
Black Box 20 times Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cerebro 2 times Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Frankenstein 30 days Unlimited Unlimited Frankenstein
Index Checker 6 times 150 times 300 times 500 times
Keyword Tracker 20 keywords 2500 keywords 5000 keywords 5000 keywords
Magnet 2 times / day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Profits 30 days Included Included Included
Refund Genius Limited Included Included Included
Scribbles 30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Trendster 30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
X-Ray 30 days Included Included Included

Helium 10 experience

After using Helium 10 for a few days, I can say that it is currently the best FBA tool for SEO and research. I recommend Helium 10 to anyone who wants to maintain a relevant digital presence, get accurate information about target demographics, and maximize profits.

Helium has personally helped me find high potential products and identify the right keywords. The listing optimization tools are brilliant - a bit time consuming if you consider all the suggestions when optimizing a listing, but brilliant nonetheless. The results are usually obvious within a very short time.

I find it promising that Helium has now developed a PPC that was still in beta during the test period. It will probably be a while before the tool can compete with your Amazon PPC tools, but if they can do it as well as the SEO tool suite, then I would be impressed.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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Google Rating
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