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Amazon SEO agency for sales champions

We as Amazon SEO Agency support online pure players, FMCG brands and established brick-and-mortar retail brands in optimizing their presence on the Amazon marketplace.

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Maybe not your first, but certainly your last Amazon SEO agency

Tired of impersonal support without a direct contact person? We help our partners on a personal level and work with them on a long-term basis. 

+8 years eCommerce experience


+ 100 projects since 2017


> € 70 million in managed eCommerce sales in 2022


> € 4 million in advertising expenditure in 2022


SEO agency for Amazon sellers from Düsseldorf

We are based in beautiful Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Here we work daily on optimizing our customers' Amazon product listings. Would you like to get to know us personally? Of course, we are also happy to invite our customers to our offices at Arnulfstraße 33 for personal meetings.

It can't go on like this...

Sharply rising click prices mean that Amazon PPC ads are becoming increasingly difficult to monetize. Many sellers now generate more than 60% of their sales through ads. This can be changed! We achieve top rankings on a daily basis for our agency clients.

What Amazon SEO services do we provide?

Amazon Keyword Research

We use various tools to determine the most important search terms and implement them in the optimization. 

Amazon Listing Optimization

Optimized listings are an essential component for sales success on Amazon. We pay attention to the Amazon style guides and ranking factors.

Conversion rate optimization

In addition to visibility, optimizing the conversion rate is also a decisive lever for growth on Amazon. To this end, we pay attention to images, optimized texts, videos, ratings and A+ content. 

Amazon PPC

By running PPC campaigns, we sustainably improve our clients' organic rankings. 

Amazon launch strategy

The product launch on Amazon is of particular importance, which is why a launch strategy is essential if you want to launch successfully on Amazon. 

Amazon Internationalization

If the German Amazon market has already been conquered, we are also happy to help our customers with sales on the international Amazon marketplaces. 

Our success stories

600% Increase in sales within the first 24 months of collaboration

The collaboration began in November 2019. Together, we developed an online multi-channel strategy - and today, In & Out House GmbH successfully sells its products on over 20 online marketplaces across Europe.

1400% Increase in sales since the start of the collaboration

Since the start of the collaboration with Holzrichter Berlin in 2017, a small start-up has developed into a company with over 20 team members.

From 5 to 7-digit annual sales since the start of the collaboration

The collaboration began back in 2018 and we have since achieved several milestones together, with annual sales rising to a seven-figure sum.

What do we offer our clients as an Amazon SEO agency?

Keyword research

On Amazon, users mainly search for new products using the Amazon search bar. It is therefore essential for sellers to know which terms are searched for and how often. As experts, we know that keywords are the foundation of successful Amazon SEO. Therefore, a detailed Keyword research is always the first step for us as a Amazon SEO Agency.

Listing optimization

Once we have identified the relevant search terms, the second step of the Amazon SEO process is to optimize the product listings. We make sure that all keywords are included in the title, bullet points, general keywords and in the product description, but also that the product listings are compliant with the current Amazon style guides.

Amazon PPC

An optimized product listing is no longer enough to appear on the first page of Amazon. Without the support of Amazon PPC campaigns, top rankings in organic search results cannot be achieved in the long term. That's why we as Amazon Agency not only about SEObut also to PPC advertising.

What makes us different from other Amazon SEO agencies?

60 million € - Customer sales (p.a.)

We have been offering our services as an Amazon SEO agency since 2017. Since 2017, we have already managed over 100 Amazon SEO projects and optimized over 10,000 listings (including variations). Our customers have also changed in the meantime. Our standard client is an online pure player and generates a turnover of between 2-12 million euros per year. 

Not interns, but experts

The AdsMasters team consists of 5 highly qualified SEO specialists. We do our work 100% in-house to guarantee the highest level of quality. The activities we take on are also carried out in-house at 100% and are not passed on to freelancers or other agencies. We want to create an atmosphere in which our customers enjoy working with us. Successful collaboration involves more than just increasing sales. 

Personal service at eye level

In addition to technical expertise, our experience has shown that it is essential to establish a personal and professional relationship with our clients. Only if our customers feel well looked after and enjoy working with us can we talk of a successful collaboration.

Typical process - from contact request to collaboration

1. Free initial consultation

The first step after contacting us is to arrange an initial consultation, which can be conducted either by telephone or video call. In this initial meeting, we will get to know each other and discuss your current situation. I (Tobias) will also introduce you to our services and experience. Of course, I will also answer questions about selling on Amazon, optimization options and Amazon Advertising. 

2. amazon account audit

After the initial consultation, we usually carry out an initial Amazon audit to determine the current situation of the seller/vendor account. Here we identify optimization strategies and define an action plan for the next steps to achieve the desired marketing goals.

3. discussion of the findings from the audit

Once we have created an Amazon strategy, we present it next and discuss any questions that arise in a personal meeting. Only if both sides agree with the strategy do we discuss the conditions and the course of a possible collaboration in the next step. 

4. Implementation of the Amazon strategy

Just a few days after the Amazon strategy is presented, we implement the strategy in the Amazon account. We ensure that the Amazon advertising campaigns are clearly structured. This also includes compliance with the Amazon style guides and detailed keyword research.

5. optimization of the Amazon presence

One of the main components of an Amazon strategy is the optimization of the presentation and the current advertising campaigns. Here we can look back on experience from + 100 projects.

6. reporting & regular exchange

In addition to campaign support, we create monthly reports and arrange monthly update calls to discuss the current situation and adjust the campaign strategy. Because only if both sides are informed can there be a successful and long-term collaboration.

What do our customers say about the collaboration?

I am delighted to be working with Tobias Dziuba.
He is absolutely competent and his know-how has allowed our turnover to grow strongly. His advertising campaigns are not only very well created, but also controlled. This means that the advertising budget is always checked for efficiency.
He is always available and always ready to help. That's how service should be.

Sascha WenzelManaging Director In & Out House GmbH

Our decision to take the listing of our lights on Amazon into our own hands was a game changer. It opened the door to a large number of new customers in the B2B sector.
Without the help of AdsMasters and Tobias Dziuba, we would never have had the opportunity to successfully list and advertise products without being buyers ourselves.

Michael PertererManaging Partner SIGOR Licht GmbH

Tobias did an excellent job setting up our Amazon Seller account. He created the Amazon interface to our store system, successfully set up the advertisements and took care of all our other Amazon-related concerns immediately. Thanks to Tobias, we sell all over Europe via Amazon and we are pleased that he will also support us with further internationalization and the upcoming distribution in the USA. Tobias is always reliable and the cooperation is uncomplicated and successful.

Melina KelterbornMarketing & Communication Hytecon

Modern Gourmet Foods hired Tobias in 2019 to help us grow our Amazon FBA business in Germany. In our first year working with him, he was able to help us increase our sales 7x. We continued to improve in 2020 and increased our sales by another 4x. Tobias was instrumental in this growth. He is extremely competent and knowledgeable about Amazon and is always on time with his deliverables. In addition, he is very easy to work with a pleasure to have as part of our team.

Jennifer WattsDirector of Ecommerce - Modern Gourmet Foods

We feel very well looked after, as the services are very specifically tailored to our products. Mr. Dziuba is also very flexible and offers quick assistance with problems.
Mr. Dziuba is a competent partner who helps us to achieve our Amazon goals.

Akin AktasManaging Director EVIA Gmbh

Tobias has helped us launch our dedicated German site and has helped us quickly develop a presence and build our sales. He has been incredibly helpful as we learn to understand this new market.

Ben PethulliseCommerce Manager - Manuka Doctor

The collaboration with AdsMasters, Tobias Dziuba, was on an equal footing right from the start. Tobi knows his trade, is professional and reliable. He makes no empty promises and no exorbitant prices. After 1.5 years, I can only say: Thank you! And I'm looking forward to more exciting projects and years of working together.

Kay LinkFounder of Smilestore

We have been working with Tobias Dziuba for several years now. What we particularly appreciate is the friendly approach and the fact that he is available at any time of the day or night when we need support.

Stefan MädlFounder of Broken Head

Tobias has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about our Amazon presence. Tobias has helped us with every aspect on the Amazon platform from our product listings, A+ content to managing and optimizing our ads. I can only recommend Tobias.

Morten BengtsenDigital Marketing Consultant at Saphe A/S

Teamwork makes the dream work

Who is actually behind Tobias Dziuba / AdsMasters GmbH?

Tobias Dziuba

Tobias Dziuba

Managing Partner

Karoline Jüttner

Online Marketing Manager

Niclas Krasenbrink

Niclas Krasenbrink

Seller Manager

Edward Merkel

Edward Merkel

Seller Manager

Dennis Platonov

Seller Manager

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Amazon SEO agency for better rankings & more sales

We, AdsMasters GmbH, are your future Amazon SEO agency! We have been active in e-commerce since 2013 and have specialized in the optimization of product listings on Amazon since 2017. We look after around 30 brands per month and have made a name for ourselves as a successful agency for major brands such as Durex and Veet as well as D2C brands such as Holzrichter Berlin and Frank Juice.

Our success is based on our speed of implementation, personal contact and the experience gained from over 10,000 optimized product listings.

As an Amazon SEO agency, we take care of optimizing your product listings. This allows us to increase your visibility and sales on Amazon. We optimize your product titles, descriptions, keywords and images, monitor your competitors and analyse your sales and traffic data.

Our goal is to make your products easier to find on Amazon in order to generate more traffic and sales. We help you to increase your sales on Amazon and raise your brand awareness. The cost of our services depends on your requirements and goals.

However, we offer flexible pricing models that are tailored to your individual needs. Let us discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

If you're ready to increase your sales on Amazon, contact us today. We look forward to accompanying you on your path to success!

Our services as an Amazon SEO agency at a glance:

Keyword research for SEO on Amazon

As an Amazon SEO agency, we offer you the service of Amazon keyword research. Amazon keyword research is a process in which we specifically search for relevant keywords that are important for your brand and your products. These keywords are then incorporated into your product listings to ensure that your products can be found more easily by potential customers.

Thorough and detailed keyword research is crucial to the success of your products on Amazon. It is important that we identify all relevant keywords so that your products can be found by potential customers.

Without comprehensive keyword research, it can be difficult to make your products visible on Amazon. We use various tools to conduct keyword research, including Helium 10, Amazon Brand Analytics and the Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer.

These tools allow us to identify both short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords in order to cover as many combinations of search terms as possible. Short-tail keywords generally have a higher search volume, while long-tail keywords can describe the search behavior of Amazon customers in more detail.

Amazon SEO audit

An Amazon SEO audit is a process where we thoroughly examine your product listings on Amazon to determine if there is room for improvement. We analyze your titles, descriptions, keywords and images to ensure that everything is optimized and that your products can be easily found by potential customers.

An Amazon SEO audit is essential to ensure the success of your products on Amazon. It is important that your product listings on Amazon are optimized so that they can be easily found by potential customers. An SEO audit helps us to identify problems and find solutions to improve your product listings. We use various tools to perform the SEO audit, including Helium 10, Amalyze and Amazon Brand Analytics.

These tools allow us to thoroughly analyze your product listings and determine if there is room for improvement. We use these tools to identify what changes need to be made to make your products more visible and increase your sales.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon Listing Optimization involves optimizing your product listings on Amazon to ensure that your products can be easily found by potential customers. This includes optimizing the title, description, keywords, images and other important elements of your product listings.

One Listing optimization is essential to ensure the success of your products on Amazon. A well-optimized product listing can help your products be found more easily by potential customers, which in turn leads to more traffic and sales. A well-optimized listing can also help your products stand out against your competition.

When optimizing your listings, it is also essential to pay attention to the Amazon style guides! Amazon style guides are guidelines provided by Amazon to ensure that product listings on Amazon are formatted in a consistent way. These guidelines include rules for the spelling of product names, the use of keywords and the formatting of product descriptions. 

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO describes the process by which the content of a product detail page is optimized so that the product is displayed at the top of a search results page if possible. The aim is to increase visibility and ultimately the sales generated via organic rankings.

What does an Amazon SEO agency cost?

The costs for hiring an Amazon SEO agency are as individual as the customer's situation. Factors that directly influence the costs include the number of products to be optimized, the degree of optimization of the current products, the competitive situation and the size of the company.

What characterizes a professional Amazon SEO agency?

When selecting an Amazon SEO agency, particular attention should be paid to reference customers. Are the references really successful on Amazon or do they have varying degrees of sales success? A reputable and professional Amazon SEO agency has numerous references and can attribute the sales success to its own measures! In addition, a good SEO agency not only pays attention to keyword optimization, but also to compliance with the style guides and the general product presentation.

Who can benefit from working with an Amazon SEO agency?

In principle, any seller can benefit from a collaboration as long as the products are sold under a private label.

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Google Rating
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