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In today's article, we explain how you can Optimize Amazon Listing can. We answer the following questions, among others:

  • Why is the Optimization of Amazon product listings so important?
  • Is the optimization of Amazon listings sufficient to Successful for sale?
  • Which Optimization types are there and how do they differ?

We also show you by means of two examplesas we exemplify an Amazon listing using the Amazon SEO Ranking factors and the Amazon style guides optimize. This includes, for example, the product title length and the bullet points.

Amazon product listings optimization: Why is optimization so important?

To understand the importance of Amazon listing optimization, we must first understand the Goal of the optimization understand. The most common initial situation before listing optimization is that a New product is launched on the market or that an existing product should achieve better visibility in Amazon search results through listing optimization. As a rule, it is therefore a matter of better findability in the Amazon search. The first step in optimization is therefore to carry out an audit of the existing listing in order to identify possible optimization potential. 

Optimization potentials can be Very diverse some of which we have summarized below.

  • Identification of missing Keywords
  • Identification of the Multiple use of keywords in product listings
  • Spelling mistakes & grammatical errors
  • Non-compliance with the Amazon style guides (e.g. product title or bullet point length)
  • Missing product information
  • Insufficient number of product reviews
  • Unattractive Shipping costs
  • Long delivery times
  • Insufficient number of product photos
  • Insufficient quality of product photos
  • Missing A+ content 
  • Missing brand store
  • Missing basic price information
  • Incorrect product categorization 

As you can see from our listing, the topic of Amazon listing optimization is not a purely quantitative topicbut also an issue of delivered quality. However, as you may also have noticed, we limit ourselves to the following in listing optimization not only on the keywords used. We see the topic of listing optimization as more diverse than most other market participantswho mainly pay attention to keyword optimization when optimizing Amazon listings.

For this reason, in the next section we will talk about the three different optimization options - search engine optimization, style guide optimization and conversion optimization - when optimizing Amazon listings.

Amazon SEO as an integral part of listing optimization

As already mentioned in advance, most people think of listing optimization in terms of the Amazon search engine optimizationthis part is and always will be the Main ingredient of a listing optimization. For the sole reason that the Ensuring findability of the products is a basic prerequisite for the sale of the product. The first step in Amazon search engine optimization is the Identification the optimization potential is the first lever.

Therefore, when we want to optimize a listing, we always look at the Current keyword usage on. Here we ask the following questions:

  • What are the Main keywords for the product to be optimized?
  • Which Synonyms are used in the end customer search?
  • Which Properties (colors, size, material, etc.) are frequently searched for in connection with the product?
  • Which keywords are already used in the listing?
  • Which keywords missing currently in the listing?
  • How frequently the respective keywords Wanted?
  • Are there keywords that are used more frequently in the listing and can we use the Removal of the keywords Get space for other keywords?

Amazon SEO - Amazon keyword research:

More detailed instructions on how we can Keyword research you will find in the next part of this blog post, now let's take a look at the necessary steps for Amazon search engine optimization. 

In the first step of the part Amazon SEO we identify the existing organic rankings as well as the keywords used. Here in particular following placements of the keywords plays an important role:

→ Product title

→ Bullet points

→ General keywords

→ Product description

Likewise, all relevant product attributessuch as country of manufacture, product weight, dimensions, colors, with regard to Amazon search engine optimization.

Once the keywords used have been identified, we research other relevant Amazon keywords for optimization that are currently not yet occur in the listing. Here in particular Synonyms and properties of the product play an important role.

In the second step, the researched keywords are converted into a Weighted order brought. The order can follow the search volume of the keyword; the more frequently a search term is searched for, the more relevant it is for use in the product listings. The most relevant terms - based on the search volume - but also terms that the Navigation and the Purchase decision should be included in the product title if possible.


An important feature in the product category "Mattresses" are among others the Degree of hardness and the Dimensions of the mattress. These should be presented as prominently as possible in the product title.

In addition to placing the relevant search terms in the most visible areas, it should also be ensured that as many terms as possible are covered or mentioned, because only in this way can the Indexability of the products are also saved for these terms. If a term does not appear in the Amazon listing, the product for the missing term will not be included in the display.

The Keyword optimization not only have a direct influence on the organic rankings, but also on the display of the Amazon PPC campaigns. A good Optimized product page therefore leads to increased visibility in organic and ad placements.


The Multiple use of a keyword does not lead to better visibility, as might be assumed, but can increase organic visibility. even reduce. This is due to the fact that the space used in the listings is limited and the keywords should therefore be used very carefully. More on this in the section on the different Keyword placements.

Amazon Styleguide optimization

The second component of every Amazon listing optimization is optimization using the Amazon style guides. With the Style guides are Amazon guidelines for the creation and structure of product listings. The product listings should be created based on these guidelines, with different categories having different Amazon style guides. The guidelines for creating listings differ for each product category. Here you can find a more detailed overview of the current Amazon style guides.

The Guidelines from Amazon should be followed as far as possible, otherwise a product listing may be deactivated.


It regularly happens that Amazon product listings cannot be customized, often the reason is the Disregard of the Amazon style guides. If the new and optimized product listings do not correspond to the style guides, this regularly results in a Rejection of the revised listings. 

The styleguide optimization is the simplest form of optimizationas compliance with the Amazon specifications is already sufficient for this to be fulfilled.


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Amazon conversion optimization

The third and final component for optimizing an Amazon listing relates to the Conversion optimization. Here we try to Purchase probability of the customer when he/she is already on the product detail page. The three forms of optimization (SEO, styleguide & conversion optimization) do not operate against each other, but all lead together in the long term to a higher sales volume on Amazon.

If we now look at an Amazon product listing and the Conversion rate we consider the following points in particular:

  • Number of product reviews
  • Average product ratings
  • Buy Box share
  • Shipping speed
  • Number of high-resolution product images
  • Product price compared to the competition
  • Product availability 
  • Use of all product attributes
  • Answering the FAQ in the product listing?

These points should always be included in the conversion optimization of an Amazon product listing so that potential can be identified at an early stage.


Since the end of 2021, Amazon sellers in Germany have been able to use the Amazon tool "Managing your experiments", which can be accessed in Seller Central under the menu item "Brands", A/B testing and thus carry out continuous conversion optimization. 

Amazon as a central product search engine

Today, around 65 % of the online product searchn launched on Amazon. In recent years, Amazon has thus become the most important product search engine in the western world, leaving Google further behind. In comparison: only around 35 % start their product search on Google! This is the result of a survey conducted in 2022 Study. For this reason, more and more retailers are trying to position themselves on Amazon.

Search intent on Amazon vs. Google

The search intention of the end customer when searching on Amazon differs from their Intention when searching on Google. In order to be successful in the long term, the different search intentions be known.

1. information-oriented search queries   

With information-oriented search queries the primary focus is on answering a question, for example: "Why does furniture have such long delivery times?" From the funnel perspective, the searcher is in the upper part of the funnel for information-oriented search queries. Sales funnels. The search therefore only very rarely leads to a direct transaction. Nevertheless, the potential of these search queries should not be neglected, because in addition to directly influencing the Purchase decision the customer can be bound to the company. Information-oriented search queries are generally made via Google search.

2. transaction-oriented search queries

The focus here is undoubtedly on the Transaction of a product. Transaction-oriented search queries are also often referred to as "Money keywords" because the person searching is at the lower end of the Sales funnel and a final transaction is very likely. At transaction-oriented search queries search behavior has shifted significantly towards Amazon in recent years.

3. orientation-based search queries

With this type of search query, the person searching already has an exact target in mind, e.g. "Adidas shoes Amazon". Also with orientation-based search queries Google is number 1.

So while only transaction-oriented search queries occur on Amazon, the Google search The search results are determined by orientation-based and information-oriented search queries.

For this reason, the latter two keyword forms are not included in the keyword research for Amazon listings.

Why are keywords so important for Amazon listing optimization?

The Amazon-A9-Algortihmus can be simplified into two categories:

Relevance factors: The relevance factors are used to determine which listings match the search query. Relevance is determined on the basis of the keywords and the existing product texts. Only products that contain the respective keyword in the search query are classified as relevant. Product text (title, attributes, backend keywords). Depending on Placement The relevance of the keyword also differs depending on the keyword. Placement in the title, for example, has a higher relevance than in the attributes.

Performance factors: The performance factors have a direct influence on the Purchase probability of a product. In particular, the CTR in the SERPs and the conversion rate of the product listing play a decisive role here. Obvious levers are: Price, images, ratings and shipping speed. 

Conclusion: If the search term does not appear in the product text, a transaction cannot ultimately take place. For this reason, the product text should be based on the preceding keyword research should be optimized right from the start. Only after optimizing the relevance factors should you think about optimizing the performance factors.

What factors are there for optimizing an Amazon listing?

Product title

The product title is the most important Onpage factor of every Amazon listing. An optimized title offers several advantages:

  1. A title that is optimized for the most important keywords also has a Significantly better chanceto rank for these search terms.
  2. A attractive product title, that lists the main advantages and functions can look forward to a high CTR in the SERPs in most cases.

When optimizing the title, you should not only think about the algorithm, but also about the end consumer.

Optimal product title length
Characters and not bytes are relevant for the product title length. The absolute maximum for product titles is 200 characters. However, Amazon differentiates here and specifies category-specific lengths for titles. Our experience shows that product titles with a Optimal length of 120 to 150 characters are. This number of characters should be utilized as much as possible, since a longer title also has a higher CTR has.The optimal structure varies in principle and is heavily dependent on the respective product. In the practical example below, you can see how we implement this as an Amazon agency.

Backend keywords/general keywords

The General keywords are comparable to the meta tags of the past, which no longer have any effect today. The general keywords, on the other hand, are among the most important optimization parameters and should therefore not be neglected under any circumstances. A total of one line à 249 bytes which should also be used. Here you can optimize for keywords that have not found a place in the product title or in the attributes. Synonyms in particular find their place here. When using the general keywords, no commas or repetitions should be used. All keywords should only be separated by a space so that no unnecessary characters are wasted. In addition, search terms that can be written both together and separately should always be joined with a hyphen. This has the effect that Amazon both spellings is taken into account. For example, the keyword "gift idea" covers the search terms "gift", "idea" and "gift idea".

Furthermore Upper and lower case letters and umlauts have no meaning and should therefore not be included. Filler words such as "for" and "with" can be safely omitted, as they only take up unnecessary space for relevant keywords away. The order of the Keywords used does not have to be taken into account.

Note: For customers, the backend keywords are not visible. This means that keywords that do not match the wording of the product page can also be used. If the product is frequently entered incorrectly, typing errors can also be taken into account here. However, protected brand terms may not be used.

Backend keywords/Amazon Platinum keywords

The Amazon Platinum Keywords only play a role for so-called Platinum Sellers on Amazon. So if you are not an Amazon Platinum Seller, you can skip entering the keywords in the corresponding input fields, as this has no effect. To become an Amazon Platinum Seller, you must certain requirements and then finally be invited by Amazon to join the program. If you have not yet been invited to the Platinum Seller Program, then you can be sure that you do not have this status.

Product attributes/bullet points

The Product attributes or bullet points should not be neglected during optimization, as they are 1. the primary source of information for potential buyers and 2. offer enough space to include keywords that have not yet been used. In addition to optimizing for Keyword level the USP of your own product should also be presented. For the product attributes, make sure that the five key points do not exceed a total length of 1000 characters, as otherwise No complete indexing of the keywords placed there is no longer guaranteed. The Optimal bullet point length has consequently 200 characters.

Amazon product description

The Product description receives the least attention from Amazon in the context of the Relevance assessment. However, this does not mean that the product description should be neglected, as the product description is the perfect place to present products that require explanation in particular. The Amazon product description is the perfect place for the use of Longtail keywords. It should also not be forgotten that your own Amazon products are also displayed in Google searches. As Google also analyzes the product description consideredthe value should not be neglected for SEO reasons.

For the product description 2000 bytes are available. The text is displayed as continuous text. If Amazon A+ content are used, this product description is not displayed.

Product images

The quality of product images has a major influence on the performance of a product. Good images can significantly increase conversion. In the mobile version, images are also displayed before the text.

The pictures give the viewer a first and important impression about the product. The number of possible photos is six pictures in addition to the main picture. In addition to the images, a Product video can be uploaded.

amazon listing optimize product images

Important requirements:

  • Images are clear, informative and attractive. 
  • The main image fills the format and may only show the product against a white background.
  • The other pictures show the product in use and from other angles with details. 

Images offer the opportunity to visualize the product and its Functionality to explainto convey the brand image, the Advantages and special properties and to show the exact contents of the packaging. The visual representation (e.g. with arrows or checkmarks) supports or supplements the description in the text.

The product can also be shown in use. Such lifestyle images are very useful for some products, as they convey a certain atmosphere and can increase the customer's desire to buy the product. 

Product images are one of the most important components for successful Amazon listings. In our guide about Amazon product photos you can find out all the details to fully exploit this optimization factor.

A+ contents

For sellers and vendors with a registered trademark at Amazon A+ content is available. This should be used (especially if the competition is doing the same). A+ Content offers various modules consisting of text and images. Amazon listings can thus more emotional and are a good Branding measure.

Tip: As an Amazon agency, we recommend using the Comparison table. You can use it to compare the product with the other products in your portfolio and help the customer choose the right item. The comparison table also distracts from the competition.

optimize amazon listing a comparison table

An example of the A+ comparison table.

You can find out everything you need to know about this optimization measure and whether it is worthwhile in the article on Creation of A+ content.

Amazon Listing Optimization - Practical example

In the following examples, the Search engine optimization of two Amazon product listings (Amazon SEO). The following steps are taken into account

  • Audit: Which Optimization potential does the product offer?
  • Keyword researchWhich keywords are already included? Which keywords can be added? How can the relevance of the keywords be classified?
  • Optimization of the listing: Which Optimizations can be made in titles, bullet points and general keywords?

Optimization of Amazon listings 1:

Step 1: Audit

With the Example product is a fur brush for dogs and cats. On closer inspection and a small Preliminary check of the Keyword potential it becomes clear that the product page is already well structured and contains a lot of information for potential customers. Relevant keywords are also already covered to a large extent.

optimize amazon product page

Amazon Listing Optimization


At the same time, however Violations of the style guides recognizable. The title exceeds the maximum recommended 120 characters. The Bullet points are also very extensive and exceed the recommended length limit of 1,000 characters. Both titles and bullet points contain special characters. In addition, complete capitalized terms in titles and bullet points should be avoided as long as they are not proper spellings, for example of brand names. Relevant additions can also be made with regard to keywords. Overall, the focus here is on adapting to the style guides and adding missing keywords. Summarized results in the following optimization potential:

  • Title contains the special character "|"
  • Title should not exceed 120 characters (currently 173 characters)
  • Bullet points should not be longer than 1,000 characters in total (currently 1,442 characters)
  • Bullet points contain special characters "✔"
  • Completely capitalized words should be avoided in the bullet points
  • Keywords are already well covered, but undercoat brush, dog fur brush, etc. could be added.


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Step 2: Keyword research

Once it has been determined where optimizations are possible, the Amazon keyword research carried out. Numerous different tools are available for this purpose, four of which are presented below.

Amazon Brand Analytics:

Brand Analytics is available to you if you offer products from your own registered brand on Amazon. You will find a ranking of the most popular search terms on Amazon for an entered time period. Accordingly, the results do not show a search volume, but a search frequency rank (SFR), starting at 1.

brandanalytics - Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon Brand Analytics

With regard to the time period, you can choose between a weekly, monthly and quarterly Evaluation area can be selected. The week, month or quarter to be analyzed can then be specified to the right. It is also possible to search for a specific search term or product. Entering a search term shows all search terms with a SFRthat contain the one entered. The search for a product results in a List of search terms for this product, including their SFR. If the search is not specified, all products listed in the entered period relevant search terms displayed in ascending order of SFR.


Amalyze offers several different options for the Product- and Keyword research. In this context, we would like to introduce the Keyword research on the basis of a product. This can be your own product or a successful competitor product.

Optimize Amazon keywords

For the keyword research, select Research -> Product on the page and enter the following in the search field next to the marketplace ASIN of the desired product as a filter. The product will then be displayed as a result, click on the ASIN for details. Then select the Keywords tab. The search terms for which the product ranks are now displayed here. These can be searched for Search volume or sorted by turnover.


The Sonar tool is particularly useful for searching for synonyms and related search terms. The "Advanced" search mode is used for this. If you now enter a search term, you will receive a list of related search terms with Reference values for the search volume. The display of the results is limited, but the complete list can be downloaded.

Optimize Amazon Listing -

Finally, can be used to find frequently searched Combinations of keywords.

Amazon keywords optimization keyword tool

Here it makes sense to perform several searches with the already collected main keywords to cover the most important combinations. The important thing here is to right marketplace (Amazon) and select the correct language before starting the search.

Step 3: Listing optimization

With the list of relevant keywords generated by the keyword research, the optimization of the listing can begin.


First, the title of the product is revised. The most relevant keywords - in this case dog brush, cat brush, long hair, undercoat brush, dog, cat and undercoat - are placed, "-" is used as a separator instead of "|" and the length is set to 117 characters reduced. Nevertheless, the title should still contain the most important information for potential customers. The following revised title results from the optimizations:

Pätsworld dog brush & cat brush - Long hair undercoat brush for dogs & cats - Removes dead undercoat

Bullet points

Next, the Bullet points optimized. As a good structure is already in place, this will be retained. The individual bullet points are formulated more compactly in order to reduce the length to a total of 992 characters. The tick marks and capitalization of whole words will be removed. In addition, further relevant keywords added. The revised keywords are as follows after optimization:

  • Optimal coat care: The rounded rakes of the brush prevent scratching and pain during brushing and make brushing particularly gentle and pleasant for your pet
  • Fast against allergies: The dead undercoat can trigger allergies in humans and animals. Just 5 minutes of brushing with the Pätsworld undercoat brush is enough to effectively remove large amounts of loose undercoat
  • All in one: Whether thinning, trimming, de-matting or combing, whether Labrador, Poodle or Sheltie - the de-matting comb removes tangles and thins the coat at the same time
  • Sophisticated design: With the non-slip handle, the fur brush always sits securely and comfortably in the hand. In addition, micro blades on the inside of the de-matting brush prevent damage to the top coat
  • Our quality promise: Convince yourself of the quality of our undercoat brush for dogs and cats. Not convinced? We offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

General keywords

The last step is to revise the backend keywords. In this case, the keywords are unknown, otherwise the existing ones would first be checked for relevance. If they are already covered by titles or bullet points, they can be removed. In this case, the most relevant keywords, that have not yet been placed in the listing, up to a total length of 249 bytes. This results in the following list:

grooming brush dog fur dog comb cat brush cat brush cat comb dog hair cat hair dog comb cat comb puppy bkh cat hair brush australian shepherd bulldog collie mountain dog chihuahua doodle dachshund de-felting husky retriever shepherd dog

Example optimization 2:

Step 1: Audit

The second example optimization shows a roof color of the Isolbau brand.

Amazon Listing Optimization Example


Here too Keywords However, these were simply strung together, especially in the title, so that the title is not very appealing. The title also lacks the brand name and a structure for better readability. The bullet points include Spelling mistakes and are not always easy to read. In addition, further relevant keywords can be added. This applies in particular to the general keywords, where only one keyword is stored. For this product, the focus is therefore on better readability by a more appealing structure and the addition of relevant keywords. In summary, the following should be optimized:

  • Title is quite short (91 characters)
  • Title only contains a string of keywords and is not very appealing
  • Brand name missing at the beginning of the title
  • Bullet points contain spelling mistakes and are not easy to read
  • Further keywords such as "facade paint" or "concrete paint" can be added
  • Backend keywords contain only one keyword ("dachpappe")

Step 2: Keyword research

As already described in Example optimization 1 using the tools Amazon Brand Analytics, Amalyze, Sonar and The keywords are collected in a list and sorted by relevance.

Step 3: Listing optimization

In the final step, the listing is now to be analyzed with regard to the Optimization potential identified be adapted.


In the title, the Brand name and a structure is added: First the product itself is mentioned, then some special features and finally Specifications such as quantity and color. The keyword density was reduced slightly in favor of readability. The following title results from the optimizations:

Isolbau roof paint - Liquid water-based base paint - Solvent-free, waterproof, UV-resistant - 7 kg, anthracite

Bullet Points:

The length of the bullet points is already within the maximum of 1,000 characters. The focus here is particularly on structure and readability. After some rewording, the adapted bullet points read as follows:

  • High quality & weatherproof: Isolbau roof paint is a water-based polymer dispersion sealant. The roof and base paint is weatherproof, resistant to ageing and UV rays
  • Versatile in use: The dispersion polymer membrane is used for the preservation, renovation and sealing of new and old building surfaces such as welded sheets, bitumen shingles, bitumen compounds, sheet metal roofing, roof tiles and base surfaces made of concrete, plaster and masonry
  • High quality: In contrast to conventional products, there is no liquid emulsion on the base of the ready-to-use 1-component preparation
  • The concrete color has high sealing properties and an aesthetic appearance. Colors from different batches may vary slightly
  • Scope of delivery: Included is a 7 kg bucket of Isolbau roof paint in the color anthracite. The façade paint is also available in the colors brick red, stone grey and brown

General keywords:

Most relevant search terms have now already been placed on the product page. Those that are still remaining or have been removed from the listing as part of the optimization are now recorded in the backend keywords. This results in the following list:

roofing felt glossy dark-grey black roof coating roof paint roof renovation concrete tile ceramic tile clay tile sheet metal roof tile sheet metal eternit bitumen roof membrane

Frequently asked questions about Amazon listing optimization: 

Is the optimization of product listings enough to sell successfully?

A Misunderstandingwhich occasionally occurs in listing optimization is the belief that optimization alone will lead to more sales.

Optimizing the product listing can and often does lead to a direct increase in visitors and buyers, but this is only the case if the product can already demonstrate a certain level of sales success.

For completely new products, without product reviews and without the use of Amazon PPC campaigns rarely leads to a direct increase in sales figures. The optimization of product listings is considered the foundation for sales success on Amazon, but is not sufficient on its own.

Should I include special characters in my Amazon listings?

Customers often come to us and ask us about the use of special characters in Amazon listings. Check marks and emojis are frequently used. We are generally not a fan of the use of such characters. The most obvious point is that the use of these characters is against the Amazon style guides. violates

A second point is the Professionalism of the Amazon listing and the addition of emojis and other characters make the listings look more childish than professional. 

For these two reasons, we do not use special characters such as emojis or checkmarks in our product listings.   

How does Amazon listing optimization differ in terms of mobile vs. desktop?

The essential difference The difference between mobile and desktop optimization of Amazon listings lies in the presentation and order of the content displayed. There is no publicly known difference in the weighting of ranking factors for mobile and desktop display. Therefore, the focus should be on the presentation of existing optimized content.

One example is the display of bullet points, which are usually only displayed on mobile devices after the A+ Content is displayed. Likewise, only three instead of 5 bullet points are displayed; in order to see all 5 stored bullet points, the end customer must consciously select this. 

A more detailed list of the different forms of presentation on mobile and desktop PC on Amazon you will find here.  

Optimize Amazon Listing - Video example:


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Conclusion on Amazon listing optimization & keyword research

The Optimization of Amazon listings and systematic keyword research are tasks that should not be underestimated. The time required to optimize product listings should also not be neglected. Even after the listing has been designed and created, the work is not yet done. Especially through Systematic testing (A/B testing) of titles and images can lead to a significant increase in performance.

NoteDo you need support in optimizing your product listings on Amazon? Then we can help you as Amazon SEO Agency can help.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO describes the process by which the content of a product detail page is optimized so that the product is displayed at the top of a search results page if possible. The aim is to increase visibility and ultimately the sales generated via organic rankings.

What are Amazon Listings?

Amazon Listings are Amazon product detail pages that contain all relevant information such as product images, prices, reviews and product texts. Each product can only have one product listing on Amazon.

How long can the title be on Amazon?

The product title of an Amazon listing can normally be a maximum of 200 characters. In some categories, there are special Amazon style guides that specify the length of product titles. Note that the entire title is not displayed in the mobile version. This makes it all the more important to include the most relevant information first in the title.

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