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Amazon's core business, the e-commerce division, is growing and growing and growing. This comes as little surprise to customers, as almost everyone who has ever shopped on Amazon knows what kind of customer experience Amazon offers. However, Amazon has not only created various systems on the customer side to offer a great shopping experience, but there are also great opportunities for sellers to participate in the platform's growth as online retailers with Amazon FBA and MBA.

As the platform has grown, numerous supporting tools have also come onto the market to help you increase turnover and sales, automate recurring processes, facilitate the pricing of products or manage advertising campaigns. The range of tools available on the market is very broad. In this article, we will show you which Amazon FBA tools are available, which tools are useful and which tools will help you scale your business in your situation so that you don't lose track.

Amazon PPC Tools

The first category of supporting tools that we will cover below are Amazon PPC Tools. This software helps you to set up, manage and optimize your advertising campaigns on Amazon on an ongoing basis. However, it is advisable to manage the advertising measures manually at the beginning before using a tool.

The simple reason for this is that you should first develop your own understanding of how the various Amazon PPC processes work before using a tool. Once you have understood the system around PPC, it can make sense to use an automation tool, as it will save you a lot of time and work. Especially when selling a large number of products that all need to be advertised, it is very difficult and extremely complex to keep an eye on all the advertising campaigns and optimize them on an ongoing basis without a tool.

That's why it makes sense to use a tool for PPC management on Amazon, especially in the long term, as they save time, avoid unnecessary costs and are worth the money in most cases.

However, it is generally difficult to give a general recommendation as to which tool is the best. This mainly depends on the size of your company, the reason why you are using the tool and your expectations. Although (almost) all tools offer similar basic functions, they are quite different in the freedom they offer the user and in individual functions.

Ultimately, you need to know whether you are looking for a tool that only supports you in your decision-making regarding various Amazon PPC measures or whether you want a tool that takes over the entire management of your PPC measures. The great thing is that it  most providers allow you to apply for free trial access, which I would recommend if you don't yet know exactly what you expect from your future tool and would like to try out what suits you.



Area: Competitor analysis, keyword research, tracking, optimization suggestions, evaluation analysis, advertisements

Price: Basic (monthly: 149€, half-yearly: 774€, annual: 1188€, 48-hour trial version: 9€)

Range of functions:

Amalyze offers every user the same functions. Amalyze can carry out detailed product research, analysis, monitoring, seller research and market analysis. In addition, Amalyze monitors more than 24 million keywords on Amazon and displays the rank of selected products for various keywords. The list of keywords can then be exported to a file or directly to Seller Central. In addition, various desired search terms can be tracked. This allows you to observe, monitor and analyze the position history of various keywords of your products (or competitor products). Amalyze can also automatically improve listings. SEO measures and Amazon style guides are used and suggestions for improvement are made, the implementation of which can improve the ranking of the product. The Sponsored Product Ads function shows whether ads are actually being placed for all the keywords booked for a product, which keywords competitors are advertising for and what the competitive situation of the keywords looks like. This gives you an overview of all advertised keywords.  In addition, the integrated niche and category analysis facilitates niche and product research.


Sellics PPCSource:

Area: Keyword migration, bidding automation, time of day planning, analysis tool for historical data

Price: The price varies depending on the selected edition (Seller, Vendor or Agency), your annual turnover on Amazon and the contract term. You can view the prices here.

Functional scope:

Sellics offers three different versions: The Seller Edition, the Vendor Edition, for vendors, and the Agency Edition for agencies that deal with Amazon marketing. Depending on the edition selected, the tool also includes various functions, but is more than just a pure PPC tool. With the help of keyword migration, keywords can be automatically moved back and forth between different campaigns. It also saves you from having to put poorly performing keywords on the negative list. Once fixed rules are set, the keywords are moved to the respective ad group and the software takes care of the rest. If it does not work as desired, the rules can of course be changed at any time. Bid monitoring is also improved.

Bids are automatically increased when ACoS is low, reduced when ACoS is high or even paused if a keyword is unprofitable. Of course, all of this follows rules that are defined once and can be adjusted at any time. Ad scheduling also makes it possible to pause ads at certain times of the day. So if there is a time of day or a day of the week when ads are not running as planned, you can switch them off for this specific period. This way, the ads only run when you want them to. Sellcis also has a detailed analysis tool that shows you historical data that is not available in Seller Central. The whole thing is enhanced by the graphics provided by Sellics.

Tip: The Sellics PPC tool offers many great functions and can only be purchased as a complete package with many additional functions. Depending on your turnover, the price can be an advantage or disadvantage for you. While retailers with a low annual turnover benefit from the low price, sellers with a higher turnover also pay a correspondingly higher price. As Sellics is more than just PPC software and offers many other features, you should take a close look at the individual functions and compare the prices with other tools.


Adference PPCSource: Source:

Area: Keyword migration, bidding automation, portfolio budgets, automatic campaign creation

Price: Starter: 199€/month, Basic: 299€/month, Growth: 499€/month, Professional: 999€/month, Enterprise: 1499€/month. The prices are staggered according to monthly advertising expenditure.

Range of functions:

Adference automates PPC campaigns based on AI and machine learning. As the software analyzes everything comprehensively, there is no need to define your own rules.  This means there is no need to manually move keywords from campaign to campaign and the AI does not have to define its own rules. This is because Adference automatically recognizes relevant keywords and transfers them to manual campaigns. You also no longer have to monitor your bids manually. You define your target ACoS or specific bids and choose from various bidding strategies.

Here too, machine learning then ensures the right bids are placed. The technology behind Adference can also identify campaigns or campaign portfolios that use up the entire allocated daily budget. Here too, the tool then ensures that the budgets are distributed wisely across the various campaigns so that the ads are played out consistently. Campaign creation is also completely automatic with Adference. You only have to make a few specifications to create a complete campaign structure for your product. The software then takes over the creation of all individual campaigns.

Tip: Adference's software offers many different tools in one. The entire process is highly automated thanks to machine learning. This automation can save a lot of effort, but at the same time means an increasing lack of transparency, so you don't know exactly what criteria the software is using to make decisions and have less leeway for individual specifications. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you expect from your PPC software and whether Adference is suitable for you or whether another tool is more suitable.



Areas: Keyword migration, bidding automation, automatic campaign creation, keyword research

Price: BidX distinguishes between the tools for sellers and those for vendors and agencies. While sellers pay €89/month for the Starter package, €149/month for the Advanced package and €249/month for the Professional package, vendors and agencies pay at least €449/month. However, from €15,000 AdSpend per month, a percentage of the advertising expenditure must be paid.

Range of functions:

Like Adference, the BidX tool uses self-learning algorithms to optimize advertisements. Here, too, this is done through ongoing bid and keyword adjustments. The great thing about BidX is that, in addition to the automatic adjustment, rules can also be defined by the user so that bids can also be adjusted based on user specifications. In addition, keywords can be moved between different campaigns depending on their relevance in order to get the most out of the ads. A desired target ACoS can also be set and the software adjusts the bids using its algorithm. In addition, you can simply define IF-THEN rules to have the keywords automatically moved when the respective rule occurs. The BidX tool also allows you to create campaigns with just a few clicks. You define the structure of the various campaigns and enter match types, budgets and bids. You can then load these settings as default settings when adding new keywords. This allows you to subsequently edit several campaigns for different products at the same time.

Tip: BidX combines the advantages of extensive automation with manual adjustments by the user. This saves you a lot of work and you can define your own rules if you wish.


teikametrics PPCSource:

Areas: Keyword suggestions, bidding automation, campaign manager

Price: The price is based on the advertising spend per month. Up to 15,000$ AdSpend you pay 149$ + 7% of your monthly AdSpend, from 15,000$ AdSpend you pay 799$ + 3.5% of your monthly AdSpend and from 50,000$ AdSpend you pay 1,999$ + 2%.

Range of functions:

The Flywheel from teikametrics is a PPC tool specialized purely on Amazon, which takes over the campaign management on Amazon and provides many different key figures. The data always supports keyword management, whereby the user is always the ultimate decision-maker. Teikamteric's flywheel marks keywords that are performing well and those that are performing poorly. In contrast to other tools, the user retains the freedom of choice. Bidding on different keywords is handled by the algorithm in Teikametrics. You can make various settings, allowing the algorithm to get to know your preferences better. Bidding is then carried out automatically on this basis. It is also possible to align with the specified ACoS target. The campaign manager classifies campaigns into different categories and displays various key figures. This allows you to see the best-performing keywords and campaigns for your product.

Tip: Although Teikmetrics also works on the basis of various algorithms, it gives the user a lot of freedom to make their own decisions. At the same time, the software provides a great data basis on the basis of which these decisions can be made.



Areas: Keyword migration, bidding automation, automatic campaign creation, analysis tool for historical data

Prices: Only on request. These can be here can be requested.

Range of functions: AdSpert was launched as an automated trading system to optimally place bids on all common online platforms. This is done using an algorithm derived from stock exchange trading. In addition to automated bids, AdSpert also offers services such as campaign setup and keyword maintenance. AdSpert offers these services independently of Amazon on all common marketplaces. At AdSpert, keyword migration is also fully automated. Bidding automation is at the heart of AdSpert. This means that bids no longer have to be monitored manually. You set a target KPI, whether ACoS, profit or ROI, and the software adjusts the bids using its algorithms. AdSpert also makes it possible to set up campaigns automatically and with just a few clicks. This means that complete portfolios can be created quickly and easily. AdSpert can also be used to read historical performance data. Different periods of the campaigns can be evaluated and compared with each other. This allows you to track individual products and run different time periods against each other to gain additional insights into your own products.

Tip: AdSpert is a tool that works primarily across platforms. It is therefore particularly relevant if you also sell on platforms other than Amazon. This means you have a tool for all your sales channels from a single source.

Amazon SEO Tools

In addition to the PPC tools presented above, there are Amazon SEO Toolswhich help to improve various ranking factors and improve the search engine optimization of your own listings on Amazon. SEO tools help to analyze and optimize the direct ranking factors (e.g. keywords, sales history and availability) and the indirect ranking factors (e.g. reviews, product images and Buybox). Here too, it is difficult to make a general recommendation as to which tool is the best, as it again depends on the individual purpose of use and willingness to pay. You should also look at the individual functions in detail and perhaps try out the free tools first and see whether they are already sufficient or whether you still have a need in certain areas and then choose a paid tool.

Free Amazon SEO tools

Amazon Auto Suggest

amazon autosuggestSource:

Area: Keyword research

Range of functions:
Amazon Auto-Suggest refers to the automatic completion of the search query on Amazon itself. If a search term is entered in the search field, Amazon automatically suggests different versions of the entered term that are frequently searched for. Suggested terms that match the product can be included in the keyword collection. To receive further suggestions, the main keyword can be entered with any letter of the alphabet (e.g. "notebook a", "notebook b", etc.).

Tip: This method is good for getting a rough overview. For comprehensive keyword research, however, the following tools generate similar results with less manual effort.


sonar tool

Area: Keyword research, product monitoring, competitor analysis

Range of functions: Sonar is an SEO tool from Sellics that works exclusively for Amazon search queries. Sonar provides a large database of search terms that are searched for on Amazon. After entering a keyword, you receive a list of "similar keywords". In practice, however, the output is more like Amazon Auto-Suggest, i.e. the keyword entered with popular additional search terms. The list is sorted according to an estimate of the search volume.

It is worth using this procedure instead of the manual auto-suggestion from Amazon itself, as it saves effort and also provides a rough estimate of the search volume. Sonar can also be used to find additional synonyms and similar search terms. If you enter the search term "notebook", for example, you will receive suggestions such as "diary", "bullet journal" and "sketchbook". These are then also sorted according to search volume. You can also use the ASIN function to find out for which keywords a successful competitor product ranks on the first page of results.

However, it can also be used to check which keywords are being displayed for your own product. In this way, keyword optimization can be carried out regularly. The Translate setting can be used in Sonar if a product is to be offered on a marketplace in another language. In this case, a keyword can be entered and the input language and the desired marketplace can be selected. For the entry "notebook", we receive the suggestions "journal", "notebook", "bullet journal" and "sketchbook" for the US marketplace, among others.

Tip: The output list is only displayed to a limited extent. The entire list can be downloaded free of charge as a clear CSV file for each Sonar function.

Keyword Tool

keywordtool amazon seoSource:

Area: Keyword research (Keyword Tool Pro: CPC data for advertisements, competitor analysis)

Price: Basically free, extended options with Keyword Tool Pro subscription (3 levels: Pro Basic - 69$/month, Pro Plus - 79$/month, Pro Business - 159$/month)

Range of functions:

The Keyword Tool is based on Amazon Auto-Suggestion and basically provides the results of Auto-Suggestion in a list that would be generated by manually entering a search term with each letter of the alphabet. In contrast to the Sonar tool, however, the list is generated without additional information such as the search volume.

Tip: Whether a subscription to the Keyword Tool Pro version for Amazon SEO is worth considering carefully. You get insights into search volume, keyword trends, CPC data and competition. However, the additional key figures, such as the CPC and competition data, are geared towards Google and therefore cannot be transferred to 100% on Amazon.

Sistrix Marketplace module

sistrix marketplace moduleSource:

Area: Keyword research, competitor analysis, optimization suggestions, evaluation alarm

Range of functions:

The Marketplace module from Sistrix offers many different functions that can be helpful in optimizing listings. The tool collects a large amount of data from the Amazon marketplace, stores it in a database and updates it on an ongoing basis.

A useful function that has so far only been known in this form from paid tools is the analysis of a listing for optimization potential. Dealing with the most important SEO measures and the Amazon style guides can be very time-consuming. After analyzing your listing, the Marketplace module automatically compiles optimization suggestions based on possible SEO measures and the style guides.

The Amazon Keyword Tool of the Marketplace module also provides helpful information on other search terms as well as the number of hits, average price, average rating and average number of reviews for each search term. The tool also includes a function for analyzing the competition. If you enter any retailer name in the search, the strongest competitors of this retailer will be displayed.

Tip: There is currently no comparably comprehensive Amazon SEO tool that is offered free of charge. It is therefore worth taking the opportunity to sign up for the beta version of Sistrix while this is still possible. To register, you need to enter a few small details here and then just wait for your beta account to be activated manually.

Amalyze Keyword Plugin

Range: Keyword research, product monitoring

How it works:

The Amalyze Keyword Plugin is compatible with the Google Chrome browser and can help you find new keywords for your own products. On the one hand, you can check your own listings by checking whether the ASIN ranks for a specific keyword. On the other hand, competitor products can be analyzed for keywords that can then be used for your own listing. The keywords can be displayed both as an exportable list and as a Word Cloud.

Tip: The add-on can be helpful for monitoring and expanding a listing optimization that has already been carried out. A one-off optimization is usually not enough, as competitors also continue to develop. The tool allows you to check the current status of keyword optimization for your own and third-party products at any time and with just a few clicks, so that any need for action can be identified at an early stage.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Area: Keyword research, competition analysis


We have added the Amazon Brand Analytics Tool here already dedicated a separate blog article to this. There you will find a detailed explanation of how to use the tool and evaluate the data obtained. Brand Analytics provides brand owners with two reports. One of these is the "Amazon search terms". Behind this is a database with many search terms, sorted according to search frequency rank. It is also possible to actively search for keywords whose popularity is to be determined. Another exciting feature is that the top 3 organic product rankings for the respective keyword are also displayed - including click rate and sales rate.

The other reporting is "Article comparison". This gives us an overview of the top 5 competitor products for each ASIN offered. The comparison is based on the frequency of sessions of competitor products that have also viewed our own product on the same day.

TipAmazon Brand Analytics is the only tool presented here so far that provides data on click-through rate and conversion rate. This is very useful for focusing on search terms with a high conversion rate. The evaluation of search volume can also play a role in the selection of relevant keywords. Search volume information is not included in most free tools or must be paid for. The use of this tool can therefore only be recommended to brand owners, especially as it comes from Amazon itself.

Paid Amazon SEO tools

As already mentioned in the PPC tools, Amalyze and Sellics also offer functions for various SEO measures and can therefore also be classified as SEO tools. We have described the range of functions of both tools above. Therefore, in this section we will now focus on tools that we have not yet covered.



Area: Potential analysis, keyword research, ranking monitoring, evaluation analysis, competitor analysis, optimization suggestions, buy box analysis

Price: 99€/month (discounts are available for longer contract periods), free 14-day trial version

Range of functions: ShopDoc offers extensive functions to support users with SEO optimization. For example, the potential analysis shows the potential maximum turnover of a product as well as keywords for which competitors are ranking but your own product is not yet ranking. In addition, keywords are displayed that are already used in the listing but whose full potential has not yet been exploited.

ShopDoc also records a preselection of keywords and how they rise, fall or remain constant in the ranking. The sales radar provides information about sales, number of sales and price fluctuations of the competition, which you can react to quickly. There is also a controlling function with which you can make gross profit calculations that take all costs such as Amazon fees, VAT, etc. into account. ShopDoc also allows you to output the optimization potential for your listings.

You can also use the optimization suggestions to improve the ranking of your products here. ShopDoc's KeySniffer compares your ASIN with those of your competitors in terms of keyword rank. This gives you an overview of which keywords need to be pushed in order to overtake your competitors. Keyword research is not neglected in ShopDoc either. The Keyfinder is a keyword research tool that can be used to find relevant keywords quickly and effectively. The PPC competition of the search terms is also displayed, so the tool also has a benefit for your advertisements.

Tip: ShopDoc is very similar to the Sellics tool in terms of functionality. Depending on your annual turnover, it may therefore be worth trying out ShopDoc first, for example with the free trial version, before deciding on one of the other tools.

Helium 10


Area: Listing optimization, keyword research, competition analysis

Price: Free Plan (limited trial): 0$, Platinum Plan: 97$/month, Diamond Plan: 197$, Elite Plan: 397$/month (discounts are available for annual payment)

Range of functions:
The Helium 10 Suite combines many useful tools for Amazon optimization, such as the Xray tool. This is a browser extension for Google Chrome. It includes a profit calculator, an ASIN grabber to help you create advertisements, a review downloader that allows you to collect and analyze reviews, and a stock indicator that shows the stock levels of certain offers on Amazon. There is also a keyword tool to find out which keywords competitors are ranking for (organic and PPC).

The tool is designed to help you align yourself with your competitors' keyword strategy. Helium10's keyword tracker monitors your ranking positions for organic and PPC keywords. This makes it clear quickly if there is a need for action. The Magnet tool helps you to find relevant keywords for your listing. You receive additional information such as search volume and the number of competing products.

Tip: Helium 10 is a collection of different tools on the topics of product research, keyword research, product launch and listing optimization. Accordingly, there are several tools for one main topic, which can lead to overlapping functions in keyword research, for example. At the same time, however, the individual tools are tailored to very specific needs, so the suite is sure to provide everyone with tools that offer exactly what they are looking for. If you are interested in Helium 10, it makes sense to take a look at all the individual tools. These can also be tried out individually at a reduced price.

Product research tools

Research tools for Amazon are specialized in product research and offer you help in finding potentially interesting niches and products. Data such as sales history, turnover, average rating, BSR and many other key figures are often displayed compactly at a glance. This helps you to form a cross-section of all niches and to see whether products and market entries could also be relevant for you. Some of the PPC and SEO tools presented above also offer product research functions. That's why we're going to take a closer look at tools that we haven't yet presented.

Jungle Scout


Unicorn Smasher



Tools for creating and sending invoices

Another category of tools that are actually a must for every Amazon seller are tools for the automated creation of invoices and their dispatch. Thanks to the practical Amazon connection of these tools, invoices for your customers are created correctly and tax-free to 100% within a few seconds. Other marketplaces besides Amazon, such as eBay or your online store, can often also be connected. This means you can create and send all your invoices with one tool. This is another reason why such software should be one of the first tools you buy as a seller.

Value added tax invoicing service

Price: free of charge


The Amazon VAT Calculation Service is the in-house solution from Amazon itself. Amazon provides the customer with an invoice in the order overview via download after purchase. As a retailer, this means that we do not have to send the invoice to the customer by email and save ourselves this additional effort. You also save the cost of an additional tool. This is very practical, especially at the beginning, but also has some disadvantages. For example, the invoice provided by Amazon itself is standardized and offers no space for your brand logo, individual salutations or text. This means that customers often don't even realize that they are buying from your brand, which doesn't exactly help to increase your brand awareness. In addition, you are limited in your freedom to correct invoices, which Amazon does not allow. This is different with third-party tools.

Tip: In the beginning, it makes sense to start with the Amazon calculation service to get off to a "lean" start. If you then make a few sales and want to create a strong brand, we would recommend switching to one of the following tools to address the customer individually.



Price: Plus 19€/month, Business 39€/month, Business 10k 49€/month; there are also various discounts for annual payment.

Easybill specializes in automatically importing order and customer data from Amazon, eBay, other marketplaces and your own online store to create invoices. You can make invoice texts, invoice items and various other individual settings to target your customers. The invoices are automatically sent to your customers by email at the intervals you specify. You can also select different tax rates for different countries or products. This is because easybill also provides you with a number of tax options, which can be particularly helpful for larger companies. The whole package is enhanced by the fact that you are provided with various reports and lists to monitor your figures. Various categories can be created in order to generate the reports specifically according to these.


Price: Basic module from €49.50/month, Europe module from €69.50/month, Intrastat module from €149.50/month; in addition, a special price is granted for less than 100 order units per month. All modules can be combined with each other as required.


Amainvoice is an integrated Amazon accounting software that was specially developed for Amazon merchants. Here too, the order data is imported from Amazon. Amainvoice then creates all the necessary data and document records for sales tax reports, goods movement reports and financial accounting. These are prepared for tax consultants and made available via appropriate interfaces. In general, Amainvoice consists of three different modules: The basic module, the Europe module and the Intrastat module. These can be combined with each other as required. The basic module covers all basic functions for correctly documenting Amazon trade for tax purposes. The Europe module allows you to map all functions that become relevant when using PAN-EU sales and the Intrastat module can be activated as soon as certain value limits are exceeded in the intra-Community movement of goods.



Price: Invoice" package €8.90/month, "Accounting" package €16.90/month, "Merchandise management" package €45.90/month; there are also various discounts for annual payment. Additional add-ons can also be booked for a fee.


Sevdesk takes a more holistic approach than previous tools and is an accounting and merchandise management system that allows you to do your own accounting and merchandise management. You can also handle your invoicing with sevdesk. To do this, you connect your Amazon account via the API. Sevdesk then downloads all order data for invoicing from Amazon and automatically sends it to customers. However, you will need another tool for this: Billbee. This is similar to easybill and can be optimally combined with sevdesk. This allows you to conveniently manage your entire accounting and invoicing in one tool.

Tip: If you want to completely map your accounting and invoices in one tool, sevdesk in combination is probably ideal for you. However, if you only want to automate your invoices, send them to customers and record them correctly for tax purposes, then easybill or amainvoice will probably be perfectly adequate for you. These do not include a complete accounting tool, which means that the range of functions is somewhat more specialized.

Repricer Tools


Amazon Repricer



Profit Dashboards

Profit Dashbaords can also be useful Amazon FBA tools and serve as a supplement to Sellercentral. These tools help to monitor the profitability of your Amazon business using the most important key figures. These are often displayed in real time and enhanced with graphs and trends. Profit Dashbaords can be understood as monitoring tools that provide you with all relevant data and statistics that are not provided by SellerCentral.



Price: Pro Lite 99$/month, Professional 199$/month and individual prices with an even wider range of functions

Sellerapp is an all-in-one tool that offers PPC tools, keyword research and product research in addition to the Profit Dashboard. With the Profit Dashboard, you can automate your profitability calculation. It helps you to focus on your most profitable products and provides you with helpful statistics and reports so that you can increase your sales. You can also track various KPIs to stay optimally informed about your profits at all times. Sellerapp offers key figures that you would otherwise have to laboriously calculate using data from Amazon Sellercentral and your own calculations.



Price: Standard 19€/month, Professional 29€/month, Business 39€/month, Enterprise 79€/month; there are also various discounts for annual or semi-annual payments.


Unlike Sellerapp, Sellerboard is a real profit dashboard that also offers various monitoring options. You can see the profitability of your products in real time, get trends and cash flow data at your fingertips and monitor your fixed costs. You can also view changes to your listing at any time and take over PPC optimization from Sellerboard. All of this is supplemented by graphics, stock and order alerts and various data exports.



Price: from 97$/month


With Helloprofit, you can combine and analyze multiple Amazon seller accounts in one dashboard. You can go down to the product level and view and analyze various helpful key figures. Similar to the other tools, helloprofit also offers you a PPC manager to give you a better overview of your campaigns. You can also analyze your refunds, get tools to increase customer value and have a better overview of your target group thanks to various quantitative reports.

Conclusion: There are various Amazon FBA tools on the market that support you with your business in different areas. There is not always a clear distinction between these areas. Various apps overlap in their range of functions. In the long term, however, you will hardly be able to get by with just one tool and should take a close look at the functional scope of the tools. There are tools that support you selectively in very specific areas and those that offer more of an all-in-one solution. You should therefore make sure that the various apps are well coordinated so that you don't generate any unnecessary costs but still use the full range of functions.

If you are just starting out with your Amazon FBA business, it is recommended that you first use all of Amazon's in-house solutions yourself to keep the cost structure fairly low and then gradually find out which tools you need for your business.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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