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Advertising on Amazon isn't exactly a piece of cake. The metrics can get dizzying and the daily bids can get annoying. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you sort through the clutter and get the most out of your Amazon advertising strategy. One tool that is particularly popular in Germany and is already used by many sellers on Amazon is Adference. I have also had my own experiences with Adference and would like to introduce you to the tool in this experience report.

What is Adference?

Adference is a tool that helps you get the most out of your online and offline campaigns. Specially designed for Google ads and Amazon PPC Adference claims to make life much easier for novice sellers. By automating various steps in the campaign creation process for Amazon ads, Adference takes the day-to-day management of advertising campaigns off the seller's hands.


Adference is based in Lüneburg, Germany, and uses modern technology to manage advertising campaigns. If you have already familiarized yourself with the Amazon PPC campaignn, you know that bidding can be quite tedious. You'll probably spend a lot of your time monitoring your campaign. In the long run, the other aspects of your business will get less attention from you.

Adference takes the effort away from salespeople and helps them to use their advertising budget effectively and focus on increasing their sales.

Like many other tools, Adference gives sellers a detailed insight into their advertising campaigns. They illustrate their observations using key metrics and help sellers implement a conscientious marketing plan that is not compromised by human error.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the tool makes all the decisions for the seller, the user still dictates what the tool can do. Adference gives sellers the ability to make changes to their advertising campaigns without having to micromanage the campaign day in and day out.

Advantages and disadvantages of Adference

Pro Con
User-friendly and clear Quite expensive with a price of at least € 199
Saves time and effort when creating campaigns Forced to use more expensive price levels for multiple seller/vendor accounts
Reacts very quickly to changes in the market The most favorable plan is limited to € 2,000 in advertising expenses
Enables the user to set precise guidelines and rules  
Advanced algorithms are used that are not found in other tools  
Once set up, the tool can control campaigns independently  
Enables the evaluation of KPIs  
Intuitive operation enables quick adjustments  
Provides detailed information on keywords  

 The most important features of Adference

Adference is packed with features that make it one of the pioneers in Amazon PPC tools. Based on a deep understanding of online marketplace practices, machine learning technology and seamless automation, Adference helps businesses take steps in the right direction. Here you can find a list of Adference's key features:

Adferencd ppc

Intelligent bid optimization

Amazon PPC campaigns require sellers to enter competitive bids for cost-per-click (CPC). Advertisers compete with each other to get the best ad space. These bids can change daily. To stay in the race, the seller must update their bids frequently. Predictive bidding takes care of exactly that. Adference's machine learning technology strategically places the bid on behalf of the seller and keeps the product visible until the seller is prompted to make specific adjustments to their ad model.


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Portfolio budgets

Adference allows users to manage different products under portfolios. This way, sellers can manage similar products through a set of actions. The seller no longer has to ensure that each individual product is within its budget limit. Adference allocates the budget to all products in the specified portfolio. In this way, the product is not removed from the ad offer and remains visible. Even with limited budgets, the ads continue to run without any changes on the part of the seller.

Automation of search terms

Another useful feature of Adference is the ability to automate keywords. Automated campaigns sort out keywords that are suitable for the product. The tool then includes these keywords in the manual campaigns, increasing sales with minimal user intervention. This function is particularly helpful for manual campaigns in order to increase target group orientation.

Multiple campaign options

Designing campaigns for multiple products can be tedious. Especially when there are hundreds of them. Even after the ad campaigns have been created, they may not be the right choice for the product. However, it can be tedious to create different strategies for a single campaign, even more so if the process has to be repeated over and over again. Adference offers a solution: based on the user's parameters and specifications, the tool develops hundreds of options for a given advertising campaign. The user simply selects the most advantageous strategy.


Adference is offered for Amazon PPC in five different price levels. All plans are billed annually.

Starter: This plan starts at € 199 per month. It supports advertising expenditure of up to €2,000. At this level, the user receives access to all Adference functions. In addition, users receive support via email. This plan only allows the management of a vendor or seller account.

Basic: At a price of €299 per month, up to €5,000 per month can be spent on ads. In addition to all the features mentioned in the Starter plan, the Basic plan allows you to manage an additional account.

Growth: At € 499 per month with an upper limit of € 10,000 in monthly advertising expenditure, customers receive the Growth plan. In a level above the Basic plan, the user can manage three vendor or seller accounts via Adference. This is the most popular package plan for the tool.

Professional: €999 per month is the price for the Professional plan. Here, the user must limit their advertising budget to €25,000 per month. Users of the Professional subscription receive telephone support in addition to e-mail support. Five accounts can be monitored via the Professional plan.

Enterprise: This is the best plan you can get at Adference. At a price of €1499 per month with a monthly cap of €50,000 for advertising spend, you get an Enterprise plan. Users get a personal contact, access to 8 accounts and an exclusive beta program.

My experience with Adference

First of all, I have to say that the user interface is intuitive, so that I as a user have a complete overview of all functions at all times. The predictive bidding feature does exactly what it was advertised to do. The keyword campaign automation feature has also played a crucial role in helping me target my ads to the right customer. However, email support is a bit slow. Only with the Enterprise plan do I see this problem being solved - but most sellers will tend to go for the cheaper price tiers.

All in all, however, I would recommend Adference to anyone who wants to optimize and automate their campaigns as much as possible and would rather focus on other areas of their business.


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Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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