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The Amazon agency that increases profits & not just sales

The Amazon agency for sellers & vendors from Düsseldorf! Since 2017, we have helped our customers generate over €250 million in sales on Amazon.

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Maybe not your first, but certainly your last Amazon agency

Dissatisfied with your current sales performance on Amazon? Don't want to be a small number in a large agency network? Want to avoid unnecessary presentations and bullshit bingo? Want clear communication and fast implementation? Then let's talk!

> € 250 million in managed sales via Amazon


+ 100 projects since 2017


> € 15 million in managed advertising expenditure


⌀ 3.5 years of collaboration with customers


The agency for Amazon sellers from Düsseldorf

We are based in beautiful Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Here we work on optimizing our clients' Amazon PPC campaigns on a daily basis. Would you like to get to know us personally? Of course, we are also happy to invite our customers to our offices at Arnulfstraße 33 for personal meetings.

Your benefits with us as an Amazon agency for your business

Personal & long-term partner

Our customers stay with us for an average of 3 years. If you're looking for a long-term collaboration with an Amazon agency, you've come to the right place.

Weekly appointments

Continuous exchange is crucial for sustainable success on Amazon, which is why we have regular meetings to record the status quo.

Ambitious team

We only work with the best and most interesting brands. We love challenges, because this is the only way we can continuously improve our performance.

No competitors

A clear rule that we set ourselves as an Amazon agency is that we never work with a direct competitor during the collaboration.

Agency without sales activities

Unlike other agencies, we do not sell on Amazon ourselves and will not do so in the future. Our focus is on the success of our customers.

Fast, faster, AdsMasters

Our speed of implementation is a major advantage over many other providers. There are no waiting times with us.

Amazon agencies are a dime a dozen. We all know that. But what makes AdsMasters different?

How we work

  • Short & flexible contract terms
  • Direct communication without waiting times  
  • In-house developed reporting & PPC software for Amazon Advertising
  • Selective acceptance of new customers, as the focus is on existing customers 
  • Fast Realizability without lead times
  • 100% In-house know-how

How Amazon agencies typically work

  • Long contract terms & notice periods
  • Exchange usually only on fixed dates
  • Frequent 100% dependence on external software solutions
  • Focus on acquiring new customers, existing customers are often neglected
  • Often several weeks lead time until implementation
  • Knowledge dependent on external service providers (agencies & freelancers)

What services do we provide as an Amazon agency for sales champions?

Seller & Vendor Management

We take over operational tasks in the Seller & Vendor Central.

Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Campaigns are part of every successful Amazon account. We have been advising, optimizing, supporting and scaling Amazon advertising accounts since 2017.


Whether keyword research, style guide or search engine optimization, we optimize all components of the Amazon product listing.


Are you currently only active in Germany? We have also turned many of our customers into top sellers in FR, IT & ES.

Workshops & trainings

In-house workshops & training courses that are specifically tailored to the respective seller & vendor account. The focus is usually on advertising.

Inhouse Ads Reporting & Optimization Tool

The AdsMasters software gives our customers a detailed insight into campaign performance.

Some of our success stories as an Amazon agency

76% Sales increase in the first year of cooperation

The collaboration with Frank Juice began in January 2023, and in the first 10 months we were able to increase sales via Amazon by 76% compared to the previous year. At the same time, TACoS was reduced by 22.5%.

To our success stories

1400 % Increase in sales since the start of the collaboration

Since the start of the collaboration with Holzrichter Berlin in 2017, a small start-up has developed into a company with over 20 team members.

To our success stories

From € 0 to 7-digit sales in less than 12 months

Since the start of our collaboration with SAPHE in the second quarter of 2021, sales have developed so rapidly that we were able to record a 7-digit profit within the first 12 months. SAPHE not only sells on the German marketplace, but also on the Italian and UK marketplaces.

To our success stories

Our range of services for ambitious brands

SEO agency for the Amazon marketplace

Our customers benefit from keyword and style guide-optimized Amazon product listings. Amazon SEO is the foundation for selling successfully on Amazon in the long term. Over 10,000 optimized product listings since 2017 speak for us.

PPC agency for Amazon Seller & Vendor

Around 50% of our customers' sales on Amazon are generated through ads. The average advertising costs of sellers have increased six-fold since 2016. Our job as an agency is to increase advertising efficiency. The advertising budget managed since the start of our agency is over 7 million euros.

Full-service agency for Amazon sales champions

Selling successfully on Amazon has long required more than just a few keyword optimizations and advertising campaigns. We therefore support our most successful clients as a full-service agency, including weekly meetings to discuss strategy. Our full-service clients have achieved sales of over 50 million euros in 2022.

Amazon Starter Program for a successful sales launch

Not yet actively selling on Amazon, but want to get off to a successful start on the marketplace? Our workshops and coaching sessions will help you get started. We support you with your project from setting up your account, creating items, activating and registering your brand to the final sales launch on Amazon.

Lots of nice words so far, but let's let our customers do the talking!

"Our decision to take the listing of our lights on Amazon into our own hands was a game changer. It opened the door to a large number of new customers in the B2B sector.
Without the help of AdsMasters and Tobias Dziuba, we would never have had the opportunity to successfully list and advertise products without being buyers ourselves."

Michael PertererManaging Partner SIGOR Licht GmbH

"Modern Gourmet Foods hired Tobias in 2019 to help us grow our Amazon FBA business in Germany. In our first year working with him, he was able to help us increase our sales 7x. We continued to improve in 2020 and increased our sales by another 4x. Tobias was instrumental in this growth. He is extremely competent and knowledgeable about Amazon and is always on time with his deliverables. In addition, he is very easy to work with a pleasure to have as part of our team."

Jennifer WattsDirector of Ecommerce - Modern Gourmet Foods

Tobias did an excellent job setting up our Amazon Seller account. He created the Amazon interface to our store system, successfully set up the advertisements and took care of all our other Amazon-related concerns immediately. Thanks to Tobias, we sell all over Europe via Amazon and we are pleased that he will also support us with further internationalization and the upcoming distribution in the USA. Tobias is always reliable and the cooperation is uncomplicated and successful.

Melina KelterbornMarketing & Communication at HYTECON

"Tobias has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about our Amazon presence. Tobias has helped us with every aspect on the Amazon platform from our product listings, A+ content to managing and optimizing our ads. I can only recommend Tobias."

Morten BengtsenDigital Marketing Consultant at Saphe A/S

"Best Amazon agency we've ever had. Takes full and independent care of seller + vendor (incl. ads) and manages the business as if it were his own. Not a typical agency in a very positive sense. Thank you!"

Jan GöktekinFounder & Managing Director - Pumperlgsund GmbH

"I am delighted to be working with Tobias Dziuba.
He is absolutely competent and his know-how has allowed our turnover to grow strongly. His advertising campaigns are not only very well created, but also controlled. This means that the advertising budget is always checked for efficiency.
He is always available and always ready to help. That's how service should be. Without the help of AdsMasters and Tobias Dziuba, we would never have had the opportunity to successfully list and advertise products without being buyers ourselves."

Sascha WenzelManaging Director In & Out House GmbH

Tobias has been contributing to the success of HOLZRICHTER Berlin since 2017 with foresight, professional expertise and the highest level of commitment. I particularly appreciate his hands-on mentality and excellent customer focus, which he has never neglected for himself as a sought-after marketer.

Alexander KorduanFounder & Managing Director - Holzrichter Berlin

"We feel very well looked after, as the services are very specifically tailored to our products. Mr. Dziuba is also very flexible and offers quick assistance with problems.
Mr. Dziuba is a competent partner who helps us to achieve our Amazon goals."

Akin AktasManaging Director EVIA Gmbh

"The collaboration with AdsMasters, Tobias Dziuba, was on an equal footing right from the start. Tobi knows his trade, is professional and reliable. He makes no empty promises and no exorbitant prices. After 1.5 years, I can only say: Thank you! And I'm looking forward to more exciting projects and years of working together."

Kay LinkFounder of Smilestore

We were represented in the following online media

Teamwork makes the dream work

Who is actually behind Tobias Dziuba / AdsMasters GmbH?

Tobias Dziuba

Tobias Dziuba

Managing Partner

Karoline Jüttner

Online Marketing Manager

Niclas Krasenbrink

Seller Manager

Yousef Sleiman

Amazon Advertising Manager

Edward Merkel

Edward Merkel

Seller Manager

Dennis Platonov

Seller Manager

Pavel Kovalenko

Creative Director

FAQs on collaboration

What opportunities are there for collaboration?

We provide different forms of cooperation and customizable contract terms to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Depending on the current situation of your business and your goals, we have a solution ready. Basically, our services can be divided into the following categories: 1. full-service agency for selling on Amazon; 2. advertising agency for Amazon sellers and 3. project-related cooperation in the form of seminars, SEO projects, consulting & coaching. 

What contract terms apply to our contracts?

As a rule, our contract terms are six to twelve months, with a notice period of three months. This time frame gives you enough leeway to test our services extensively and achieve initial positive results. Our longer-term contracts encourage extensive collaboration and help you to achieve long-term goals and continuously benefit from our Amazon Seller & Vendor services.

Are there references from previous or current customers?

Yes, we have numerous references and case studies from former customers, which you can find under the menu item "Success stories" on our website. These success stories offer you an insight into the services we have provided for various clients and present concrete results that we have achieved. The reports serve to give you an idea of how we operate as an Amazon agency and what successes we are able to achieve. You can see how we have implemented marketing goals, increased conversion rates, reduced costs and increased sales. If you have any questions or need additional references, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As an Amazon agency, how do you go about meeting your customers' objectives?

Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated contact person who will be at your side throughout the entire collaboration. Your contact person is very familiar with your company and your goals and guarantees that your concerns and requirements are taken into account in the regular calls. This individual advice and support enables us to develop a strategy tailored to your specific goals.

Who will look after me during the collaboration?

Each of our customers is assigned an account manager who has years of experience in supporting sellers and vendors. The account manager is your central point of contact for the implementation and discussion of the next steps. In addition to the account manager, we also have a dedicated Amazon Ads Manager who is responsible for the execution and optimization of the advertising campaigns.

How does communication take place?

We are in contact with our customers via email and Google Hangout. We set fixed and regular appointments with each customer (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) at which we discuss current sales performance and the next steps and optimizations.

What are the next steps if I want to work with you?

1. Free initial consultation

The first step after contacting us is to arrange a consultation, which can be conducted either by phone or video call. In this initial meeting, we get to know each other and discuss your current situation. I (Tobias) will also introduce you to our services and experience as an Amazon agency. Of course, I will also answer questions about selling on Amazon, optimization options and Amazon Advertising. 

2. Amazon audit

After the initial consultation, we usually carry out an initial Amazon audit to determine the current situation of the seller/vendor account. Here we identify optimization strategies and define an action plan for the next steps to achieve the desired marketing goals.

3. Presentation of the Amazon strategy

Once we have created an Amazon strategy, we present it next and discuss any questions that arise in a personal meeting. Only if both sides agree with the strategy do we discuss the conditions and the course of a possible collaboration in the next step. 

4. Implementation of the Amazon strategy

Just a few days after you have agreed to the Amazon strategy, we will implement the strategy in your Amazon account. We ensure that Amazon advertising campaigns are clearly structured. This also includes compliance with the Amazon style guide and extensive keyword research.

5. Reporting, regular exchange & ongoing support

In addition to account management, we create monthly reports with the AdsMasters software and arrange regular update calls to discuss the current situation, advise you and carry out possible optimizations. Because only if both sides are informed can there be a successful and long-term collaboration.

Book a non-binding initial consultation now & get one step closer to your goals

Are you unhappy with your current situation?

You are on our Amazon Consulting Agency Page because you are unhappy with the current situation of your company as an Amazon Seller or Vendor. are dissatisfied? And now you are looking for tips, measures or a Amazon Agency, with which you can change this situation. The advice from most experts and consulting agencies focuses on "More" - more advertising budget, more images, more A+ content or more discounts - the main thing is more, but without a real strategy. Even if you ask Amazon for advice (whether in the Amazon Selling Partner 360 Program or your vendor manager) you will get similar answers, like "the competition has reduced its prices, you should do the same". Does this type of advice sound familiar to you? 

The advice is certainly well-intentioned, but usually far too unspecific and does not take into account the current situation of your company. Since 2018, we have consistently supported over 25 different brands per month when selling on Amazon. What we have learned in the last 5 years as an Amazon agency is that the wishes and problems of every seller on Amazon are very similar, but the initial situation is very different. 

A corporate customer that generates total sales of over €10 billion, but for whom Amazon is new territory, has completely different opportunities and motivations than a D2C brand that generates annual sales of 5 million € generated via Amazon. The tools and possibilities on Amazon are the same for all sellers and vendors, i.e. a level playing field. However, it is the "Like"that makes the difference.

A customized Amazon strategy for you

And this is where we come in. We are not just another run-of-the-mill Amazon agency that Amazon PPC campaigns and promises you a 20% ACoS. Our approach as an Amazon agency is much deeper and more specific. We usually work with the Managing Director or Head of eCommerce/Marketing and develop a customized plan for your situation on Amazon. The question is, what do you prefer - run-of-the-mill fast fashion or a customized shirt that fits you perfectly and will give you years of pleasure?

The same is true in the Amazon agency landscape - there is plenty of fortune cookie wisdom, but beware, even we don't have the magic glass ball with which we can see into the future, and we can't give you all the answers to your problems in the first conversation. The best ideas come from long-term collaboration with our customers. The obvious problems (e.g. over-reliance on Amazon Advertising) are usually not the real bottleneck of most Amazon sellers' problems. Identifying these and developing an Amazon strategy is what makes us a Unique agency for Amazon. 

Where can an Amazon agency provide support?

We support our customers in various phases and areas. The Amazon Starter Program is for customers who are not yet actively selling on Amazon but want to get off to a successful start. For other customers, we take care of the entire account management - so you don't have to do anything yourself. Many, on the other hand, "only" need support with their PPC campaigns. We are also happy to take over the optimization including SEO for your listings (e.g. creation of brand stores or A+ content) and support you in scaling your business.

For whom is an Amazon agency worthwhile?

As an agency for Amazon, we specialize in three different types of customers. We find that Amazon consulting and support is most worthwhile for them. These are 1. D2C brands, 2. brands that are represented in stationary retail and sellers often already sell their products on Amazon and 3. large corporations. In general, it is important that you have your own brand with unique selling points and do not sell counterfeit Alibaba products. The best way to find out whether a collaboration is worthwhile for you is to arrange a non-binding initial consultation with us.

What does an Amazon consultation with an agency cost?

The costs depend on the customer's needs. Factors such as company size, goals, number of products, competitive situation and which services are used influence the price. As an Amazon agency, we do not make standard offers and can only calculate the price after a consultation. Every offer is individual.

What tasks does an Amazon agency take on?

As an agency for Amazon, we support customers in various areas and can offer a full service as experts. Our focus is on Amazon SEO, listing optimization, Amazon PPC, seller and vendor central management, internationalization and reporting. Customers have very different objectives, which is why we provide our services on an individual basis.

Google Rating
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Google Rating
Based on 59 reviews