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Amazon full service agency for sellers & vendors

As an Amazon full-service agency, we have been supporting ambitious brands in selling on Amazon (seller/vendor) since 2017. Our customers benefit from more time for day-to-day business, constant sales growth & a long-term partner at their side.

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Your advantages with us as an Amazon full-service agency

Personal & long-term partner

Our customers stay with us for an average of 3 years. If you are looking for a long-term collaboration, then you have come to the right place.

Weekly appointments

Continuous exchange is crucial for sustainable success on Amazon, which is why we have regular meetings to record the status quo.

Ambitious team

We only work with the best and most interesting brands. We love challenges, because this is the only way we can continuously improve our performance.

No competitors

A clear rule that we set ourselves as an agency is that we never work with a direct competitor during the collaboration.

Agency without sales activities

Unlike other agencies, we do not sell on Amazon ourselves and will not do so in the future. Our focus is on the success of our customers.

Fast, faster, AdsMasters

Our speed of implementation is a major advantage over many other providers. There are no waiting times with us.

What can we promise you as an Amazon full service agency and what can't we?

This is how we work:

  • Short & flexible contract terms
  • Direct communication without waiting times  
  • In-house developed reporting & PPC software for Amazon Advertising
  • Very selective acceptance of new customers, as the focus is on existing customers 
  • Very fast implementation speed without lead times
  • 100% In-house know-how

How agencies typically work:

  • Long contract terms & notice periods
  • Exchange usually only on fixed dates
  • Frequent 100% dependence on external software solutions
  • Focus on acquiring new customers, existing customers are often neglected
  • Often several weeks lead time until implementation
  • Knowledge dependent on external service providers (agencies & freelancers)

What sets us apart from other Amazon full service agencies?

80 million € - Customer sales (p.a.)

We have been offering our service since 2017 and have already managed over 100 Amazon accounts since then. We currently manage 25 active accounts per month. We have been working successfully with the majority of our customers for over 2 years. Our existing customers have an average annual growth rate of 35%. They rely on our expertise, which we as Amazon experts demonstrate on a daily basis. 

Not interns, but experts

Our team currently consists of 5 people, all of whom have undergone intensive training in selling on Amazon. The activities we take on are also carried out in-house at 100% and are not passed on to freelancers or other agencies. Only when we are sure that our professional expertise offers significant added value for a potential new customer do we decide to work together.

Personal service at eye level

In addition to technical expertise, our experience has shown that it is essential to establish a personal and professional relationship with our clients. Only if our customers feel well looked after and enjoy working with us can we talk of a successful collaboration.

Amazon full-service agency from Düsseldorf

Our office is located in beautiful Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Here we work every day to provide our customers with the best possible service. Would you like to get to know us personally? Of course, we are also happy to invite our customers to our offices at Arnulfstraße 33 for a personal meeting.

How can we help you as an Amazon full service agency?

Amazon Seller & Vendor Account Management

Put your Amazon account in our hands! We take care of account settings, reactivating blocked items, creating products, brand stores and internationalizing your account. Your company takes care of customer support, the products and the image material, we do the rest. The perfect symbiosis for long-term growth on Amazon. 

Amazon Advertising Management

Anyone can run advertising campaigns on Amazon. But using them in a targeted way to achieve your business goals is a completely different challenge. That's why we don't rely on KPIs such as ACoS & ROAS. Unnecessary advertising costs are reduced and invested in growth areas. Our advertising campaigns have generated over €45 million in revenue for our clients to date.

Amazon SEO

Finally more sales through better organic rankings on Amazon? Everyone wants this, but hardly anyone approaches the SEO process systematically! Our agency has already optimized over 10,000 listings, including for the world's biggest brands. We achieve top rankings on a daily basis for our agency clients.

We were represented in the following online media

You can talk a lot. But fortunately, our customer results speak for themselves.

From €30,000 annual sales to 7-digit sales figures on Amazon.

The collaboration with Modern Gourmet Foods / Thoutghfully began in August 2019, and we were already able to achieve 7-digit annual sales on Amazon Germany in 2020.

From € 0 to 7-digit sales within 12 months

We have been supporting Saphe as an Amazon full service agency on all European Amazon Marketplaces since its market entry. From the optimization of product listings to the creation of advertising campaigns, we support Saphe's growth in Germany.

600 % Increase in sales within the first 24 months

The collaboration began in November 2019. Together, we developed an online multi-channel strategy - and today, In & Out House GmbH successfully sells its products on over 20 online marketplaces across Europe.

FAQs on collaboration

What opportunities are there for collaboration?

We provide different forms of cooperation and customizable contract terms to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Depending on the current situation of your business and your goals, we have a solution ready. Basically, our services can be divided into the following categories: 1. full-service agency for selling on Amazon; 2. advertising agency for Amazon sellers and 3. project-related cooperation in the form of seminars, SEO projects & coaching. 

What contract terms apply to our contracts?

As a rule, our contract terms are six to twelve months, with a notice period of three months. This time frame gives you enough leeway to test our services extensively and achieve initial positive results. Our longer-term contracts encourage extensive collaboration and help you to achieve long-term goals and continuously benefit from our Amazon Seller & Vendor services.

Are there references from previous or current customers?

Yes, we have numerous references and case studies from previous clients, which you can find under the "Success stories" menu item on our website. These success stories offer you an insight into the services we have provided for various clients and present concrete results that we have achieved. The reports serve to give you an idea of how our agency operates and what successes we are able to achieve. You can see how we have achieved marketing goals, increased conversion rates, reduced costs and increased sales. If you have any questions or need additional references, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does the agency go about meeting the client's objectives?

Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated contact person who will be at your side throughout the entire collaboration. Your contact person is very familiar with your company and your goals and guarantees that your concerns and requirements are taken into account in the regular calls. This individual support enables us to develop a strategy tailored to your specific goals.

Who will look after me during the collaboration?

Each of our customers is assigned an account manager who has years of experience in supporting sellers and vendors. The account manager is your central point of contact for the implementation and discussion of the next steps. In addition to the account manager, we also have a dedicated Amazon Ads Manager who is responsible for the execution and optimization of the advertising campaigns.

How does communication take place?

We are in contact with our customers via email and Google Hangout. We set fixed and regular appointments with each customer (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) at which we discuss current sales performance and the next steps and optimizations.

What do our customers say about the collaboration?

I am delighted to be working with Tobias Dziuba.
He is absolutely competent and his know-how has allowed our turnover to grow strongly. His advertising campaigns are not only very well created, but also controlled. This means that the advertising budget is always checked for efficiency.
He is always available and always ready to help. That's how service should be.

Sascha WenzelManaging Director In & Out House GmbH

Modern Gourmet Foods hired Tobias in 2019 to help us grow our Amazon FBA business in Germany. In our first year working with him, he was able to help us increase our sales 7x. We continued to improve in 2020 and increased our sales by another 4x. Tobias was instrumental in this growth. He is extremely competent and knowledgeable about Amazon and is always on time with his deliverables. In addition, he is very easy to work with a pleasure to have as part of our team.

Jennifer WattsDirector of Ecommerce - Modern Gourmet Foods

We feel very well looked after, as the services are very specifically tailored to our products. Mr. Dziuba is also very flexible and offers quick assistance with problems.
Mr. Dziuba is a competent partner who helps us to achieve our Amazon goals.

Akin AktasManaging Director EVIA Gmbh

Tobias has helped us launch our dedicated German site and has helped us quickly develop a presence and build our sales. He has been incredibly helpful as we learn to understand this new market.

Ben PethulliseCommerce Manager - Manuka Doctor

The collaboration with AdsMasters, Tobias Dziuba, was on an equal footing right from the start. Tobi knows his trade, is professional and reliable. He makes no empty promises and no exorbitant prices. After 1.5 years, I can only say: Thank you! And I'm looking forward to more exciting projects and years of working together.

Kay LinkFounder of Smilestore

We have been working with Tobias Dziuba for several years now. What we particularly appreciate is the friendly approach and the fact that he is available at any time of the day or night when we need support.

Stefan MädlFounder of Broken Head

Teamwork makes the dream work

Who is actually behind Tobias Dziuba / AdsMasters GmbH?

Tobias Dziuba

Tobias Dziuba

Managing Partner

Karoline Jüttner

Online Marketing Manager

Niclas Krasenbrink

Niclas Krasenbrink

Seller Manager

Yosef Sleiman

Amazon PPC Manager

Dennis Platonov

Seller Manager

Pavel Kovalenko

Creative Director

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What does an Amazon full-service agency do?

An Amazon full-service agency consists of several specialist departments. The agency's employees develop holistic strategies and combine measures relating to the Amazon sales platform. In this way, the agencies provide their customers with comprehensive support in selling products profitably on Amazon.

When is an Amazon full-service agency worthwhile?

The overarching goal of hiring an Amazon agency is to increase sales. As Amazon is a dynamic marketplace, various marketing measures take effect at different levels. Only the interplay of these sub-areas makes it possible to achieve comprehensive success on the platform and optimize sales figures in the long term.

What advantages does a full service agency have over a specialized agency? Amazon Agency?

We, AdsMasters GmbH, as the central point of contact, provide full support for our client's account. We focus on the day-to-day business so that the client can concentrate on the essentials - brand and product development.

As a full-service agency, content, the account and the advertising campaigns are considered together. This allows us to identify opportunities and optimizations at an early stage. This allows us to determine in good time whether and which measures need to be implemented. 

Whether it's reassessing the advertising budget to adjust costs or updating the product range - we take on all tasks so that you are relieved in the best possible way in every area. 

What tasks do we take on as an Amazon full service agency?

Seller & Vendor Account Management:

We maintain all our customers' accounts and are responsible for customer contact. DWe provide advice and use our expertise to offer the best possible solutions in order to generate a high success rate.

Investment of products:

Of course, we create all of our customers' products either manually or automatically using lists. 

Optimization of Amazon listings:

Optimized listings are an essential component for sales success on Amazon.

We pay attention to the Amazon style guides and ranking factors.

Creation of A+ content:

With A+ content, you can add images, text and comparison tables to your Amazon detail pages to appeal to readers and make it easier for them to make a purchase decision with additional information

Creation and optimization of advertising campaigns:

Amazon offers various ad models for retailers to advertise in the Amazon product search. The various campaign types follow the pay-per-click principle. Advertisers pay for clicks on their ads. This means that you only pay for the ad that is actually clicked on and not to display it. Depending on the initial situation, we create the advertising campaigns or optimize existing campaigns to increase the visibility of the products. In this way, sales figures can be boosted. 

Internationalization strategies:

Selling in different countries consequently increases the sales opportunity. In order to develop a successful strategy, we must first consider certain steps, such as a market analysis based on a market evaluation, the right product selection, legal aspects such as trademark protection and, last but not least, the internationalization of content. This means that the keyword research, title, bullet points, product description, product images and A+ content must be adapted accordingly. We will discuss and implement this strategy with you.

Creation of action plans: 

If necessary, we create a 4D report to describe exactly which problem led to a suspension. 

Advice on shipping logistics:

The core task of logistics is to ensure the transportation, storage, provision, procurement and distribution of goods. Amazon offers various models such as Amazon FBA and FBM. We will advise you immediately on which method is most effective for your goals. 

What distinguishes us, AdsMasters GmbH, as a full-service agency?

Personal support for our customers is not a small number in a large agency network.

We have been supporting vendor and seller central providers as a full-service agency for six years. Since then, we have established extensive expertise and would like to offer this to our customers.

Important! We are a full-service agency for Amazon, but not a classic full-service agency that can do a little bit of everything, but nothing 100%. Our expertise is available and in-depth in all the areas mentioned. Many agencies either have specific expertise in one area and others have superficial knowledge on many levels. Our mission is to be an all-in-one stop for the client so that all, and really all! questions can be answered. 

What is our main target group as a full-service agency?

Our main target group are D2C brands that already sell on Amazon. They can be active in different categories. What is important to us, however, is that our customers have a certain basic knowledge of the Amazon marketplace so that together we can achieve our goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our target group also includes customers who would like to grow and therefore need a reliable partner to take care of all aspects of account management, Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC. 

Another point is that our target group is already one of the top 3 brands in the relevant categories or wants to become one of the top 3 brands. This enables us to make quick decisions and achieve our goals quickly.

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