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Amazon Workshop for Amazon Sellers & Vendors

Looking for a workshop that is tailored to the needs of your company? Not in the mood for run-of-the-mill presentations?

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We have been training Amazon sellers and vendors with our in-house workshops since 2017

Our workshops for Amazon Sellers & Vendors are not run-of-the-mill seminars, but are always tailored to your company's situation. We therefore always analyze the current performance of your company and present strategies for implementation in the workshop.

Amazon workshop for your company

We'll show you:

Long-term and sustainable increase in rankings and sales figures.

More for less

Increase your sales and consolidate your competitive advantage.

Amazon strategy

Through concrete measures and comprehensive recommendations for action.

Target group

Understand, address correctly and sell in a targeted manner.

Tobias Dziuba

The individual in-house Amazon workshop for your company

You can benefit from customized training content that is tailored specifically to your company and the individual questions and challenges of your employees. Practical examples, helpful tips and clear recommendations for action ensure that you can easily put the learning content into practice and soon achieve positive results.

Possible course contents
  • Amazon Seller Central
  • Listing
  • Amazon Logistics
  • SEO Off/Onpage
  • Traffic
  • Legal matters
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Tools
  • Audits
  • Ranking factors
  • Seller & Vendor
  • Marketing strategies

Your Amazon workshop could be structured like this


How to get started?

There are different ways to sell your products on Amazon. Basically, the following options can be distinguished: 1. selling as a seller 2. selling via Vendor Express 3. selling as a vendor. Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and which route your company should take.

Set up Seller-Central

If your company decides to sell via Seller Central, we start by creating the Seller Central account. A few legal points should be noted here.

Contents of product listings

Here I present the components of Amazon product listings. Which content is mandatory and which is optional? What should I look out for when creating a product listing?

Amazon SEO

For products to be purchased, they need to be findable. In addition to the theory, I create an optimized product listing for your products so that your team can carry out the optimization independently.

Amazon Marketing Service

Amazon offers various paid marketing options to get your products bought. Here I present sponsored product campaigns, headline search ads and display campaigns.

The sponsored product set-up

Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns are one of the most effective performance marketing channels. To ensure that your team uses them correctly, I will present the perfect set-up and how Sponsored Product campaigns can be optimized.

Components of an in-house Amazon training course:


Basic information about selling on Amazon: Product variants, shipping options etc.

Amazon Brand Registry

What advantages do sellers with a registered trademark have when selling on Amazon?

Amazon Advertising

Deep Dive into Amazon Sponsored Product, Brand & Display Ads.

Success analysis

Evaluation of sales successes & identification of new potentials

Questions about the Amazon workshop

What is the advantage of an in-house workshop?

In an in-house workshop, we can focus on the respective company and its questions. In this way, we avoid standard questions and immediately dive deep into the important issues.

How long does an Amazon workshop last?

Normally a workshop lasts one day, but we are happy to build in additional capacity so that the experience gained can be deepened again in the weeks following the workshop!

What content is taught in the Amazon workshop?

As a rule, our customers are particularly interested in SEO, PPC & account optimization, which is why we also focus on these topics.

Who is the workshop / seminar aimed at?

Our workshop is aimed at both sellers and vendors. We offer a customized workshop for both groups.

Where does the seminar take place?

We would be happy to visit you at your company, but we also offer our workshops at our headquarters in Düsseldorf!

What is an Amazon workshop for sellers and vendors?

Our Amazon workshops are aimed at sellers and vendors who want to take their business goals to the next level. Our Amazon workshops can help you make your business more efficient and show you new ways to drive your business forward. We give you advice and tips on how to deal with challenges related to selling or delivery.

If you are interested in our Amazon workshop, please give us a thought or give us a call beforehand - because with enough information we can tailor the Amazon workshop specifically to your company. 

Our Amazon workshops are designed for you as an Amazon Seller or Vendor to take your business to the next level and achieve your business goals. With our Amazon workshops, you can make your business more efficient and discover new ways to drive your business forward. We will provide you with advice, analysis and tips and you will learn how to deal with challenges related to sales, marketing, SEO or delivery.

If you are interested in our Amazon workshop, please feel free to contact us - the more information you give us, the better we can tailor the Amazon workshop to your company.

What are the benefits of an Amazon workshop?

If you are a seller or vendor and want to successfully operate, optimize and scale your Amazon business, our Amazon workshop offers you the opportunity to learn how to do so. Topics such as optimizing product listings, creating advertising campaigns, Amazon SEO and much more are covered. In addition, workshops often offer useful tips for improving customer service and increasing sales.

We also offer very special Amazon workshops on request. 

With the workshop for sellers and vendors, we offer you as a Amazon Agency an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of selling on the platform and develop new strategies.

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Google Rating
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