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Have you launched an advertising campaign on Amazon in the last few days and are wondering why you haven't received any impressions?

There are numerous reasons why this can happen. I will describe some of these reasons below. Do you need support with Selling on Amazon? Then we as Amazon Agency can certainly help.

Which properties are decisive for the display of the ads?

  1. Relevance
  2. Bid
  3. Budget

Amazon only wants to display relevant ads to its customers, as this leads to the ads being clicked on. If ads are displayed but not clicked, Amazon does not earn any money. Therefore, Amazon will always favor ads that are clicked frequently, as this ultimately increases advertising revenue.

Amazon therefore determines the relevance of the respective ad based on its click and conversion rate.

Example: You sell sunglasses and want them to be displayed for the search term "wool hat". Guess what? This is an irrelevant ad and will therefore not be displayed.

You should also make sure that your product has been placed in the correct and relevant category. In addition, it is advisable to make sure that the keywords you have booked in your ad group also appear in the listing of your products. Otherwise, Amazon may classify your product as not relevant enough.

Reasons why Amazon is not playing your ads / you are not getting any impressions:

  1. No buy box / product out of stock
  2. Search volume of the booked keywords too low
  3. Report window set correctly?
  4. Bids too low
  5. Daily budget is used up early
  6. Your product is incorrectly entered in the "Erotic" category
  7. Check whether your product is indexed for the keywords you have entered.
  8. Your campaign still needs to be checked and approved (SB)



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1. no buy-box / out-of-stock

Are you advertising your products with Sponsored Product Ads and wondering why they are not receiving any impressions? This may be because your product currently has no Buy Box or is out of stock.

You should therefore regularly check whether the Buy Box is displayed for your products. Especially if several sellers are selling the same products, the Buy Box owner can change every second, so you should identify this as a weak point and rectify it.

Finally, under Reports → Statistics & Reports → Sales and Traffic detail pages - by child product, you will find a breakdown of how often your products have the Buy Box.

Note: This only applies to Sponsored Product campaigns where Sponsored-Display and Sponsored brand campaigns these are played even if you do not have a Buy Box.

2. search volume of the booked keywords is too low

The most common reason I see in practice for why Amazon PPC Ads The reason why Amazon sellers do not receive any impressions is actually that the keywords they have entered are hardly searched for, if at all. Many sellers often believe that they know exactly what the customer is looking for on Amazon without ever having invested time in proper keyword research.

Therefore, before you rely on your keywords, always check how often they are actually searched for.

I can recommend my blog post on the most important Amazon Recommend PPC and SEO tools.

3. report window set correctly?

Another trivial reason could also be that your ads are being displayed, but you are looking at the wrong reporting period. Therefore, check again whether you are perhaps looking at a reporting period in which your campaign has not yet run. Sad but true, this is another very common reason "why Amazon Ads don't get impressions".


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4. click bids are set too low

All Amazon advertising campaigns (sponsored product, display and brand) are billed on a CPC basis. This means that we always define a maximum click price that we are prepared to pay for each placement, whether it is a keyword or a product placement. Your CPC bid must prove itself against other bids in the auction process in order for your ad to even be considered for broadcast. Whether your ad is ultimately shown depends not only on your chosen bid but also on the relevance of the ad and how Amazon classifies it. 

If your CPC bids are too low, your ads will often not receive an ad slot in the auction process and will therefore not be displayed. Make sure that your bids are competitive and always enter your maximum click price to be paid.

Later in the article, I will introduce you to the topic of "Single-ASIN & Single-Keyword" campaigns, which you may want to consider if you are receiving too few impressions due to low bids.

5. daily budget is spent early

Maybe your ads are getting impressions, but are you wondering why you never and rarely see your own ads on Amazon?

I also have this case regularly in my practice. 

This often means that the daily budget for your advertising campaigns is too low. The daily budget will probably already be used up in the morning or afternoon, so that your ads can no longer be displayed during the remaining time.

Therefore, check the Advertising Console regularly to see whether your current daily budget is sufficient or whether it has already been used up prematurely.

6. your product is incorrectly entered in the "Erotic" category

A rather bizarre case, but one that I have come across more often, is that customers assign products to the "erotic" category, even though they are everyday products. Listing products in the erotic category is a well-known black-hat measure used by competitors to get a leg up on the competition.

Sometimes you may not even notice that your product is listed in the erotic category, as this is not visible in the customer view. To do this, you need to go to the ads overview in your PPC campaigns. If this is the case, you will receive a note from Amazon stating that erotic products cannot be advertised.

Here you can create a case in Seller Support to solve this problem.

7. check whether your product is indexed for the keywords you have entered

To ensure that Amzon classifies your product as relevant enough, you should check whether Amazon also indexes the product to be advertised for the selected keywords. Amazon does not necessarily have to index your product for the respective keyword for it to be displayed for the search, but it could be an indication of where there could be problems.

To check whether your product is indexed by Amazon for the desired keyword, go to the Amazon homepage and search for the ASIN + keyword that should be checked.

Therefore, even if your product is indexed, check whether you should work on the listing again. Make sure that the most important search terms appear either in the title, bullet points, general keywords or in the product features. This is the only way to ensure that Amazon indexes your product for the term.

8. your campaign still needs to be checked and approved (SB)

Another reason why your ad has not yet generated any impressions could be that it has yet to be approved by Amazon. However, we are mainly referring to Sponsored Brand campaigns, which always have to be approved by an Amazon manager in advance.

Of course, they cannot generate any impressions until they have been released.

What can you do if you have followed everything, but the competitive environment is so difficult that your ad is still hardly being displayed?

If you can ensure that despite all the points outlined here, your ads just don't want to run, then I recommend that you revise your campaign structure. Most sellers don't think about an optimal structure and therefore always lag behind the competition.

In particular, I can recommend the campaign structure of single ASIN and single keyword campaigns. I have already written a blog post about the single ASIN, which you can read here. here can read.

With a single keyword campaign, you work in a similar way, instead of using a large number of keywords, you select 1-3 keywords and raise the CPC to a higher level than if you were to create a conventional sponsored product campaign.

Now your entire budget is only considered for the 3 keywords. Due to the higher CPCs, you should have a better chance of winning the auction.

NoteDo you need support with campaign design & optimization on Amazon? Then we can help you as Amazon PPC Agency can help.

Which properties are decisive for the display of the ads?

1. relevance, 2. bid & 3. budget

What is the importance of Amazon PPC?

With the help of Amazon PPC, additional sales can be generated relatively quickly. Amazon PPC is therefore the main tool that can be used to generate additional sales.

How do I structure Amazon PPC campaigns?

Amazon PPC campaigns should be structured according to campaign type SP; SB & SD as well as keyword targeting or product targeting. In the next step, generic terms, private label terms and competitor terms should be structured, and product targeting can also be carried out according to private label and third-party brand products.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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