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As we all know, you eat with your eyes - and the same is true when it comes to successfully selling products on Amazon. Attractive Amazon product photos are an important part of online marketing, as customers cannot hold the goods in their hands and inspect them on site before buying. Perfectly produced Amazon product images are therefore an important factor in significantly increasing the conversion rate on Amazon.

In this article, we explain why good product photos are so important for Amazon Business, what requirements apply in terms of quality and quantity and how you can get the best out of your product photos.

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Why are good product photos on Amazon important?

If you want to sell a product in a conventional store, customers have the opportunity to inspect the goods thoroughly before buying. They can examine the product at their leisure, touch it and check its quality. This is not the case with online retail, so customers only have to rely on one of their senses - sight.

Even if the advertised features of the product on offer are convincing, the visual aspects plays a more than important role in sales on online marketplaces such as Amazon. As soon as a customer searches for a product on Amazon, the product photo displayed decides whether the customer's interest is aroused and whether they actually click on the product.

However, if the product presentation does not attract the customer's attention, the actual quality of the product no longer plays a decisive role. In reality, a poor product with good images often sells better than a good one with poor product photos.

For this reason, the creation of appealing and high quality Amazon product photos is an important factor in completely convincing the customer of a product and thus increasing the conversion rate. An improved conversion rate inevitably leads to better rankings on Amazon, which is why we as Amazon SEO Agency from the outset on optimized product photos. The following aspects are significantly influenced by an optimal product presentation:

  • Increase in sales: High-quality and detailed Amazon product photos increase the likelihood that the customer will be convinced by the product, so that sales figures and therefore also turnover increase.
  • Improvement of the ranking: Good Amazon product photos draw the customer's attention to the product and thus generate more clicks. Both the views and the sales contribute to a better ranking in the search results on Amazon, increasing the chances of increasing sales in the long term.

Since Amazon's entire algorithm is designed with the customer's user experience in mind, Amazon product photos are one of the most important requirements for the Product listing.

Where can I get product images for my Amazon products?

There are various ways to obtain good product photos for your Amazon business. For example, there are some manufacturers who offer online retailers a broad portfolio of royalty-free photographs to download. This makes it easy to find suitable product photos that are not very original or unique. In addition, when using such image databases, it should be noted that the Copyrights and Trademark rights are not violated.

However, if you would like to establish your online trade stand out from the crowd and the competitionunique Amazon product photos are a must. These can only be created if you take the entire product photography process into your own hands and either use a professional photographers or photographs his products himself and edits them accordingly.

What do professional Amazon product photos cost?

The prices for professional product photos can vary. In principle, the following applies: The higher the demands on the end product, the more budget needs to be planned.

With most providers, you will come across staggered prices. Thus from Basic packages up to High-class product photography everything is offered. For a simple product photo in front of a white background with standard lighting and front perspective, you have to expect a unit price of 20 Euro per photo calculate. This price is usually based on a purchase quantity of 5 to 50 pieces.

If, as an additional effect, a Reflection are included, the most favorable price is approximately 25 Euro per photo. Post-processing and background cropping also cost extra, so that a price of at least 25 euros per image can also be incurred here. The product photos are usually supplied in JPG, PNG or PSD, TIFF and RAW formats.

So-called Packshots (packaging photos) are also very popular. These are photos of products that are always delivered to the customer in packaging, such as flacons or drinks bottles. The most favorable prices for a minimum order of 50 pieces in this case are around 18 euros per piece. If post-processing or cropping is required, a Surcharge of about 2 euros per photo to be expected.

It's not uncommon for photographers to be able to Product photography by size structure. For example, with a purchase quantity of 3 pieces in the size 50 cm x 50 cm, a picture can already be 30 Euro upwards cost.

In addition, the price for high-quality Amazon product photos is also based on the Special features of the product and the effort involved in photography. When it comes to glossy materials or particularly high-quality products such as watches or jewelry, the average price can be at least 35 euros per photo.

Also Special requests in relation to the staging of the product must be taken into account when calculating the price. For this reason, it is well worth comparing the offers and prices of different photographers and Full-service agencies to get the best possible price-performance ratio.

What are the requirements for Amazon product photos?

The requirements for Amazon product photos are strict. Only if these are adhered to can the algorithm do its job so that the product is displayed to as many potential customers as possible.

First of all, the Guidelines for Amazon main images must be taken into account. Main images are those that are displayed directly to Amazon customers in the search results. This is practically THE photo, which should represent the product in the best possible way and arouse the customer's interest. However, to ensure that the search results are displayed as uniform Amazon has introduced special guidelines for these main images that must be observed:

  1. White background: In the main image, the product must be photographed frontally against a plain white background. The white must not have a gray value or any other nuances - it must be an absolutely clear white. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the item to be presented is isolated and detached from the background.
  2. No props: Objects that are not directly part of the product may not be represented in the main image. Other objects included in the product scope can be shown in the other product photos.
  3. Exclusively real photographs: The use of 3D models, graphics or other digital reproductions is not permitted. Only real photographs of products may be used for the main Amazon image.
  4. Just one item: Only one item may be shown on the main image, even if different variations of the product are offered. Collages, group images or other items can be listed as additional product images.

In addition, certain requirements also apply to other Amazon product images. The following guidelines should be observed for both the main image and the other product photos:

  1. No use of the Amazon trademark: Even if the product is offered exclusively on Amazon, neither the trademark nor the brand names of the company may be shown on the product photos under any circumstances - neither textually nor figuratively.
  2. Size of the article: To present the article in the best possible way, the size of the product should be well chosen in relation to the photo. As a general rule, a guideline value of 85 percent should be used. However, a safety margin to the edges of the image should not be neglected.
  3. Quality of the product photos: As an online retailer, you should already be aiming to present product images of the highest possible quality. However, high quality is also expected from Amazon. Amazon product photos should therefore be sharp and free of pixelation. Distortions and other image artifacts also look unprofessional and should be avoided.
  4. Realistic illustrations: Amazon product photos should of course also show the item on offer. This must not be altered in any way, either in terms of color or shape, so that the customer gets a realistic idea of the product from the corresponding product images.
  5. No models: In principle, the depiction of people in Amazon product photos is permitted. However, this is only permitted if it is absolutely necessary for the presentation of the product - for example, when displaying clothing, bags or jewelry. However, the models may neither lie nor sit. Furthermore, the depiction of naked models is not permitted. Only models of legal age are permitted to present swimwear or underwear.

What format should Amazon product images have?

In addition to the general requirements for Amazon product photos, there are also certain regulations regarding image size and format.

The size of the product images should be at least 500 pixels and a maximum of 10,000 pixels on the longest side. However, in order for potential customers to be able to zoom in on the product photos, they should have a Minimum size of 1,000 pixels have.

In addition, Amazon only allows certain image formats. Preference is given to product photos in JPEG format. In principle, however, images in the formats PNG and TIFF allowed. Although GIF animations are not supported by Amazon, product photos in the GIF format must be set. For this reason, you should pay attention to the following file extensions:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .tif
  • .gif

What are the advantages of professional product photos on Amazon?

Product photography is an art in itself. The main aim here is to convey a certain attitude to life to the customer using a simple product photo and to persuade them to make a purchase. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to have professional Amazon product photos taken by an experienced photographer.

Using an agency for product images has the following advantages, among others:

  • The value of the product is enhanced by a professional product image.
  • High-quality Amazon product photos reach more customers.
  • The purchase decision is made easier by an appealing product presentation.
  • Sales can be significantly increased with professional Amazon product photos.
  • Professional product images can have a positive influence on the Amazon ranking and the conversion rate.
  • The comprehensive service of a product photography agency makes work easier for online retailers.
  • Professional Amazon product photos automatically fulfill all Amazon style guides.

What types of images are there?

Amazon gives its merchants various options for presenting their products in the most appealing way possible. The following image types are used in Seller Central in question:

  1. Parent image/main image: The main image is subject to strict guidelines and is displayed both in the search results and used on the product detail page. A main image is mandatory, otherwise the product cannot be displayed.
  2. Child image: For example, if the product is offered in several colors, a main image must be stored for each child ASIN, which represents the different variants. The child image takes up the parent image in the display of the respective variant.
  3. Alternative images: Alternative product images can be used to show the product in different views. This allows the product to be staged to give the customer a better impression. A maximum of eight alternative images can be provided per product.
  4. Swatch images: Swatch images can be used to upload detailed images of the product. This allows the customer to get a better understanding of the pattern or material and better assess the quality of the product. One swatch image can be used per child SKU.

In addition Different screen types and variant codes in Vendor Central supported on Amazon:

  • Main/main picture
  • Sample images/SWCH
  • Partial recordings (PT01, PT02 etc.)
  • Interior views (IN01, IN02 etc.)
  • Recordings from different perspectives (TOPP, BOTT, LEFT, RIGHT, FRNT, BACK)
  • Pair shots (PAIR)
  • Content recordings (FACT)
  • Energy Guide (EEGL)
  • Awards (AW01, AW02 etc.)
  • Recording of flat clothing (FL01, FL02 etc.)

Where can product photos be used on Amazon?

Amazon product photos can be used in various ways. Each of the product images fulfills a specific purpose.

Use on A+ content

Long text passages in Amazon product descriptions tend to put customers off rather than encourage them to buy. Nowadays the Compact presentation of all information necessary to convince someone of your own product.

For this reason, Amazon offers its retailers A+ Content on. Here, Amazon product photos are combined with short, meaningful explanations. By using product photos on A+ content, the products should attract more attention overall, which increases the conversion rate.

Use of photos in the brandstore

In addition to A+ Content, Amazon retailers can also use their own product photos in the Amazon Brandstore. This is a so-called Self-service store for brandswhich allows brand owners to create their own brand landing page on Amazon. To do this, however, you usually have to register in the Amazon brand register first.

The integration of Amazon product photos in the brand store has the following advantages, among others:

  • more repeat purchases
  • Improved user experience
  • Better findability on Amazon SERPs
  • higher ROAS
  • More options in terms of individual design

Tips for taking professional product photos

Professional product photos are considered important ranking factor in e-commerce - This is also the case on Amazon. If there are no corresponding product images when shopping online, there is a high probability that the product will be lost in the crowd and the customer's attention will be drawn to a competitor's product instead.

However, in order to positively influence the customer's purchase decision, it is not only important that product photos are available at all, but above all that they are taken by particularly high quality are. Only if the main image and the remaining product images on a marketplace such as Amazon are convincing and replace the sensory perceptions that are missing when shopping online can the product be marketed optimally.

Why should you take Amazon product photos yourself?

As a retailer, you know your product best and are convinced of its quality and value. Therefore, in some cases it can make sense to produce the product images for Amazon yourself, provided you have the necessary equipment and expertise.

On the one hand, you know exactly what feeling you want to convey to the customer with the product photos. So the Optimal concept for marketing to the relevant target group be developed. Retailers often have very precise ideas about how their product can best be staged, which means that a photographer's point of view may clash with that of the seller.

On the other hand, for many, the entire process from purchasing to marketing is part of the sales experience, so as a retailer, it is essential that you can offer your customers the best possible service. Creativity in terms of marketing.

However, if you lack knowledge about product photography, you should not necessarily do without professional support.

Setting the scene for the decisive details

What details make the product special and set it apart from the crowd? How and in what environment will the product be used? You should ask yourself all these questions before creating the product photos. This is the only way to ensure that the decisive details of the product are presented in the best possible light.

For example, objects such as suitcases should not only be photographed from the outside, but also from the inside. Zippers, individual compartments and additional storage space should also be photographed. detailed so that the customer gets an exact idea of the product and its quality.

In addition, the use of the product should be made clear in the product photos. This is the only way to evoke a certain feeling in potential customers. In some cases, the Creation of a product video can be useful if it is a kitchen appliance, for example.

The right perspective

Should one Product series If you want to sell your products, make sure that all products are photographed from the same perspective. Otherwise, there may be an inconsistency in the quality and style of the product photos.

In addition, the right perspective is also essential to provide the customer with a Realistic representation of the product to offer. In the case of watches and jewelry, for example, it is a good idea to present them on a body so that the customer can see how the product looks. Decorative elements or small pieces of furniture, on the other hand, should be displayed in a suitable environment so that the product can be viewed in relation to other furnishings.


The right exposure is essential for a professional-looking product photo. However, not all light is the same. So the CRI value of the light source with at least 90 must be labeled. If several light sources or lamps are used, care should be taken to ensure that they do not have different brightness levels in order to avoid unsightly shadows. The Number of lumens should therefore not differ greatly from one another.

The color temperature must also be correct. To prevent different color temperatures in the product images, this can be achieved using the White balance of the camera be balanced. Alternatively, product photos can also be Daylight be taken. You should make sure that you take photos at a time of day when the sun is not at its highest. Photographing against the sun is ideal. Unsightly edges and shadows from the studio light can be prevented by using a light diffuser.


When choosing the background for the product images, the Target group The background can influence the overall mood of the picture.

In addition, the chosen background must also match the advertised product. It should not overshadow the product, but rather underline it and emphasize the Style of the brand reflect. The basic rule here is: less is more! An empty area is very important to avoid distractions from the essentials.

In the case of Amazon product photos, the applicable guidelines should also be observed.

Editing product photos

Amazon product photos should always be realistic and not give the customer the wrong impression. Nevertheless, it makes sense to post-process the photos in order to show the product to its best advantage. There are a few things to bear in mind here.

How to get the best out of your photos

Post-processing can make a simple and boring-looking product stand out - and it can do so subconsciously.

As a general rule, any product photos should Brightness and exposure problems be adapted. The White balance should be adjusted. In order to get the best out of the product images, the Contrasts, lights and shadows be reworked. Small scratches, imperfections and other blemishesthat are visible in high resolution should also be corrected.

However, no other editing should be carried out in order not to destroy the authentic character of the photo.

How to edit product images free of charge

The generally known and professionally used image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Co. are usually chargeable. However, there are also some free alternatives for editing Amazon product images:

  • Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 (free download)
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
  • Paint.NET
  • Magix Photo Designer

FAQ Amazon product photos

What are the guidelines for Amazon product photos?

The Amazon guidelines for product images concern the following areas:

  • Image size
  • Picture format
  • Background
  • Use of Amazon trademarks
  • Product presentation (props, models etc.)
  • Professional product photography

Do I absolutely need professional photos for Amazon?

Yes, at least the Amazon main image must be professionally photographed. Graphic representations are not permitted. With the appropriate equipment, you can also produce these yourself.

What aspect ratio should images have for Amazon?

The Amazon product photos should have an aspect ratio of 3:4, whereby the product must make up at least 85 percent of the entire image area.


What are the requirements for product photos on Amazon?

Amazon has certain requirements for product photos. They must have a minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels, be presented on a white background without a frame or watermark and show the product clearly and accurately.

How many product photos can I upload to Amazon?

The number of product photos that can be uploaded to Amazon depends on the category of the product. However, sellers can usually upload multiple photos to showcase different views, details and features of the product.

What types of product photos are recommended on Amazon?

There are different types of product photos that are recommended on Amazon. These include main images that show the product in its entirety, detail shots that highlight specific features, lifestyle photos that show the product in application or use, and infographics that provide additional information.

Amazon product images are one of the most important components of marketing. True to the motto "You eat with your eyes", customers' purchasing decisions often depend on visual aspects. For this reason, you should stand out from the competition with your product images in order to increase the conversion rate and generate more sales and success in your Amazon business. Do you need support with Selling on Amazon? Then we as Amazon Agency can certainly help.


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