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Even if branding is not the top priority for Amazon sellers, it is still worth looking into it. Although you can build on the traction of the Amazon brand, if you want to establish yourself in the long term, good branding should become a matter of course.

When I talk about branding, I'm talking about the brand under which you sell products as well as brands for individual products. Here is an example:

Amazon brandsXiaomi is the brand of the manufacturer or store and Mi Note 10 is the brand of the product

In the following, I would like to explain how you can implement your branding for Amazon without incurring expenses.

Don't have an Amazon Store yet? I'll explain how to set up an Amazon Store created.

What you need to know about store and brand names

Finding the perfect name is a matter of the heart for many companies. But even if the effort is usually well invested, you have to understand that brand names are not inherently good.

It's not just about the brand itself, but how it is presented. A good example of this is Apple. The company was actually named after a fruit! But Apple is not at all about edibles, but about high-quality technology and lifestyle. 

In the end, it does work with the Apple brand, but that's why no one should come up with the idea of naming a brand for irons after a vegetable. The brand has to be filled with life, it has to stand for something that makes it attractive to the consumer.

As long as the brand name is not difficult to remember or pronounce, it will usually work with the brand, as long as the performance or the product is convincing.

With Amazon, sellers benefit from the Amazon name. Many customers shop there because they rely on Amazon and not the retailer behind it. The customer hardly notices whether someone does FBA or FBM.

Nevertheless, as a seller on Amazon, you can create an advantage with good branding. If you are also present outside of Amazon, you can address customers with ads outside of Amazon, for example on other websites or social media, and ultimately build a connection with your own brand.

If the branding is reflected in the appearance of the product, you will be one or two steps ahead of the competition. Find out more now.

How to strengthen your branding through packaging

This is to underpin your branding through the packaging of your products or even the parcels. While you don't have the option of having individualized parcels produced with FBA, there are fulfillment service providers that make this possible.

Individual packagingIndividual packaging from Majamo

However, if the products are ultimately delivered by Amazon, the corresponding guidelines must be adhered to. Violating these can be expensive.

If you decide to customize your packaging, you should ask for help with the design process. Well-known freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork or 99Designs can help you create appealing packaging with your branding.

Why a trademark may be necessary

Sellers who are new to Amazon do not directly need a registered trademark. They are relatively expensive and are only worthwhile if a corresponding profit is actually generated.

However, Amazon is teeming with free riders. And since it is important to build a brand, you should also do everything you can to protect it. Registered trademarks also open up new opportunities to protect your products on Amazon.

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program from Amazon that is aimed directly at registered brands. A registered brand is required in order to participate. Now you have to register the brand in the Amazon Brand Registry and can then access useful tools to protect the brand.

Amazon provides search tools with which you can easily search the Amazon listings. This allows you to find out if copycats have copied a product or the brand. Amazon also helps you to proactively identify infringements of trademark rights and block the relevant sellers.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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