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Having your own store on Amazon is not a pipe dream. Brands can use Amazon Brand Stores to promote their products in a customized way. Templates and the easy-to-use drag and drop page builder make the Creating a brand store child's play.

In this article, I want to show you what an Amazon Brand Store can look like in the end. I have discovered three brands that attract more customers with an appealing design.

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Amazon Brand Store examples













At first glance, you will see a banner in every Amazon Brand Store that is used to visually present the brand. Affenzahn uses its childishly playful logo here with two products, Velcro paws and a pull tab with a name tag, which immediately give potential customers a good impression of the brand.

This is followed by the menu, which can also be seen in the same place in all stores. However, as a brand, you can freely choose the number of menu items. Each link in the menu then leads to an individually created page - preferably with the best products and beautiful images that help to increase the click-through rate.

Like many other brands, Affenzahn uses a video as the first tile (Amazon Brand Stores are made up of tiles that cover either the full width or half the width). This plays directly and shows their products in action.


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Individual products and product categories are then displayed underneath. All images follow the style of the store - in this case bright and friendly.

What also clearly stands out are the product placements provided by Amazon. Affenzahn chooses to display its products in groups of 2 or 4. The Prime label is displayed next to the prices of the products that can be shipped with Prime.


Amazon Brand Store examples

The Joop brand store stands in stark contrast to this. Instead of bright, friendly images and the cute video, it is rather gray and dreary here in keeping with the season (autumn), but at the same time high-quality and self-confident. As a luxury brand, Joop has strongly incorporated the season here in order to match the mood of the customer.

From a technical point of view, it then continues with a video, just like Affenzahn, but this does not play immediately. This leaves the customer with the power of decision.

The home page of the Joop store is rounded off with three tiles, each taking up half the width and a small statement describing the brand. These tiles are actually links to the categories Joop, Joop Jeans and the "About Us" page, which are also linked via the menu. This store therefore follows a clear, fixed structure.

On the category pages, such as Jackets & Coats, some looks are then displayed, but in any case a grid of the products, which are arranged in rows of 5 - a classic arrangement as we know it from online stores.


Amazon Brand Store examples

The store for the popular game looks great. With its pixelated look, the store immediately shows the expected resemblance to the game. The menu explains at a glance which product categories are available - including video games, Lego, clothing and toys.

In contrast to the other stores, you won't find any videos or products here, at least not at the beginning. For those who are not yet familiar with Minecraft, the store first explains what Minecraft actually is.

The action adventure Minecraft Dungeons is currently being advertised, which is set in the Minecraft universe but is not an extension of the original. Now comes the first links to products and categories such as clothing, the games themselves, Lego and controllers for consoles.


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Compared to the Joop Store, the Minecraft Store really is much livelier, but less tidy. It is a little reminiscent of a child's room, where there is something exciting to find in every corner. Meanwhile, the basic elements are the same: all the elements of the gate are divided into tiles that either use the full width of the store, or about half or a quarter of it.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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