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It's no secret that you can make a lot of money on Amazon again this year. But which products should be sold on Amazon so that the dream of a flourishing Amazon business doesn't burst is another matter.

In this article, I would like to tell you about 3 products that continue to sell well on Amazon. I will also show you one of the most successful methods for identifying the perfect product for you.

These 3 products always sell on Amazon!

There are some evergreens on Amazon that actually always sell. Competition is fierce here, but so is demand, making it relatively easy to find a niche for yourself.


Sell Amazon books

At first glance a boring category, the book business on Amazon continues to develop. More and more readers are using devices such as Amazon Kindle and subscribing to the latest books through Amazon Prime and Unlimited.

This allows authors to publish directly through Amazon instead of having to deal with traditional publishers. This not only benefits authors, but also business people who are building their own Kindle empire without writing a word themselves.

In combination with a comprehensive marketing strategy, buyers can be turned into fans who not only crave new releases from their favorite authors, but also recommend them to others. Amazon's algorithm loves rapidly increasing sales and positive reviews. Both are relatively easy to achieve with a die-hard fanbase.


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Amazon Clothing

I have already talked about the topic Selling clothing on Amazon written. What was true back then is still relevant today: Amazon is not even perceived as a sales channel by many clothing companies.

But this is a mistake, because while online stores of the brands themselves or websites such as Zalando are leading in Germany, clothing items can be sold wonderfully on Amazon.

In my view, one of the biggest advantages of Amazon is the freedom it gives sellers on its platform. In addition to the free choice of product images, there are no strict restrictions regarding prices and the tracking of sales measures from external sources. Although there are strict guidelines regarding content and titles, these are not difficult to adhere to.

In addition, warehousing costs for FBA are quite low, which still makes relatively high margins possible. However, I recommend good keyword research to avoid fishing blindly for customers.

Digital products

Amazon Digital Products

I have already mentioned eBooks, a digital product that continues to sell well on Amazon. But the range of digital products is only just beginning.

In addition to books Software of all kinds very well. Amazon sells everything from antivirus programs to software for tax returns. The brands for software like this are naturally very high. At the same time, however, the development costs should not be underestimated.

With Amazon Music and TuneCore, independent artists can now share their Music publish directly and earn money immediately. With TuneCore, tracks, EPs or entire albums are also sent to other platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, optionally even with pre-orders.

While Amazon for artists who, for example Designs and motifs Although Amazon Merch is not the first choice when it comes to selling T-shirts, it is one of several distribution channels for artists that should not be ignored. The chance to be chosen for a T-shirt motif in particular can generate a relatively passive income on Amazon.

How to find the right product

While you can easily let off steam in the categories mentioned above, there are always sellers for whom other product categories are even more suitable. At this point, I would like to briefly break down how a seller can achieve a promising product.


The first step is, of course, to generate ideas. Current trends, products that are sold on other platforms and unique combinations of target groups and products are particularly suitable here.

A simple approach is to combine product X for target group Y, for example wooden phone cases for Xiaomi smartphones. In this way, various product ideas can be conjured up quickly and easily.

Collect data

Equipped with a list of potential bestsellers, it's time to start collecting data. Fortunately, there are useful Amazon tools that provide information on crucial data such as Amazon search volume, Google search volume, competition and market trends.

It is worth looking beyond the boundaries of Amazon to find an even more comprehensive picture of a product's market. However, competition on Amazon is still the decisive factor.

If you know how many sellers are offering a particular product on Amazon, you can see whether the competition is strong or weak. Even if the competition can intensify after a short time, it is worth looking out for less competitive markets.


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Profitability analysis

Before you whip out your credit card and start buying products from everywhere, you need to calculate and compare the potential profit margins.

In the case of a simple FBA business, it makes sense to find out the wholesale and retail prices of your product and then compare them with the usual prices of comparable products on Amazon.

However, the margin between the purchase and sales price is by no means your profit. Fulfillment, advertising, returns, etc. reduce the profit significantly. In the end, of course, only products that are in the black at the end of the calculation should be shortlisted.

Of course, you can also find out which product might be right for you by talking to me.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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