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The Amazon marketplace can be a scary place for some sellers. Your digital strategy needs to be updated over time, and that usually only works if you stay current or turn to a competent agency. Fortunately, there are tools to help you carve out a niche in the market. The ShopDoc tool is a useful Amazon tool for SEOShopDoc is an online store management, analytics and market research tool that helps you keep up with Amazon business processes. ShopDoc promises sellers more functions, more control, but can these promises be kept?

In this experience report, I share my views with you.

What is ShopDoc?

ShopDoc experience

The all-in-one ShopDoc platform includes tools for researching, optimizing and controlling an Amazon seller or vendor account. It is designed to give Amazon sellers a chance at the top positions on Amazon. Sellers can use the platform to create the perfect listing for their product and secure the top position. The platform helps sellers to save time by monitoring their listings for them, optimizing the

find the right keywords for their ads and even spy on their competitors.

Advantages and disadvantages of ShopDoc

There is no tool that only has advantages. ShopDoc is a good solution, but it also comes with some disadvantages that I identified during my test. Here are the main pros and cons.

Advantages Disadvantages
With €99 per month, you can already manage 10 voucher campaigns PPC functionality is only just being developed
The maximum number of products that can be created is 1,000, in the Professional Edition 10,000 Functionally not comparable with the best tools such as Helium
Almost all other functions are available indefinitely, while other tools are always limited Functionality not available outside the EU
The FBA stock monitor is very useful No modular pricing, I would like to pay for market research only
BuyBox analysis has proven to be helpful  
Prices are competitive  

Product features

ShopDoc sees itself as a one-stop store, in this case a tool that includes all the functions that sellers need on Amazon. And the tool is indeed comprehensive. I would therefore like to describe the most important functions in more detail below.

Analysis functions

Data is extremely important in the world of Amazon sellers. Without the right data, informed decisions cannot be made. Sure, you can do research and analysis without using tools, but using tools like ShopDoc make analysis easier and catapult it to a new level with significantly more data available. ShopDoc finds out which search terms your competitors are ranking for, which keywords are driving sales and much more.

Optimization of listings

With ShopDoc you can ask reviewers for their opinion before publishing listings. Suggestions for improvement can then be used to optimize the listing. You can also increase the conversion rate of your listings with feedback from the community. This type of optimization is unique among Amazon tools, but ShopDoc does not offer algorithmic optimization.

Market research

Similar to the optimization of listings, you can use ShopDoc's community to conduct market research. With over 150,000 members, you can access a relevant target group during product development. This even goes so far that logistical details can be clarified quite precisely by the demand anticipated by ShopDoc without having to resort to real-world data.

Logistics and controlling

ShopDoc offers an inventory monitor (also for FBA). You can also set up notifications to inform you about critical developments. For all products in your account, you will find important data such as performance data, product potential and reviews. A BuyBox analysis is also integrated into the tool.


There are only two different price levels, Standard and Professional. Standard is available

for as little as €99 per month, while Professional costs €249. If you pay several months in advance, you can take advantage of discounts, for example 15 % for 12-month billing.

Standard includes all tools without limitation, except for the number of campaigns with vouchers, listing campaigns, the number of products created, controlling and Amazon PPCwhen this module is fully developed. Professional significantly increases the limits, for example 25 listing campaigns per month can be controlled here, compared to only 8 in the standard version.

ShopDoc Tool experience

The ShopDoc platform is an unusual experience. In terms of algorithm

and AI-supported functions, ShopDoc is not on the same level as, for example

Helium. It lacks some functions that you would expect from Amazon tools with a focus on SEO.

is used to. However, ShopDoc gives you access to a real community,

that can carry out a human evaluation of products. In this way

a new level of knowledge can be used as additional input for product planning and optimization.

However, I would not describe ShopDoc as an all-in-one solution. The PPC automation aspect is simply missing. ShopDoc wants to improve on this, but where there is currently no product, you can't evaluate one. However, I doubt that the performance of this tool is as good as that of Adference or BidX, for example.

The bottom line is that I can well imagine sellers using ShopDoc for market research alongside tools such as Helium, Sellics or Amalyze. Otherwise, I'm not the biggest fan of ShopDoc at the moment.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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