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It's easy enough to offer products for sale on Amazon. But it's much harder to turn it into a profitable business. You always need to be aware of what your competitors are doing, where your product ranks in organic searches on Amazon and what's on consumers' minds. You need to optimize your presence on Amazon and optimize your logistics.

All of this takes time. Time that you don't necessarily have as a successful seller on Amazon. That's why there are tools like Amalyze Shield that take some of the work off your hands and allow automation. In this test, I would therefore like to take a look at Amalyze and tell you about my experiences with the tool. Is it worth the price?

What is Amalyze?

Whether you're a new merchant or an experienced Amazon seller looking to improve the performance of your products, you need to understand the marketplace to beat the competition. The Amalyze tool helps you draw conclusions and set the course for growth and profit with detailed but skillfully visualized data from a long list of modules.

amalzye experienceAmalyze is operated from Germany. With the Amalyze Suite, customers analyze and control several billion products and 68 million keywords on five of Europe's largest marketplaces -,,, and

The tool has access to countless data that help users of the software to make the right decisions. What sets Amalyze apart is the skillful visualization of the sprawling amounts of data, so that the user can see at a glance what changes have recently occurred or how the most recent strategy is working.

Amalyze Shield and its browser extensions are able to show which competitors' products are currently popular on Amazon, at what prices they are being sold and which keywords are used to find them. In this way, Amalyze can be used very well as a SEO tool for Amazon but there is much more to it than that!

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Free trial version Limits in medium plans are sometimes set low
User friendliness Only five marketplaces available
Extensive features  
Amalyze enables access to extensive data  
Useful notifications  
Chrome Extension  
The tool is constantly being developed further  

Product features

AMALYZE Shield is packed with functions that are bundled in different modules. Here are the different modules that make up Amalyze:

- Keyword research and analysis: Look at which keywords are being searched for, which products are in demand, and analyze ASIN data from all angles. This module helps you to look at the marketplace in detail.

- Product research and tracking: Find new products to add to your portfolio, carry out analyses and be notified if important events have occurred.

- Analysis and portfolio: Draw insights from the sea of data that Amalyze is constantly collecting. Gain access to analyses of brand management strategies or evaluate the data of sellers to sound out your competition.

- Market observation: Find out trends, determine the natural fluctuation of searches in your niche and thus stay one step ahead of your competition.

- Inventory analysis: Link your Seller Central account with Amalyze so that the tool knows directly which products and keywords are relevant for you. Clearly display your inventory, ASINs, SKUs, Buybox quotes and more.

–        Amazon PPCEvaluate your paid ads with Amalzye Shield and use Amazon DSP to create complex campaigns with audience targeting such as demographics, lifestyle, retargeting and more.

Some of the most important modules and their functions are listed in detail here:

Product research:

As soon as a new ASIN is listed and appears on Amazon, it is added to Amalyze's huge database. Users can use various filter options to narrow down, display, compare, tabulate and save current data on brands, products and ASINs.

Product analysis:

Visually analyze the Amazon-specific KPIs of your products or those of your competitors. From keyword ranking to price monitoring, BSR values, reviews and ratings - Amalyze makes it possible.

Keyword research:

Amalyze Keyword ResearchSimilar to product research, Amalyze makes keyword research easier by automatically finding new, suitable keywords. It does this for terms that are trending upwards in terms of hits, while also tracking all search terms already in use and in the database. Keywords are the main way to find products on the Amazon marketplace, so this feature is incredibly important.

Keyword analysis:

Learn everything there is to know about any keyword on Amazon - what ASINs are available, in what order they are listed and find out the search volume and product categories of those products.

Amazon Suggest Analysis:

If you use the Chrome browser extension for Amalyze Shield, you can display terms or phrases that Amazon customers are searching for in real time. Or you can do it the other way around and see if and how the search term you have chosen appears in the results of Amazon Suggests.


Get notified when there are changes to content, offers or reviews of an ASIN you are interested in. You simply select the ASIN displayed in the search results or elsewhere in AMALYZE Shield to track it.

Asin Reverse Lookup:

Get notified when there are changes to content, offers or reviews of an ASIN you are interested in. You simply select the ASIN displayed in the search results or elsewhere in AMALYZE Shield to track it.

Seller analysis:

Amalyze provides you with a detailed analysis and overview of any seller portfolio - be it your own or your competitors'. See how ASINs are displayed in the portfolio, check the average BSR history, reviews, ratings, rankings, price distribution and more.

Brand analysis:

How does your brand compare to other brands in the same category on Amazon? If other sellers are selling the same brand, how are they performing? Detailed summaries of all relevant KPIs for brands can be found here.


Create portfolios of individually selected ASINs from queries to better understand a market segment or plan the perfect time to launch a new product line. Portfolios can be static, made up of the ASINs you select, or dynamic, where Amalyze Shield selects the relevant ASINs based on your search criteria.

SERP Volatility:

Amalyze helps you to track the performance of your products in the organic rankings. You can easily see when one of your products rises or falls in the rankings and will be notified by Amalyze about changes in the rankings.

Amalyze Trends:

This function helps to record search volumes and the changes in these for keywords. This is particularly important if you sell products that are subject to seasonal effects. Amalyze offers a good way to compare different trends.

Prices from Amalyze

Amalyze offers the following tariffs:

Free - Up to 10 queries for products and keywords

Solopreneur, 49 € / month - 100 queries for products and keywords

Professional, 149 € / month - 1000 queries for products and keywords

Professional, 249 € / month - 5000 queries for products and keywords

Professional, 349 € / month - 10000 queries for products and keywords

My Amalyze experience

It becomes clear soon enough that Amalyze is a robust tool to have at your disposal as a seller if you want to make a profit on Amazon. The overwhelming amount of data and analytics it gives you access to can help you optimize your brand presence, product line, and strategy. Amalyze has a clear user interface that presents the complex data in a relatively painless way. Only the relatively limited range of paid advertising can be seen as a negative point. It is primarily a research and SEO tool.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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