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Amazon Bullet Points are an effective way of highlighting products on Amazon and convincing potential buyers. As part of the listing, they provide compact, easy-to-understand information that gives customers a quick overview of the key benefits of a product.

Store operators on Amazon should therefore think carefully about what content the bullet points contain and how they should be formulated. Below we provide you with helpful information and tips on the meaning and special features of bullet points and show you how you can optimize your product listing.

What are Amazon Bullet Points?

Bullet points, also known as highlights or bullet points, play a crucial role in Amazon product listings. In the desktop view, the bullet points are located directly next to the images, below the product variants and the hazard pictograms. This means that they are particularly prominent for users and are visible immediately after accessing the page. In the mobile view, the bullet points can be found further down on the product page. Incidentally, it is not possible to optimize the mobile view independently of the desktop view, which is why sellers and retailers have no influence on the positioning of the bullet points.

Even if sellers and retailers are not obliged to provide bullet points, they should not be omitted under any circumstances - because the bullet points are a valuable option, convince potential buyers to purchase a product.

Why is the use of Amazon Bullet Points important?

Amazon bullet points are highly relevant in e-commerce, as they can have a decisive influence on the customer's purchasing decision process. Because one thing is certain: in a market where competition is constantly growing and consumers' attention spans are limited, sellers need to find innovative and effective ways to highlight their products and attract customers' attention. Conversion rate to improve.

A central aspect that the bullet points fulfill is to convince potential buyers of the Advantages of the product even before they have read the detailed product description. Most customers tend to only look at the first few elements of a product page before making a decision for or against a purchase. In this sense, the bullet points act as a kind of short preview that conveys the essential attributes and benefits of the product in a few concise points. They serve as an "appetizer" for the main information and can thus arouse the customer's interest and motivate them to read on.

In addition, the Indexing In addition to the title and the general keywords, the keywords used in the bullet points are also taken into account for the Amazon search. It is therefore all the more important for store operators to integrate relevant keywords into the bullet points to ensure optimal visibility for potential buyers. A well-thought-out keyword strategy can help the product to rank better in the search results and therefore attract more attention.

In short: no retailer should miss out on the opportunity to achieve a better listing and increase the persuasive power of the product with the help of bullet points. By presenting the most important product features in a concise and appealing way, you can help your customers to quickly gather relevant information and make an informed purchase decision. The optimal use of keywords in the bullet points can also improve indexing in the Amazon search engine and thus increase the chances of potential customers discovering the product. Do you need Support for selling on Amazon? Then we as Amazon Agency can certainly help.

Which Amazon guidelines should be observed when creating bullet points?

Amazon Sellers have the option to pay per product Up to five bullet points Vendors can even use five additional bullet points. With regard to the length of the bullet points, Amazon recommends a maximum number of characters of 200 to 250 characters including spaces. In some product categories it is even recommended to use only 150 characters - this ensures a maximum transfer of knowledge with a minimum number of characters.

Even if it is technically possible, you should not use more than 250 characters in total for all bullet points, as otherwise the algorithm may not capture all characters. Experience shows that the total amount of bullet points should not exceed 1,000 bytes for complete indexing.

Tip: For a uniform appearance, it makes sense to coordinate the length of all points. This way you can also ensure that no bullet point is lost.

How should Amazon Bullet Points be structured?

The structure of the bullet points in a product listing plays an important role in its success. As many users only skim the points, it is crucial to present the most important information right at the beginning to attract the reader's attention. Your Unique Selling Points (USP's) should be highlighted in the best possible way to make it clear what makes your product unique and why it stands out from others. This enables the customer to recognize the key benefits at first glance.

Ideally, the bullet points should also answer the most frequently asked customer questions about the product in order to provide potential buyers with all the relevant information. It is also important to clearly illustrate the benefits of the product for the customer and show them the added value they will receive by purchasing it.

However, there are also some no-gos to consider when designing bullet points. These include the avoidance of keyword duplication, special characters and UTF-8 special characters, which should be displayed in bold. HTML coding is also not recommended.

It is also important not to state any false or misleading product features, not to use competitor brand names and to refrain from using incorrect spellings. In addition, you should not place any sales offers or discount promotions in the bullet points - these are not appropriate there. Last but not least, make sure that each bullet point begins with capital letters.

How can you optimize Amazon Bullet Points?

So that the bullet points can fulfil their purpose in the best possible way, we will show you the most helpful tips and tricks for optimizing the bullet points.

Taking the customer's perspective

For maximum persuasiveness, you should try to formulate the bullet points from the customer's perspective. The main aim here is to convince the potential buyer of your product - the bullet points should therefore customer-oriented designed and present the benefits of the product in clear and appealing terms. By responding directly to the customer's needs and wishes, you create a better connection and increase the chance of a purchase.

Use relevant keywords

Secondly, the use of relevant keywords in the bullet points plays a decisive role. By selecting suitable keywords, you can increase the Visibility of the product in Amazon search results and thus attract more customers to your product. It is important to use the keywords specifically in the bullet points and not to string them together haphazardly.

However, it doesn't matter whether a keyword is at the beginning or the end of the list - in order to increase the relevance of the product for certain search queries, it is only important that it is present at all. You should also pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Choose 10 to 20 highly relevant keywords that you want to use in your Amazon bullet points.
  2. Attempts, one to two keywords per sentence and integrate them in an organic way so that they are easy for customers to read.
  3. Avoid repetitions of keywords in a single section - Amazon could potentially mark such a listing as overloaded.

TipAmazon warns against using synonyms in the bullet points, such as "bicycle", "mountain bike" and "BMX". According to the retail platform, this can leave a negative impression on the customer and even lead to a purchase being abandoned. Instead, Amazon recommends using these specific keywords in the backend keywords to increase the visibility of the product.

Communication of unique selling points (USPs)

Clearly, the decisive factor for customers when buying products is the benefit they can derive from them. It therefore makes sense to consider in advance in which situations your product can offer potential customers high added value and how it differentiates itself from the competition.

How to find unique selling points - the Unique Selling Points (USPs) - for your product, which should definitely be taken into account in the Amazon bullet points. The better you can convey these customer benefits through the bullet points, the more interesting the product will be for potential buyers.

Magic Words - communicate a story and emotions

When you formulate your unique selling points in the bullet points, it is important that they do not appear boring and dry. Instead, you should try to describe or formulate the USPs with meaningful terms, also known as "magic words". The skillful use of such "magic words" in your Amazon listing allows you to differentiate your product from competing products and target customers.

An example of this would be the use of meaningful adjectives such as "exclusive" to portray your product as particularly limited and desirable - this can increase demand, for example.

Try to achieve the best possible figurative language to give the customer a better idea of the product. This gives users a better picture of how the product will be used in their lives and what value it can have for them.

Customer benefits before product features

A simple list of product features can often seem boring and not achieve the desired effect - namely a successful sale. It is therefore advisable to list the product features from the customer's perspective to formulate. The attributes of the product are presented in relation to an everyday problem. The product or, ideally, its properties should be presented as a problem solver.

When formulating the bullet points, you should include these Customer-centered mindset It is essential to take this into account - because customers usually search for products when they have a specific need. With the help of Amazon Bullet Points, you can use this opportunity to address precisely this need and convince the customer of the benefits and problem-solving capabilities of your product.

How to add Amazon bullet points

To add bullet points to Amazon product listings, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Seller Central and navigate to your product listing.
  2. Now select the "Edit design" tab on the "Fix Your Products" page.
  3. Open the "Description" tab and click on "Important product features".
  4. Select "Add more" to enter the bullet points in the 5 available key function fields.

A few additional tips

The importance of bullet points for Amazon product listings is huge - that much is clear. However, it's important to emphasize that this is only one part of the overall strategy: customers aren't just looking for clear product descriptions, they also want to see how a product actually works. In this section, we'll therefore provide you with some more tips and show you how images and reviews can become a seller's best allies in gaining customer trust and increasing sales success.

Pictures of the product list

In addition to the important bullet points, images also play a crucial role in conveying the benefits of your product to potential customers. For an effective product presentation, you should, for example 5 to 8 images next to the bullet points in your product list. These images offer the opportunity to present additional information and convince customers visually of the product and its benefits.

To get the best out of your pictures, follow these tips:

  1. Pay attention to the image size: Make sure your images have a size of 2000 x 2000 pixels to make the zoom experience as easy as possible for customers.
  2. Put the focus on the productAllow the product itself to take up about 85 % of the screen area to make it clearly visible and appealing.
  3. Show relevant information: Only present the information that is also contained in your product list to avoid confusion.
  4. Supplement with supporting text: Also add some text to the images to help customers better understand the product and recognize the benefits.
  5. Avoid superfluous elements: Keep the images clear and appealing by avoiding watermarks, borders or unnecessary embellishments.

Customer ratings

Last but not least, customer reviews also play a crucial role in showing other users what they like and which offers are worth investing their money in. However, getting customer reviews can be a challenge, especially for new sellers. The key to this lies in convincing customer service.

Offering an excellent shopping experience is the path to success. This includes providing high quality items, fast delivery and clear communication. You should show customers that you are available for questions and concerns throughout the sales process. Once a customer has received the item, you should also encourage them to leave feedback on Amazon.

Positive customer reviews also have a positive effect on your ranking in the search results. In combination with targeted keyword research and an effective content strategy, you can reach the top in no time at all.


What are bullet points on Amazon?

Bullet points are the bullet points used in product listings on Amazon. They offer a short and concise presentation of the most important features and benefits of a product. Bullet points are visible next to the product title and product images and are used to quickly inform and convince potential buyers about the product in question.

How long can bullet points be?

On Amazon, bullet points in product listings may have a maximum length of 200 to 250 characters - including spaces. In some product categories, Amazon recommends limiting bullet points to just 150 characters. You should definitely adhere to these character limits in order to present the product information in a concise and appealing way and reach customers effectively.


It's clear: Amazon bullet points are a powerful tool for standing out from the competition in Amazon's competitive e-commerce market. The bullet points not only allow you to highlight the most important product features while optimizing visibility in the Amazon search engine, but also support customers in their purchasing decision process and thus help to increase the success of the product. We therefore recommend that you take enough time to design your bullet points, think them through carefully and use them as an indispensable element in every Amazon product listing.

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