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In today's article, we want to take a closer look at the topic of campaign structures on Amazon, and in particular the concept of single ASIN campaigns.

The advantages of a clear and well-structured advertising account are obvious. Both optimization and evaluation are always better with an advertising account that has a clear and consistent structure than with an unstructured advertising account.

In principle, it does not matter which structure is actually chosen to cluster campaigns and products, it must ultimately fit the product portfolio and the campaign objectives.

Single ASIN advertising campaigns vs. multi-ASIN advertising campaigns

Single ASIN advertising campaigns are similar to the concept of "One-product ad groups on Google Shopping". 

With the single ASIN campaign structure, a campaign only has one product that is advertised instead of several ASINs (multi ASIN structure). The advantages of this campaign structure lie in particular in the push function to bring a specific product to the fore so that it generates as many clicks and buyers as possible.

Due to the single ASIN structure, the entire campaign budget is allocated to the respective product. It is also the only product within the campaign that participates in the auctions for advertising placements. This means that the impressions are not split between several products, but the advertised product is displayed, if at all. 

It is also possible to recognize relatively quickly within the advertising manager for which search terms the product has particularly high or low CPCs, CPOs, etc. This would not be so easy with a mixed campaign. This would not be so easy with a mixed campaign.

What are the disadvantages of the single ASIN campaign structure?

The main disadvantage lies in the large number of campaigns that are necessary to manage a relatively manageable product portfolio. If a separate Sponsored Product Campaign (SPC) is created for each product, it is much more time-consuming to optimize them. The set-up of the campaigns also naturally takes longer than with a campaign structure that includes several products.

For this reason, I recommend not only working with single-ASIN campaigns, but also using them deliberately. For example, products that generate few impressions and few sales can be integrated into a single-ASIN campaign to increase the advertising pressure on this particular product.

I also like to use single ASIN campaigns for product launches to give the products their own budget and as much exposure as possible.

Tip: With When using single ASIN campaigns, the naming of the campaigns is extremely important so that comparisons can already be made at campaign level.

ConclusionSingle ASIN campaigns

As already mentioned, I do not recommend aligning the entire campaign structure to single-ASIN only, but in certain circumstances (launches, push campaigns), single-ASIN campaigns are a proven means of focusing on selected products.

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Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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