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The Amazon platform offers online retailers Numerous advantages in the sale of all kinds of products. This is why the variety of products on the platform is constantly increasing. Nowadays, customers can find almost any item they are looking for on Amazon. So much demand naturally attracts more retailers to the platform, resulting in ever-increasing competition between the Sellers results.

In order to counter the increasing competition, retailers are trying out various ways to make their products more visible on Amazon and stand out from the competition. One frequently used option is Amazon PPC. Although many sellers already use PPC to advertise their products, only very few fully exploit its potential. How you can boost your sales on Amazon and which Amazon PPC Tools are best suited for you to manage your campaigns, you can find out in this article.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC offers you as a seller the opportunity to various advertising spaces on the platform and thus position yourself better than the competition. This will make you more visible to the end customer, which will direct more traffic to your products. PPC stands for Pay-per-clickwhich means as much as: You pay per click. As an advertiser, you only pay for the clicks that are received on your ads. So you generate paid traffic. You control your spending yourself by setting your daily budget and choosing how much you want to bid per click. As you can then evaluate individual keywords and campaigns in detail and see how much you have paid and where, it is Amazon PPC for performance marketing to be assigned.

Amazon PPC offers you the following advantages as a seller:

  1. Visibility of your products is increased
  2. Sales via PPC push your organic ranking
  3. Cost-efficient launch of new products
  4. Protection from competing products
  5. Display for previously neglected keywords

Of course, Amazon PPC offers you many other advantages, which we will discuss in more detail later. This much in advance: You should definitely use PPC!

So much for the theory. But what does it all look like in practice?

Advertising products at Amazon

There are basically three different ways to highlight your products or your brand with PPC. While you can use "Sponsored Products" and "Sponsored Display", you can use "Sponsored Brands" to advertise your brand and therefore your entire Product portfolio emphasize. You can find out which marketing measure is best suited to your situation below.

Amazon PPC Tools – ja oder nein?


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Sponsored Products

As already mentioned Sponsored Products advertise your products directly. These ads are then displayed exactly where potential customers see them. For example, if you place a corresponding bid, you will appear in the search results before the products in the organic ranking. Sponsored ads are also repeatedly found in the ranking between the other products.

Amazon PPC Tools


You will also Listings other products of the Competition displayed. This measure leads to better visibility for your product and you increase the number of places where a potential customer comes into contact with your product.

Sponsored Brands

Unlike the other two types of Amazon PPC, Sponsored Brands allow you to advertise your entire brand. To do this, however, you must Amazon trademark register registered have. Sponsored Brands aims to promote the Brand awareness of your brand. Individual texts help you to present your brand the way you want the end customer to perceive it.

Tools Amazon PPC

In the search results, your brand will be presented before or between the individual products of your competitors in the search results if the display is successful. Here, the customer is shown several products from your range that could potentially be of interest to them.

Sponsored Display

This advertising option is a new self-service solution for reaching a target group along the entire shopper journey. Sponsored Display is shown to customers who have not yet made a purchase and who are already on your own website. Product detail page browsed in the appropriate categories or on selected other websites. Product detail pages were. Sponsored Display therefore mainly serves the Retargeting from customers who have already shown an increased interest in the product.

As with the other two PPC types the advertisements are also displayed in listings of competitors. However, this is done as so-called display advertising.

Amazon Advertising Tool

The new thing about Sponsored Display is that the ads can also be displayed on websites or in apps from third-party providers can be displayed. This offers sellers new opportunities to draw customers' attention to their products outside of the Amazon marketplace and encourage customers to buy. This was previously not possible in this form.

Amazon PPC as a success factor

Now that we have clarified what PPC and you now know the different methods of advertising on Amazon, I would like to explain to you why you should definitely advertise on Amazon. I'll also show you what advantages Amazon PPC Tools compared to manual optimization.

First of all, however, we need to make it clear that you are approaching the whole thing correctly. The primary goal of Amazon PPC is not to make your campaigns super profitable. Of course we should constantly optimize them and make sure that we don't make a loss with the advertising. However, if your ads are breaking even, that's absolutely fine. Because Amazon PPC offers you so many advantages that should be seen as an investment in your product. You'll get the profit back many times over through organic sales.

The visibility

As already mentioned, you increase the visibility of your product on the marketplace through advertisements. When using Amazon PPC, the end customer will not only see your product in the organic ranking when scrolling through the search results, but also in the sponsored ads. You will also appear in your competitors' listings and when using Sponsored Display now even in third-party applications. This will generate many more impressions, which will inevitably result in more traffic to your product. If you have then done a good job with your listing and your conversion rate is right, you will generate many additional sales through PPC that would not have been generated without this advertising.

Amazon PPC and the organic ranking

How does PPC influence the organic ranking? You hear this question again and again from new sellers. The answer is quite simple. As already mentioned in our article on Amazon SEO explains, the Sales history is the biggest direct ranking factor for your products. This means that the more sales you achieve, the higher your organic ranking will rise. However, not only organic sales are evaluated here, but also sales generated by sponsored ads are included in your sales history and therefore have a positive effect on your organic ranking. This means you also generate more visibility for your product organically.


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Amazon PPC for the product launch

You can also make the launch of new products simple and successful with PPC. Without sponsored ads you have to laboriously fight your way up from initially poor positions in the organic ranking. Sales only increase very slowly over time. This is of course due to the initially poor ranking but also the conversion rate. For example, the conversion rate for new products will be quite low at first, as you first have to build up reviews to increase customer confidence in your product. This process is lengthy and it can take several months before you achieve significant sales. Not so with PPC: when placing advertisements, your product is visible from the visibly placed from the very first minute and customers come into contact with your product. This way you generate many more sales right from the start and the whole process of building up reviews, increasing sales and Generate and high sales will significantly accelerated.

Amazon PPC as protection against competitor products

"The competition never sleeps". We have all heard this phrase before. This is also true in the E-Commerce. Because even your Competitors know the advantages of Amazon PPC and know how to use them to their advantage. Competitor products are also displayed in the sponsored articles of your listing and thus chase valuable sales away from you. With PPC, we can protect ourselves from this by using the Product orientation buy our own product into the listings of our other products. This allows us to push competitor products out of our listings and protect ourselves from lost sales.

Display for neglected keywords

Even with the best Keyword research it can happen that relevant keywords are overlooked and the product is not ranked for them. These keywords are often long tails that only generate a few sales. But if you have overlooked 20 long tails that generate two sales per month, that's 40 more sales every month. But how do you get to the neglected long tail keywords? If you align your campaigns wisely, you can set up the automatic campaign so that it targets Keyword search and identifies neglected keywords. Through these campaigns, you then make sales under these keywords and also increase your organic search rankings. This allows you to realize the full potential of Amazon PPC and increase your sales figures.

Amazon PPC tools vs. manual optimization

There are now many different tools on the market to Amazon PPC campaigns to set up, manage and optimize. I generally recommend that you first optimize your ads at the beginning. manually once, before you use a tool. The simple reason for this is that you should first develop your own understanding of how the various Amazon PPC processes work before using a tool. Once you have understood Amazon PPC, it makes sense to use a Automation tool as it saves you a lot of time and work. Especially if you already have many products on the market, it is very difficult and extremely complex to keep track of the large number of your campaigns and optimize them manually without software.

What's more, you don't know at the beginning which Keywords work for your campaignsas long-tails in particular often have a very high conversion rate, but are only clicked on very rarely. By the time you can decide whether a keyword is relevant for your product or not, a lot of time passes with lower sales figures than would actually be possible. Collecting data also costs you money, as you have to try out many keywords that are not relevant for your product. This is no longer the case when using various tools and you can immediately achieve the maximum yield with your product.

So in the long term, nobody should rely on tools for the PPC Management do without Amazon. These can help you avoid a lot of costs and in most cases are well worth the money.

The best Amazon PPC tools in comparison

Below I would like to give you a selection of PPC tools for Amazon that can be helpful in creating and optimizing campaigns. You will find out what each tool can do and how much it will cost you. I will also give you Tips and Notes so that you can assess which tool is best suited to you and your company.


PPC Butler

Funktionen: Abbilden von eigenen Bidding Automatisierungen auf Target und Kampagnenbudget Ebene, Keyword-Migration, Tageszeitenplanung (Dayparting Steuerung)

Price: Starter: 299€/Monat, jeder weitere Marktplatz zzgl. 249€/Monat. Eine prozentuale Gebühr von den Werbeausgaben wird nicht erhoben. Agenturen bekommen Staffelpreise ab 10 Accounts, die sie betreuen.
Explanation: Das PPC-Butler-Tool verzichtet komplett auf vordefinierte Algorithmen, um Werbeanzeigen zu optimieren. Der User kann über eigene Bedingungen den Programmablauf individuell passend zu seiner Strategie abbilden.
Keyword migration: Auch bei PPC-Butler ist die Keyword-Migration vollständig automatisiert. Dabei werden die Keywords anhand deiner festgelegten Bedingungen für dein Produkt zwischen den verschiedenen Kampagnen verschoben. Der PPC-Butler bietet zudem auch die Möglichkeit, die Keywörter in andere Werbeformate zu verschieben.

Bidding automation: Durch das Abbilden deines sonst händischen Biddings, musst du deine Gebote nicht mehr selbst überwachen. Du kannst Bedingungen definieren, um deine Gebote zu Steuern oder Keywörter zu pausieren. Hierzu stehen dir unter anderem auch Formeln zur Verfügung, die eine WENN DANN SONST Logik zulassen.
Daytime scheduling (dayparting control): Das sogenannte Ad Scheduling ermöglicht es dir, deine Anzeigen zu gewissen Tageszeiten zu pausieren. Wenn du also eine Tageszeit oder einen Wochentag ausgemacht hast, an dem deine Ads nicht so laufen wie geplant, kannst du sie für diesen spezifischen Zeitraum ausschalten oder die Gebote anpassen. So laufen die Anzeigen nur dann, wann du es möchtest und zu dem Gebot, welches du vorgegeben hast. Der PPC-Butler, bietet auch ein monatliches und jährliches Scheduling an, mit dem du deine Saisonalitäten abbilden kannst.

Tipp: Der PPC-Butler ist wie ein virtueller Assistent an deiner Seite, somit bleibt dir viel Arbeit erspart. Durch die individuellen Einstellungen kannst du vorgeben, wie das Programm für dich arbeiten soll.




SEO area: Competitor analysis, keyword research, tracking, optimization suggestions, evaluation analysis, advertisements

Price: Free trial version, Basic (monthly: 149€, semi-annual: 774€, annual: 1,188€)

Explanation: Amalyze offers every user the same range of functions. The following functions are included in the tool:

  • Competitive analysis: Amalyze enables detailed product research, product analysis, product monitoring, sales research and market analysis.
  • Keyword research: Amalyze monitors more than 24 million keywords and shows which product is displayed for which keyword and in which position in the search results. The list of keywords can be exported to a file or directly to Seller Central. Keywords can also be tracked. This allows you to observe, monitor and analyze the position history of various keywords of your products (or competitor products).
  • Listing optimization: Amalyze analyzes an entered ASIN with regard to SEO measures and the Amazon style guides. It then makes suggestions for improving the listing, the implementation of which can improve the ranking of the product.
  • Review analysis: In addition, the ratings of a product are also retrieved and can then be evaluated, for example, according to historical development. This makes it easy to see whether and at what point in time there was a significant improvement or deterioration in ratings.
  • Sponsored Product Ads: The function shows for an ASIN whether ads are actually displayed for all booked keywords, for which keywords the competitors are advertising and what the competitive situation of the keywords looks like.
  • Niche and category analysis: These analysis functions can be used to find profitable niches and categories.


amazon ppc tool perpetua


Functions: Bidding automation, bid optimization, profit analyses, keyword tracking, keyword harvesting, listing optimization, time of day planning (dayparting control), analysis tool for historical data.

Price: The price is based on your monthly advertising expenditure and is divided into four packages. Starter up to 5,000$ advertising spend (250$ per month), Growth up to 10,000$ advertising spend (550$ per month), Pro up to 200,000$ advertising spend (550$ + % of advertising spend per month), Enterprise (individual).

Explanation: Perpetua (formerly Sellics) is an Amazon Advertising software with a simple pricing model. The tool provides users with AI-based optimization of PPC ads and delivers valuable competitive insights.

Keywords: With the help of this function, you no longer have to manually move keywords back and forth between different campaigns. It also saves you from having to add poorly performing keywords to your negative list. Once you set fixed rules, your keywords are moved to the relevant ad group and the software takes care of everything for you. If it doesn't work as desired, you can of course change the rules at any time.

Bidding automation: This feature relieves you of routine tasks to monitor your bids. Bids with low ACoS automatically increased, reduced if ACoS is low or even paused if a keyword is unprofitable. Of course, all of this follows rules that you define once and can adjust at any time. Perpetua's AI-based solution incorporates sales forecasts and seasonality analyses, among other things.

Daytime scheduling (dayparting control): Ad scheduling allows you to pause your ads at certain times of the day. So if you have identified a time of day or a day of the week when your ads are not running as planned, you can switch them off for this specific period. This way, the ads only run when you want them to. Perpetua's hourly reporting supports you in your decisions.

Historical data: The detailed analysis tool in Sellics shows you historical data that is not available in Seller Central. This allows you to analyze and compare every period of your campaigns. The whole thing is greatly enhanced by the graphics provided by Sellics. You can also compare your ads from Sponsored Brands with those from Sponsored Products and immediately see which type of advertising makes more sense for you based on various key figures.

Tip: The Perpetua PPC Tool offers you many useful functions and can only be purchased as a complete package with many other functions. Depending on your turnover, the price can be an advantage or disadvantage for you. While retailers with a low annual turnover benefit from the low price, sellers with a higher turnover pay a correspondingly higher price. As Perpetua offers many other features in addition to the PPC software, you should take a close look at the individual functions and compare the prices with other tools.


Adference PPC amazon

Functions: Keyword migration, bidding automation, portfolio budgets, automatic campaign creation

Price: Starter: 249€/month, Basic: 369€/month, Growth: 629€/month, Professional: 1,259€/month, Enterprise: 1,899€/month. The prices are staggered according to monthly advertising expenditure.

Explanation: Adference automates your PPC campaigns based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since the software analyzes everything comprehensively, you don't have to set any rules yourself. Adference offers the following functions:

Keyword migration: Thanks to Adference's fully automated keyword migration, you no longer have to manually move keywords from campaign to campaign. As the tool uses machine learning, you don't even have to define rules for moving keywords. Adference automatically recognizes relevant keywords and automatically transfers them to your manual campaigns.

Bidding automation: With this feature, you no longer have to monitor your bids manually. You define your target ACoS or specific bids and choose from various bidding strategies. Here too, machine learning then ensures the right bids.

Portfolio budgets: The technology behind Adference can recognize campaigns or campaign portfolios that use up the entire allocated daily budget. Here too, the tool automatically ensures that the budgets are distributed wisely across the various campaigns so that the ads are played out consistently.

Automatic campaign creation: Campaign creation is also completely automatic with Adference. You only have to make a few specifications to create a complete campaign structure for your product. The software then takes care of creating all the individual campaigns for you.

Tip: The PPC software from Adference offers you many different tools. The entire process is highly automated thanks to machine learning. This automation can save a lot of effort, but at the same time you don't know what criteria the software uses to make decisions and have less leeway for individual specifications. Ultimately, it's up to you to know what you expect from your PPC software and use this to decide whether Adference is right for you.


Bid-X-Tool amazon

Functions: Keyword migration, bidding automation, automatic campaign creation, keyword research

Price: With BidX, sellers, vendors and agencies now receive the same price. With the three price models, 3 or 4% of the monthly advertising expenditure is due in addition to the price. You can choose between the Self Service Platform (€295/month), the Managed Platform (€1,500/month) and the Managed Service (€3,500/month).

Explanation: Like Adference, the BidX tool uses self-learning algorithms to optimize advertisements. This is also done here through constant bid and keyword adjustments. The great thing about BidX is that, in addition to the automated adjustment, rules can also be defined by the user so that bids can also be adjusted based on these defined criteria.

Keyword migration: Keyword migration is also fully automated with BidX. The keywords are moved between the different campaigns depending on their relevance for your product in order to get the most out of your ads.

Bidding automation: With automated bidding, you no longer have to monitor your bids yourself. You set your target ACoS and the software adjusts the bids using its algorithm. In addition, you can simply define IF THEN rules to have the keywords moved automatically when the respective rule occurs.

Automatic campaign creation: With the BidX tool, you can create campaigns automatically with just a few clicks. You define the structure of the various campaigns and enter match types, budgets and bids. You can then load these settings as default settings when adding keywords. This allows you to edit several campaigns for different products at the same time afterwards.

Keyword research: In addition to the keywords found by Amazon, which are displayed in the BidX overview, it is also possible to have a manual search carried out by the BidX team. The team focuses in particular on neglected long tails in order to rank for these keywords and generate sales. This allows you to directly exploit the full sales potential of a product.

Tip: BidX combines the advantages of extensive automation with manual adjustments by the user. This saves you a lot of work and you can define your own rules if you want to.


teikametrics PPC Amazon

Functions: Keyword suggestions, bidding automation, campaign manager

Price: The Basic version is free of charge. The price for the AI-Powered Tool depends on your monthly advertising spend. Up to 5,000$ AdSpend/month you pay 199$ per month, between 5,000 and 10,000$ AdSpend/month it is 499$ per month. From 10,000$ AdSpend/month you pay 499$ + 3% of your monthly AdSpend. The Ad Management Service is also available on request.

Explanation: The Flywheel from teikametrics is a PPC tool specialized on Amazon, which takes over the campaign management on Amazon for you and provides you with many different key figures. You are the decision-maker for keyword management and can make your decisions based on the data provided by teikametrics.

Keyword suggestions: Teikamteric's flywheel marks keywords that are performing well and those that are performing poorly. In contrast to other tools, you have the freedom to decide whether you want to move the keywords to other campaigns or keep them in the current campaign.

Bidding automation: Bidding on different keywords is handled by the algorithm in Teikametrics. You can make various settings, allowing the algorithm to get to know your preferences better. Bidding is then carried out automatically on this basis. It is also possible to align with the ACoS target.

Campaign manager: The campaign manager classifies your campaigns into different categories and shows you various key figures. This allows you to see the best keywords and campaigns for your product.

Tips: Although Teikmetrics also works on the basis of various algorithms, it gives the user a lot of freedom. At the same time, the software provides a great data basis that can be used to make important decisions.



amazon ppc tool adspert


Functions: Keyword migration, bidding automation, automatic campaign creation, analysis tool for historical data

Prices: AdSpert for Amazon Ads is available in three variants and is geared towards your paid sales. Lite for up to €6,000 paid sales (€149/month), Standard for up to €60,000 paid sales (2.4% of optimized paid sales/month) and Enterprise (on request)

Explanation: AdSpert was launched as an automated trading system to optimally place bids on all common online platforms. This is done using an algorithm that originates from stock exchange trading. In addition to automated bids, AdSpert takes care of services such as campaign setup and keyword maintenance. AdSpert offers these services independently of Amazon on all common marketplaces.

Keyword migration: With AdSpert, keyword migration is also fully automated. These are moved from campaign to campaign depending on performance

Bidding automation: Bidding automation is at the heart of AdSpert. This means you no longer have to monitor your bids yourself. You set a target KPI, whether ACoS, profit or ROI, and the software adjusts the bids using its algorithms.

Automatic campaign creation: AdSpert allows you to set up campaigns automatically and with just a few clicks. This allows you to create complete portfolios quickly and easily.

Analysis tool for historical data: You can also read out historical performance data with the help of AdSpert. You can analyze and compare different periods of your campaigns. You can track individual products and run different time periods against each other to gain additional insights into your products.

Tip: AdSpert is a tool that works primarily across platforms. It is therefore particularly relevant if you also sell outside of Amazon. This means you have a tool for all your sales channels from a single source.



amazon ppc tool finch


Functions: Campaign management, campaign optimization, cross-channel reporting, workflow management

Price: Price information on request

Explanation: Finch offers a platform for the automated optimization of advertisements such as paid search, shopping and display campaigns. In addition to Amazon, platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook are also supported.

  • Campaign management and optimization: Finch's main approach is to provide an interface that can increase performance in eCommerce across all platforms. In addition to providing the software, the company works closely with online marketing experts to organize and optimize campaigns.
  • Insights reporting: Cross-channel insights reporting should ensure that all important information can be called up at one interface. This can help to maintain an overview, especially when using many different channels
  • Collaboration & Workflow Management: Finch can be used to create a 12-month "growth plan" that includes individual goals. A visual timeline can help to define tasks and assign responsibilities within the team.


Helium 10

amazon ppc tool helium 10 adtomic


Functions: Keyword research, competition tracking, campaign optimization, financial analysis; landing page building,

Price: Starter: $39/month, Platinum: $99/month, Diamond: $279/month, Enterprise: individual, Elite: $399/month

Explanation: Helium 10 includes a variety of different tools that can be helpful in both the Amazon SEO and PPC areas. We will focus here on the tools included for optimizing PPC campaigns on Amazon.

  • Magnet²: Keyword research tool that identifies other related keywords that are relevant on the basis of a search term entered.
  • Cerebro: Keyword research tool that performs a reverse ASIN lookup based on up to 10 entered ASINs and outputs a detailed list of keywords used in these listings.
  • Frankenstein: A keyword processor tool that generates profitable keyword lists based on several keywords.
  • Misspellinator: The tool identifies frequently used deviating spellings of an entered search term. These can be helpful for use in backend keywords or advertising campaigns.
  • Market Tracker: The Market Tracker can be used to keep an eye on the competitive environment. With regard to Amazon PPC, this can help to gain an overview of the areas in which your own product is already well positioned and where more visibility could be generated through targeted advertisements.
  • Adtomic: The Adtomic tool combines various functions for campaign optimization and automation. Once linked to the Amazon account, analyses can be carried out, campaigns can be organized and AI-based suggestions for optimization can be received.
  • Profits: The tool takes into account all income and costs, including advertising costs, to provide a financial overview of sales on Amazon.
  • portals: The Landing Page Builder Portals supports the creation of landing pages to direct external traffic from social media or advertisements directly to the corresponding product page.



Functions: Automation, keyword research, campaign optimization

Price: Price information on request

Explanation: Pacvue is a platform for Amazon sellers that is designed to reduce advertising costs and increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns. The most important functions are described below:

  • Automation: Pacvue can be used to automate routine tasks such as bid adjustments and reports.
  • Bid optimization: AI-based suggestions can be used to optimize bids.
  • Reports: Performance reports make the success of optimization comprehensible.
  • Keyword research: A keyword research tool can be used to identify the right keywords for keyword-based ads.


Seller Labs PRO

Functions: Automatic bid optimization, campaign management, keyword research, campaign optimization

Price: Seller Labs Pro is subscribed to on a monthly or annual basis, the price depends on the annual turnover made on Amazon in 7 levels. The cheapest price model (valid up to 50K$ sales/year) costs 49$/month as a monthly subscription and 39$/month as an annual subscription. The most expensive price model (applies from 1M$ turnover/year) costs 299$/month for a monthly subscription and 239$/month for an annual subscription.

Explanation: Seller Labs PRO stands for Seller Labs Product Revenue Optimization and is therefore concerned with analysing and optimizing revenue from Amazon sales. The main functions of the Seller Labs PRO PPC tool are presented below:

  • Bid optimization: AI algorithms are used to make automated bid adjustments in order to increase the performance of advertising campaigns and reduce unnecessary expenditure.
  • Campaign management: Campaigns can be managed clearly via Seller Labs PRO, with more information available than in Seller Central. In addition, campaigns can be scheduled so that they are played out at the most profitable times.
  • Keyword research: A keyword research tool is also included in Seller Labs PRO, allowing you to generate relevant keywords for your own advertisements.
  • Campaign optimization: Campaigns with the best performance can be easily identified and reproduced with Seller Labs PRO. Campaign groups can provide a better overview.



Functions: Campaign management, keyword research, campaign optimization

Price: Amalytix is available for sellers and vendors, with Medium (69€/month), Large (149€/month) and Extra-Large (249€/month) pricing options for sellers and Medium (299€/month), Large (449€/month) and Extra-Large (649€/month) pricing options for vendors. In addition, both sellers and vendors can request custom models. Also Amazon agencies receive an individual price on request.

Explanation: Amalytix is a comprehensive analysis tool for the Amazon marketplace. In addition to many functions that can be helpful in the SEO area, it also includes some PPC tools, which are now presented:

  • Campaign management: Amalytix offers an overview of the advertising campaigns, with numerous filter options and the option to create your own filters. In this way, the overview of PPC campaigns can be optimized.
  • Campaign optimization: Low-performing keywords can be easily identified with the help of Amalytix and then added to the list of negative keywords.
  • Keyword research: A keyword research tool makes it easier to find lucrative search terms for keyword-based advertisements. Three options are available here: keyword suggest, competitor keywords and uploading your own keyword lists.



amazon ppc tool vapa


Functions: Automatic bid optimization, campaign management, keyword research, campaign optimization

Price: Vapa offers two all-inclusive price models. The Managed Ad Service is available from €999 plus 1.5% of advertising revenue. Enterprise is only available on request and from a monthly advertising turnover of at least €100,000

Explanation: Vapa is an AI-based PPC tool that focuses on the optimization of Amazon PPC campaigns. The aim is to increase returns and reduce the time required. Below we present the most interesting features of the platform:

  • Budget optimization: Vapa can transfer the defined advertising budget in real time to the places where it is currently needed so that profitable campaigns are not stopped due to a lack of budget.
  • Campaign optimization: The tool takes seasonality, weather, holidays and events into account in order to play out campaigns to the right target group at the right time.
  • AI bid optimization: Vapa uses AI to automatically adjust bids for the keywords in the ad.
  • Campaign tagging: The campaign tagging system makes it easy to evaluate the performance of PPC campaigns.
  • KPI evaluation: Customizable dashboards are designed to improve the overview of the most important campaign KPIs
  • Keyword screening: With Vapa, the most important keywords for your own PPC campaigns are constantly screened and adjusted if necessary.



Functions: Dashboards & reports, bid optimization, campaign management

Price: The starter price model is available from 499€/month plus X% of monthly advertising expenses. More detailed pricing information is available on request

Explanation: E PWR is an e-commerce tool for the automatic optimization of Amazon PPC campaigns. The tool is suitable for sellers, vendors and agencies and its functions are divided into the main subject areas of reports, bid management and campaign management.

  • Reporting: The tool creates reports on campaign performance and the advertising budget, among other things, so that optimization potential can be quickly identified. Individual reports can also be created based on KPIs you select yourself. The reports can also be downloaded afterwards.
  • Bid management: Based on machine learning automation, PPC campaigns can be optimized fully automatically and the workload reduced. Campaigns can be optimized with E PWR for clicks, CTR, conversions and ACoS. The advertising budget can also be automatically shifted among the campaigns via the platform in order to keep the most important campaigns running. The optimization of sponsored products, sponsored brands and sponsored display campaigns is supported. In addition, flexible weekdays and times can be defined for the playout of campaigns.
  • Campaign management: Amazon PPC campaigns can be created and clearly structured directly using the E PWR tool. By saving templates, more complex campaign structures can be easily reused. In addition, profitable keywords from automatic campaigns can be automatically transferred to manual campaigns.


Free Amazon Ads Audit

Amazon PPC Tools - Conclusion

Some Amazon PPC tools have now been presented in this article. Basically, it is difficult to find a General recommendation which tool is the best. This depends above all on the size of the company, the purpose and the costs. Although all tools offer similar basic functionsHowever, they are quite different in terms of the freedom they offer the user and the individual details. Ultimately, you need to know whether you are looking for a tool that will only help you in your decision-making process regarding Amazon PPC or whether you want a tool that does everything for you. With most providers, it is possible to apply for free trial access. I recommend this if you don't yet know exactly what type of user you are.

NoteDo you need support with campaign design & optimization on Amazon? Then we can help you as Amazon PPC Agency can help.

Do I need an Amazon PPC tool to advertise successfully on Amazon?

An Amazon PPC tool is not necessary to run successful advertising campaigns. It can simplify the work somewhat, but is not absolutely necessary.

What is the importance of Amazon PPC?

With the help of Amazon PPC, additional sales can be generated relatively quickly. Amazon PPC is therefore the main tool that can be used to generate additional sales.

What ACoS should be achieved with Amazon PPC?

The ACoS or Advertising Cost of Sale shows the advertising costs in relation to advertising sales. The higher the ACoS, the higher the advertising costs in relation to advertising sales. The lowest possible ACoS is therefore desirable. The ACoS itself depends on the costs per click on an ad and the probability of purchase. The higher the purchase probability, the higher the CPC can be.

How do I structure Amazon PPC campaigns?

Amazon PPC campaigns should be structured by campaign type SP; SB & SD as well as by keyword targeting or product focus. In the next step, generic terms, private label terms and competitor terms should be structured. In addition, product targeting can be carried out according to own-brand and third-party brand products.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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