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Analyze your email list with Facebook target groups 

Leads, leads, leads! We all want more leads (potential new customer contacts). But only when we know our customers and prospective customers can we offer them a customized offer. That's why today I'm going to show you how to analyze your leads and newsletter registrations using Facebook Audience and target group statistics.

How you can analyze your email list with Facebook target groups

The first step takes us to the Facebook Ads Manager and then to the "Target groups" menu item.

Facebook target group statistics



Once we have selected target groups in the Ads Manager, the "Create target groups" drop-down menu appears. There we select the "Custom Audience" option.

Create target group




Four different sources now appear to create a custom audience. As we are dealing with email contacts, we select the "Customer file" option.

Create Custom Audience





Another window will then appear with two options. If you manage your email list in MailChimp, you can use a direct connection. We have our email list in an Excel spreadsheet and therefore select the other option.

Build a custom audience




Now we have the option of uploading a CSV or text file with our email contacts. Then we just have to name our target group.

Facebook target groups





Once you have uploaded your email list, you can now assign the IDs (email, first name, etc.) and label them correctly. Facebook will then encrypt the contact details of your Custom Audience.

Note: Facebook does not recognize all of your contacts, so your target group is usually 20-50% smaller than your actual Custom Audience. How to

you can see how many users Facebook has recognized after a few minutes under target groups.
Now we want to analyze our leads using the Facebook target group statistics. To do this, we select the "Target group statistics" option in the Ads Manager menu.

First, a pop-up window appears with the target groups that we can analyze. We select the "Custom Audience" option. In the top left-hand window, you can now select your custom audience and analyze it in more detail.

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