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Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. So it's no wonder that Amazon sellers face particularly tough competition - it's not easy to keep up with the global market. Amazon sellers and vendors are confronted with new challenges almost every day. They often lack the necessary know-how or understanding of the Amazon algorithm to achieve long-term success on Amazon.

With a professional and experienced Amazon agency sellers have the opportunity to increase their success on Amazon and establish themselves on the global market in the long term.

In this article, we explain why online retailers should always hire an Amazon agency, in which cases an Amazon full-service agency is worthwhile, which Amazon agency prices are usual and which services we offer as an agency.

Why should an online retailer hire an Amazon agency?

Not every online retailer hires an Amazon agency. However, an Amazon marketing agency can be particularly worthwhile for Amazon sellers who both more sales both nationally and internationally want to generate.

An Amazon agency can help online retailers to maximize their success on Amazon in the long term. Agencies not only have Extensive experience in dealing with Amazon, but also meet the complex requirements of the online marketplace.

Starting with the Distribution and logistics model about the Brand presentation and the Development of a strategy up to the Internationalization of products - a competent Amazon agency accompanies retailers all the way from small Amazon sellers to international online retailers. For example, an Amazon agency can help with the management of Amazon listings and orders as well as the optimization of product pages and advertising campaigns.

In addition, a Amazon Full Service Agency an efficient and time-saving solution for online retailers. As an Amazon seller, you no longer have to worry about the constant monitoring of products on Amazon, as this is handled entirely by the agency. Instead, sellers can concentrate on other important aspects of their business and use their time more effectively.

All the advantages of hiring an Amazon agency at a glance:

  • Amazon merchants benefit from the Amazon Seller and Amazon vendor experiences of the agency employees.
  • A contact person from the agency is always available to answer any questions.
  • Customized Amazon marketing measures that are tailored to the customer's needs.
  • Measurable success through sales growth, the ACoS value and organic placements on the online marketplace.
  • Regular reports from the Amazon agency provide a complete overview of the successes.
  • The use of professional software facilitates the creation of analyses and forecasts.
  • Permanently adapted strategies to Amazon's constantly changing algorithm.

Different types of Amazon agencies

There are different types of Amazon agencies, each offering different services. The choice of agencies is therefore large.

In addition, the prices for Amazon agencies also vary - depending on the type of agency and the services offered. But which agencies are there and which agency is suitable for whom?

Amazon SEO agency

The SEO factor (Search Engine Optimization) is particularly important for any retailer who wants to sell their products successfully on Amazon.

How to offer Amazon SEO agencies support in the following areas, among others:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Amazon ranking
  • A+ content creation
  • A+ premium content creation

Amazon PPC agency

With a Amazon PPC agency is a service provider that is responsible in particular for the Planning and implementation of so-called PPC campaigns is responsible. The abbreviation PPC stands for Pay Per Click. The goal of an Amazon PPC agency is to optimize the RoAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and the ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

The following PPC measures are implemented by an Amazon PPC agency:

  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Sponsored Display Ads

Since PPC campaigns have a direct influence on SERP rankings, these agencies are particularly suitable for clients who want to optimize their Increase the visibility of your brand in the long term would like to.

Amazon FBA agency

Support Amazon FBA agencies FBA seller to sell their own products on Amazon. FBA agencies also offer Services in the FBA business area and support companies in building their brand.

FBA agencies usually offer the following services for this purpose:

  • Marketing measures
  • Content optimization
  • Label structure

Amazon marketing agency

Amazon sellers also need a good Marketing strategy. However, developing and implementing these yourself can take a lot of time. That's why Amazon marketing agencies provide online marketing support.

An Amazon marketing agency offers the following services:

  • Content optimization
  • SEO
  • Creation of PPC campaigns
  • Amazon advertising
  • Calculation of the marketing budget

Amazon DSP Agency

DSP (Demand Side Platform) is programmatic advertising that offers a Increase brand awareness and traffic causes.

Amazon DSP agencies not only support Amazon sellers, but also vendors.

Amazon DSP agencies provide support here:

  • Target/buyer group analysis
  • Target group-oriented advertising
  • Optimization of advertising campaigns

Amazon Full Service Agency

Probably the most comprehensive services are offered by a Amazon Full Service Agency. This combines several specialist areas and thus offers its customers holistic strategies to sell products profitably on Amazon.

An Amazon full-service agency offers the following services:

  • Consultations
  • Potential analyses
  • Amazon marketplace optimization
  • A+ content creation
  • Product page optimization
  • Brandstores
  • Keyword optimization
  • Brand registration
  • Account management
  • PPC campaigns
  • DSP measures
  • Coachings

When is an Amazon full-service agency worthwhile?

An Amazon full-service agency can be worthwhile for online retailers who have a Comprehensive Amazon management and do not have the necessary knowledge or resources to use the platform successfully. This applies in particular to smaller companies or Companies with limited staff and budget.

Similarly, an agency can be useful for retailers who sell a large number of products or are active on several marketplaces and therefore need support in managing their inventory, orders and customer service.

Customers of an Amazon Full Service Agency benefit from the following advantages:

  • All-round service
  • Time savings through the transfer of account management
  • Holistic strategies through the interaction of the sub-areas
  • Specialized teams with qualified employees
  • Long-term success
  • Increased sales

How high are the costs for Amazon agencies?

As already mentioned, the costs for Amazon agencies can vary greatly depending on the type of agency and the services offered. In general, reputable providers usually offer No hourly rates below 80 euros are offered. These are so-called dumping prices that are associated with expensive additional services, which pushes up the agency's overall costs. However, a particularly high price is not necessarily a guarantee of good quality and competent support.

After the initial consultation, an individualized Cost plan be created. It is a flat-rate offer with fixed hourly rates. In this way, the costs for the customer are scalable.

On average, Amazon agency prices are between 90 and 200 euros per hour. Fixed expenses or advertising campaigns are usually billed monthly. However, the total costs are based on the specific requirements of the customerso that no flat-rate prices can be quoted here. It is particularly important to speak to the Amazon agency and obtain a non-binding quote.

What does an employee cost?

An in-house employee can be a more cost-effective or complementary option to an Amazon agency for a company. However, this only makes sense if the company has the resources and expertise to successfully manage Amazon sales. The costs for an employee can vary depending on Region, activity and experience vary greatly.

While a Junior employees between 29,000 and 36,000 euros per year, an expert-level employee with four to eight years of experience can cost between 60,000 and 120,000 euros per year. If you are thinking about creating your own small team, you also need to calculate the costs here. In addition to the salary, the costs for training, insurance, benefits and equipment must also be taken into account.

What do freelancers cost?

Another alternative to an Amazon agency is a freelancer in the Amazon sector. Here you can choose between operational freelancers and strategic advisors differentiated. The costs for a freelancer also vary depending on the level of experience and area of responsibility.

An experienced operational freelancer can between 30 and 90 euros per hour demand, while a strategic consultant with a Hourly wage from 100 to 300 euros is even more expensive.

Know-how and experience speak for the agency

It is important to remember that a professional and competent Amazon agency has the necessary know-how and experience. At best, an agency already has a Successful strategy and can help companies achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

Agencies also have the Access to tools and technologiesthat are not accessible to Amazon merchants. In addition, an Amazon agency can also help to reduce costs by optimizing the sale and profitability of products.

In these cases, hiring an Amazon agency makes particular sense:

  • Upcoming internationalization
  • Amazon DSP
  • Versatile and large product portfolio
  • Management of several sub-brands
  • Management of several channels simultaneously
  • Little Amazon know-how in your own company
  • Decentralized location of the company

The services of our agency

If the sales performance on Amazon declines or the management of the Amazon business becomes too time-consuming, it is advisable to hire an agency.

Our Amazon agency offers a comprehensive range of services to increase sales and thus turnover on Amazon in the long term.


We support all our customers in expanding sales to various Amazon markets, for example in France, Italy and Spain.

Our expert team helps companies create listings in different languages and optimize translations to successfully sell products in various international markets.

Workshops & trainings

We also offer in-house workshops and training courses to give Amazon sellers the know-how they need to use Amazon effectively.

Our team of Amazon experts can Optimized Amazon listings improve sales strategies and maximize campaigns. However, the focus of the workshops is on advertising.

Inhouse Ads Reporting & Optimization Tool

Our in-house ads reporting & optimization tool AdsMasters software provides comprehensive insights into our clients' advertising campaigns on Amazon.

We continuously monitor the performance of the campaigns and optimize them to achieve the best possible return.

Seller & vendor management

We offer comprehensive support in managing sales as an Amazon Seller or Vendor. As a seller and vendor manager, we take on all operational tasks in Amazon Seller & Vendor Central.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Campaigns are part of every successful Amazon account. Our team of experts helps online merchants optimize their Amazon PPC campaigns to increase their visibility and boost their sales.

Amazon SEO

We also support our clients in optimizing their listings on Amazon to increase their visibility and generate more customers.

Our Amazon SEO experts optimize all components of the Amazon product listing with the help of keyword research, style guides and search engine optimization.

Amazon Agency Prices: Example package

Prices for Amazon agencies can vary greatly and depend on various factors, such as the scope of services, the size of the company and the experience of the team. But even within an agency, different services are offered at different prices.

We also offer different packages that include various services and benefits. Naturally, we make sure that the services are tailored to the needs, wishes and requirements of the customer.

Basic content

Our agency offers the creation of basic content for the Amazon account, including the design of the brand store. For this we use Creative titlesthat clearly describe the product and give the buyer a clear idea of what they are buying.

We also make sure that the Bullet points are easy to understand and thus clearly summarize the most important information about the product. This enables the customer to make a quick purchase decision.

We also create a Product descriptionthat is free of misinformation and incomprehensible sentences and presents the product in the best possible light.

Of course, the Use of keywords is taken into account. This ensures that the store page can be easily read by the algorithm and appears as high up as possible in Amazon's search results. Our SEO experts ensure that the store page can be easily found by customers and that the purchase decision is facilitated by an appealing presentation.

The price may vary depending on which services are used. Of course we offer a free initial consultation so that we can always tailor our packages and services optimally to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Marketplace management

The marketplace management package includes the Monitoring of orderswhich Inventory managementwhich Processing customer reviews and the Communication with Amazon support. This package is particularly suitable for companies that are already active on Amazon but have difficulties managing their account.

In a long-term partnership of this kind, we work with a fixed amount and one variable fee. The price depends largely on how many and which countries we manage. We can determine the exact costs after an initial discussion and the Amazon audit.

This way, you can be sure that you only pay for the services actually provided and No hidden costs are incurred. If you would like to find out more about our pricing or require an individual price calculation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and find the right offer for our customers.


Our consulting projects include an in-depth Analysis of the Amazon account and advice on Improvements and growth strategies. This package is ideal for companies that are already successful on Amazon but want to increase their profitability further.

Our consulting projects vary in scope - depending on the size of the company - and therefore also in price. The prices for Amazon consulting also depend on the respective cooperation.

We calculate the amount of work required based on the number of person days needed to achieve the project objective. We use a daily rate that varies depending on the seniority of the consultants responsible.

We also put together an individual offer for each collaboration based on the services selected by the customer. This means that our customers can be sure that they only pay what is actually required for the services we provide.

The process of working with the agency

We always strive to offer our customers the best possible service and the highest quality services. That's why we attach great importance to transparency in our Amazon agency.

If you decide to work with our agency, you can expect the following process.

Preparation of the sales forecast

At the beginning of the collaboration, our agency creates a sales forecast for the respective company on Amazon. This forecast is based on various factors such as the competition, sales figures in the sector and the quality of the products. An accurate sales forecast is important in order to set realistic targets and measure success.

We therefore help our customers to analyze their target group and create a corresponding sales forecast based on this target group analysis. Based on the forecast, we can provide our customers with so-called Minimum sales quantities assure.

At the same time, we help our customers to communicate quickly and easily with the support team to ensure that they are responded to quickly and efficiently. Changes and problems can be responded to quickly. We also want to ensure that all our customers have the best possible presence on Amazon and have all the tools and information they need to be successful in the long term.

Technical integration

We also support our customers with the technical integration of the Amazon account and the products on the online marketplace. In order to determine the current status of the seller or vendor account, we usually carry out an initial Amazon audit through. As soon as we have exported all the necessary product data from the online store, we take care of the technical integration.

Subsequently, we can develop appropriate Optimization strategies and a Action plan develop. This includes the creation of listings, the integration of payment methods, the setup of shipping and return options and the connection to the ERP system. Smooth technical integration is crucial in order to sell effectively on Amazon.

Our team of experts takes care of the Seamless integration of our customers' products on Amazonso that they are quickly and easily available online. We also ensure that all information about the products appears correctly and completely on Amazon and that they are placed on the right channels and markets.

With our expertise and technical know-how, we ensure that the integration runs smoothly and without any problems.

Sales optimization

Sales optimization is the be-all and end-all of our work. In order to find out which optimization measures are necessary for our customers, the Amazon audit is also required. This enables us to determine the exact Analyze our customers' sales data on Amazon and recommend appropriate optimization strategies to sustainably increase sales.

As an experienced Amazon agency, we attach great importance to the steadily increasing sales figures of our customers. To this end, we offer our customers various services, including Amazon product photosmarketplace SEO, paid advertising, content creation, returns reduction and, optionally, marketing.

Thanks to our comprehensive services, we can guarantee that the Our customers' Amazon business successful in the long term and they achieve all their goals. We specialize in maximizing our clients' success on Amazon and therefore offer a particularly wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Selling your products on Amazon

Thanks to our comprehensive advice for Amazon retailers, nothing stands in the way of our customers selling successfully on the world's largest online marketplace.

We not only support our customers with the Creation and optimization of your product pagesbut we also take care of the optimal selection of product keywords to increase the visibility of our customers on Amazon.

We also offer support with the Creation of high-quality product photos and advertising campaignsto arouse the interest of potential customers. As soon as the Amazon store is live, our customers can usually expect their first orders within the first two to three weeks.

After all things - such as technical integration and sales optimization - have been completed and our customers' products are finally being sold on Amazon, we as an agency monitor the sales data and create Regular reporting.

These reports contain information on sales, stock levels, the conversion rate and other important key figures. This enables us as an agency to constantly provide our customers with further Recommendations for optimizing the sales strategy and provide them with the best possible support in identifying trends and opportunities.


How much does a marketing agency cost per month?

Depending on the scope and type of project, the monthly costs for a marketing agency can range from 500 to 20,000 euros. Each price category includes different hourly packages, complete packages or various online marketing services.

How expensive is a marketing agency in general?

How expensive a marketing agency actually is depends in particular on the size, experience, software and technical equipment of the agency. For example, a marketing agency with 5 to 20 employees can charge an hourly rate of 110 to 160 euros.

How much does a social media agency cost?

A professional content marketing agency in the field of social media usually costs between 65 and 150 euros per hour (plus VAT). Depending on the scope and objectives of the social media marketing, you can choose between different service packages or have them put together individually.

How does an agency bill?

As a rule, agencies charge on an hourly basis. However, there are also agencies that charge on a fee basis. In this case, the costs for the entire project are first calculated by estimating the duration of the project and then multiplying this by the agency's hourly rate. A margin or buffer surcharge is then added.

Conclusion - Amazon agency prices

Working with an Amazon agency offers numerous advantages for companies that want to sell on Amazon.

Thanks to our agency's many years of competent expertise and experience, we are able to increase our clients' sales in the long term, which automatically increases brand awareness.

As an Amazon agency, we also offer a particularly wide range of services, such as internationalization, in-house workshops and training, seller and vendor management and Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Of course, our first-class service also involves corresponding costs, but we offer our customers fair, individual and above all efficient Amazon agency prices.

Working with us as an Amazon agency also offers the advantage that you always stay up to date with the latest Amazon developments and we support our customers with technical integration and sales optimization.

Thanks to our comprehensive Amazon consulting and support, our customers can generate their first sales on Amazon within a few weeks. Working with us as an Amazon agency is therefore very beneficial for companies and will increase their success on Amazon in the long term!

How high are the costs for Amazon agencies?

On average, Amazon agency prices are between 90 and 200 euros per hour. Fixed expenses or advertising campaigns are usually billed on a monthly basis. However, the total costs are based on the customer's specific requirements, so it is not possible to quote a flat rate. It is particularly important to talk to the Amazon agency and obtain a non-binding quote.

What does an employee cost?

While a junior employee costs between 29,000 and 36,000 euros per year, an expert-level employee with four to eight years of experience can cost between 60,000 and 120,000 euros per year. If you are thinking about setting up your own small team, you also need to calculate the costs here. In addition to the salary, the costs for training, insurance, benefits and equipment must also be taken into account.

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My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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