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New products are presented on Amazon every day, so it is often difficult for individual retailers to stand out from the crowd. Are you familiar with this problem? Then you should know that an Amazon listing can help you to attract new customers.

Here you can find out what it's all about and how to create an Amazon listing. professionally created.

What is an Amazon Listing?

The listing is the Supply side which appears for each product in the Amazon catalog. Customers should find all relevant information about the product there and, ideally, be enticed to buy it.

However, the listing is not only relevant for the customers themselves. The Algorithm from Amazon decides whether products match the user's search query. Other factors also play a role in whether and how well your own product is ranked, such as the so-called Click through rate.

How do I list products on Amazon?

Before you can sell a product on Amazon, the first step is to create a Product range create. You can either use an existing one if someone else is already selling the same product on Amazon, or create a new one first. The latter is the case if you are both the first and the only seller.

How to sell your products upload and offer depends on the selected sales tariff. There are two available at Amazon:

  • Professional sales tariff: Products can be uploaded in large quantities. You can also manage your stock using systems provided by third-party providers.
  • Sales tariff for individual providers: Product offers must be recorded individually.

As a rule, products are sold via their GTIN number (Global Trade Item Number) identified. However, if you are using an existing offer, you do not need to specify a product identifier.

The situation is different for a product that newly added was made. It is possible that a UPC code or an exemption can be applied for.

Why is it important to create a professional Amazon listing?

If you sell one or more products on Amazon, you are of course interested in having your items quickly found and at best bought become. An Amazon listing makes a decisive contribution to this.

The reason for this is that a professionally created Amazon listing on the one hand ensures that your product ranks better. On the other hand, your Conversion rate The conversion of visitors into customers should be increased

Tips for a professional and appealing Amazon listing

In order to make the listing as professional and appealing as possible, the following tips should be observed:

  • Professional keyword research to include all relevant search terms in the Amazon product optimization
  • Specifications and style guides from Amazon Check title length and wording for keyword optimization
  • check whether the most relevant keywords in the Product title find again
  • all content for both the View on the desktop as well as on the Cell phone optimize
  • all slots for Product photos and videos use
  • Meaningful bullet points that also contain the most important keywords
  • Brand history create to improve branding
  • Use A+ contentto optimize your own presence on Amazon

Can a Amazon Agency help with Amazon listings?

Creating a professional listing for Amazon is not only time-consuming. At best, you should have the necessary knowledge and SEO aspects so that your products can be found quickly and sold in the next step.

That sounds like a lot of work and effort? That's right! However, you don't have to do it alone. Help can be provided by an agency, such as our SEO agency for Amazon. We can help you with the following services on request:

  • Amazon Keyword Research: The most important keywords are determined using various tools. We then implement these in the optimization of your content.
  • Amazon Listing Optimization: We know how crucial an optimized listing is for sellers on Amazon. We do this in accordance with the Amazon style guides and ranking factors.
  • Optimization of the conversion rate: We make sure that your products are brought to the fore with the right images, optimized texts, videos, reviews and A+ content.
  • Amazon PPC: We can have a lasting positive impact on organic rankings by running PPC campaigns.
  • Amazon launch strategy: The product launch on Amazon is of particular importance. A launch strategy is therefore essential for a successful start on Amazon.
  • Amazon Internationalization: In addition to the German Amazon market, we can also help you sell on international Amazon marketplaces.

What elements should an Amazon listing contain?

Amazon listings differ depending on the type of products offered. However, there are a few key elements that every Amazon listing should contain in order to be professional and successful:

  • Search engine optimized product titles
  • Comprehensible and meaningful bullet points
  • Product page
  • A+ advertising content
  • Product images
  • Backend keywords
  • Reviews by customers

However, it is not only whether the individual elements are included in the listing that is decisive, but also how well these elements are included. were elaborated. Ultimately, only with a good Amazon listing Relevance and ranking on the Amazon search results.

Create Amazon Listing

The title of the Amazon listing

The title of every Amazon listing is the element that first catches the eye of potential customers. Accordingly meaningful and appealing he should be elected.

It is also important that you use it for Amazon SEO-optimizebecause this is the only way it can be found in search queries.

How should the title of the listing be designed?

The title should not be too promotional, but rather matter-of-factly sober be. In doing so, it must most important keywords that belong as far forward as possible. Another option is to place your name before the title of the product. Brand names as this simultaneously leads to a higher brand awareness leads.

The most important keywords should be followed by the model and descriptive elements, which include the color, quantity and size of a product, for example.

In all of this, make sure that not all letters of a word are capitalized, but only the First letters of nouns. Numbers are not written out in full, but as digits, for example 2 instead of two.

At best, avoid special characters to which "!", "?" and "&" as well as prices and advertising phrases. These elements can unnecessarily complicate a title or even have a deterrent effect on potential customers.

What length should the title be?

The choice of title length is also not insignificant in the creation process. Amazon generally offers 200 bytes of space for a title, but here it makes sense to focus on the maximum length of the category style guides. to limit. Anything else can make it harder for customers to find you.

It also happens that mobile Amazon apps have titles that are too long. shorten on the screen. For this reason, the decisive keywords must always appear at the very front.

It is important to note that bytes are by no means characters. To determine the correct title length, you can therefore use a so-called Byte counter to.

Keywords for Amazon Listings

Keywords play an important role in all content that you want to distribute on the Internet. This means that the general Key terms or backend keywords that users use to search for certain things on the Internet.

The right keywords are also crucial for your success on Amazon in order to Visibility in the organic ranking received and Amazon Advertising campaigns to be able to switch.

However, the topic is quite complex, which is why we want to give you an overview of what makes good keywords for Amazon and how they can help you to More reach and sales help.

Why are good keywords important for a successful listing?

The right keywords are crucial for your products to be found through search queries. You should bear in mind that almost every purchase process on Amazon starts with a Search query begins.

Your goal must therefore be to ensure that your titles and listings for products Optimized for specific and suitable keywords be. This is the only way they will appear in the search results of Amazon users. In the best case scenario, they will rank high. This way, many users will click on your listings, which in turn more frequently for purchasing decisions can come.

How can suitable keywords be tracked down?

The first steps should therefore include finding suitable keywords for your own product. This requires a Keyword research This is done by finding and collecting all keywords that are relevant to the product in question. This demonstrably enables the "Hit rate" significantly.

It is therefore worthwhile to be extremely thorough in your keyword research, as this is the only way to rule out the possibility of overlooking important keywords as far as possible. The best way to do this is Systematic approach in this complex task.

  1. Brainstorming: One advantage is if you are very familiar with the products you offer. Then you can start by brainstorming and listing all the important keywords that come to mind. Think about how you would describe your product to others.
  2. Read out Amazon keywords: In the next step, you should enter your keywords into the Amazon search bar one after the other. This will present you with products from other manufacturers that are similar to your own. Pay particular attention to top-ranking offers and find out which keywords were also used in their listings. It makes sense to pay particular attention to the titles and product descriptions. This way you will come across many other keywords and can add them to your own.
  3. Use the Amazon Keyword Research Tool: Did you know that Amazon itself can also help with keyword research? If you enter a few letters in the search field on Amazon, Amazon suggests complete terms or completes the word itself. This always involves terms that are frequently entered into the search list, i.e. searched for by users. This way you can ensure that these are relevant keywords.

The product description

Particularly important for your Amazon listing is the Product description. Customers who make purchases on the Internet usually want to find out as much as possible about a product on offer. After all, they cannot touch it, try it on or test it before it goes into the shopping cart and is finally ordered.

As a result, your product description should all important information that a customer needs. Here, too, the right keywords play a role, because it is important that these suitably integrated be. This is the only way to increase the chance of ranking high in the Amazon search results and therefore receiving many clicks.

This is how a product description optimally emphasizes the characteristics of the product

If you are writing a product description for Amazon yourself, you should consider the following points:

  • Highlight key benefits of the product and explain why the product is exactly what the customer is looking for
  • stand out from the competition by convincing with quality
  • Use keywords and ensure that all content is of high quality and sensibly structured
  • fulfill the customer's needs for satisfaction, reliability and, if applicable, a money-back guarantee

Bulletpoints for Amazon Listings

With Bulletpoints it is about Key pointsthat provide Amazon users with a picture of the products you offer as quickly as possible. In total, Amazon offers you 5 key points available in the product listing. These can be up to 1000 bytes be large.

It can be helpful here to put yourself in the customer's shoes and think about what information would convince you of a product. Ideally, ask yourself the following questions and answer them in the bullet points:

  1. What makes your product so specialthat you should buy it?
  2. What are the Areas of application of your product?
  3. Which Problems does your target group have?
  4. How can these problems be solved with the help of your product? solve in the best possible way?

Which formatting can be used to optimize bullet points?

To optimize bullet points, you should partly capital letters use. This ensures greater conspicuousness.

Also to the Keywords should be considered here, as these also play an important role in the bullet points. However, it is important here that both words and phrases read more naturally than they should in the title.

The most important thing is that the user important, meaningful and understandable information within the key points.

Images for an Amazon Listing

The right selection of the right products also plays a major role for the Amazon listing. good and appealing product images. As already explained, a customer cannot hold the products in their hands or examine them more closely before making a purchase decision. The images alone, in conjunction with the informative product description, convey what the item in question looks like and what you can expect from it.

Why are images an important part of the listing?

It is not uncommon for images of products to have a major influence on the purchase decision of the customers. It is therefore possible that, when choosing between two similar offers, they will opt for the one with the more appealing images. Images are considered the most important marketing tool for sellers and vendorswho want to sell on Amazon.

A special focus should be placed on the Main images the ones that are displayed to customers first. If these are not good or have little informative value, it is very likely that users will not even look at the other images and will choose a competitor's product instead.

How do you use high-quality and meaningful images?

In order to obtain meaningful and high-quality images of your own products, you can either take care of this yourself or hire a Product photographers commission.

In any case, the product images for Amazon should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Showing the product from all relevant perspectives
  • 3 to 5 content product images, on which the most important USPs are clearly recognizable
  • 2 to 3 Emotion product imagesthat show customers a situation in which they would like to find themselves as a result of the product
  • Recognizability of the Size of the product
  • Retouching away all Blemishes down to the last detail

FAQ about creating an Amazon listing

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions on this topic with helpful answers.

How long does it take to create a listing?

The creation of a listing usually takes around 5 to 10 working days.

Should you have Amazon create product images?

Product images do not necessarily have to be created by a photographer, but in many cases this can offer decisive advantages. Photographers know their trade and know how to showcase your products perfectly.

How long does it take for an offer to appear on Amazon?

This takes between a few minutes and 24 hours. After that, a new offer is active and visible.

Conclusion: Create and optimize Amazon listing

Amazon has a very large marketplace, which is why it is not so easy for sellers to successfully stand out from the competition. This makes it all the more important to take care of an optimized listing, as this contributes significantly to your own sales success.

The products require a meaningful description, and keywords and other SEO aspects be taken into account.

The content is optimized by high-quality product photos because these show users on Amazon what they can expect from an item.

A professionally created Amazon listing has been proven to generate more traffic and can increase the Sales figures skyrocket.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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