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In my daily conversations with Amazon merchants, I always ask one question during the first phone call: Do you sell your products under a trademark that is registered with a trademark & patent office (in Germany the DPMA)?

The importance of trademark registration when selling on Amazon has changed drastically over the past 5 years. Nowadays, retailers who sell products without trademark protection are at a major disadvantage compared to retailers with existing trademark protection. 

In this article, I explain the exact advantages of such a brand. If you're wondering how you can register your brand with Amazon, then take a look at the following article: Amazon brand registration.

1st advantage: Create A+ content

Only sellers with a registered brand can create so-called A+ content for their products on Amazon. The A+ Content is an extended product description that can contain images and graphics as well as comparison tables.  

Below you can see an A+ content that we created for a client.

It is important to note that once the A+ content has been released, it overwrites the actual product description, which is then no longer visible.

2nd advantage: Create a brand store

In addition to A+ content, brand stores are the second creative way to present your own products on Amazon as professionally and uniquely as possible. The brand store acts almost like your own online store, but it is located on Amazon. Drag & drop builder functions can be used to create a professional and attractive brand store.

Are you wondering how to get to this brand store? You need to go to a product detail page. Below the product name you will find the link to the brand store for the brand in question.

3rd advantage: Amazon Vine 

Amazon Vine is Amazon's own product review program, which is also only available to retailers with a registered brand. With Amazon Vine retailers can send their products, as long as they meet the requirements, to product testers who are provided with them free of charge and submit an honest product review in return. Amazon Vine offers a safe and honest way to generate product reviews and is therefore a real competitive advantage for brand owners.

4th advantage: Amazon Advertising with Amazon Sponsored Brand & Display

Another significant advantage lies in the additional advertising opportunities for sellers. In principle, every professional Amazon seller has the option of creating so-called Amazon Sponsored Product ads. However, this is only one of three possible advertising options available to sellers. Sellers with a brand listing can also place Amazon Sponsored Brand and Amazon Sponsored Display ads and thus have the advantage of achieving more sales than sellers without a brand listing. Especially in very competitive categories on Amazon, this can already be an exclusion criterion for market entry.

5th advantage: Amazon Brand Analytics  

Amazon Brand Analytics is an evaluation tool for search queries and purchasing behavior on Amazon. This was released in mid-2019 and now allows sellers to evaluate current search trends and purchasing trends using first-party data. It is also a powerful tool that can be a competitive advantage if used correctly.

6th advantage: Greater write access to change product information

Another significant advantage is the allocation of different writing rights in relation to product information (images, texts, etc.). It often happens that products are not only offered and sold by one seller, but by many. This often leads to product detail pages containing outdated or incorrect information. This information can often only be changed with a lot of patience and support from Amazon. However, if you have the trademark rights, Amazon grants the respective seller increased writing rights for changes to the product listings. This saves sellers a lot of time and nerves.

7th advantage: Report trademark infringements

Unfortunately, trademark infringements and misuse occur on a regular basis. However, brand retailers now have the opportunity to report trademark infringements relatively easily via the Amazon Brand Registry.

Conclusion on the topic: Advantages of a trademark registration with Amazon

In order to maximize the potential of selling on Amazon, it is nowadays essential to have a registered brand in order to place and sell products as desired. Even with the release of future tools, it can be assumed that there will be a preference for brand sellers. Therefore, every seller can only be advised to register a trademark with the DPMA to register.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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