From 5 to 7-digit annual sales since the start of the collaboration

Since the start of our collaboration in 2018, we have been able to help EVIA GmbH grow its annual turnover to a 7-digit figure.

We feel very well looked after, as the services are very specifically tailored to our products. In addition, Mr. Dziuba is very flexible and offers quick assistance with problems.
Mr. Dziuba is a competent partner who helps us to achieve our Amazon goals.

Akin AktasManaging Director EVIA Gmbh

eCommerce consulting and takeover of the Amazon seller account

EVIA GmbH produces insecticides such as insect, mite and wasp sprays. Since June 2018, we have been working with EVIA to make the product range available to private consumers on Amazon. And with success! During this period, products such as the Envira mite spray have become bestsellers on

Period of cooperation: June 2018 - Ongoing

Consulting and strategy

One of my fundamental tasks as a consultant is to create customized e-commerce and marketplace strategies. Such a strategy was successfully developed, communicated and implemented for EVIA GmbH.

Management of the seller account

The management of an seller account is crucial for its performance. As part of our collaboration, we have made numerous products from the Envira and boo! product ranges available on with optimized listings, boosted sales through advertising campaigns and put a cross-brand strategy into practice. advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns on Amazon can take various forms: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display. Depending on the form of advertising, Envira's products are displayed at different points in the buyer's journey, for example in product categories as sponsored products, and lead to higher sales.

Brand Store

With Amazon Brand Stores, brands can present products in their own, individually designed store. Unlike an ordinary listing, the Brand Store can present the character and message of a brand in a vivid way, which strengthens the relationship between customer and brand and enables higher sales figures. Thanks to my experience with brand stores, we were able to successfully take over the creation of a brand store for boo!

A+ contents

For brands like Envira and boo!, A+ content on Amazon is necessary to showcase the uniqueness of their products. We were able to help Modern Gourmet Foods with the creation of A+ content, not only shape their brand history differentlybut also to highlight the most important features of each individual product.

Brand registration

Thanks to the Amazon brand registration, EVIA GmbH can sell all products as the proven owner of the Envira and boo! brands.  This enables the company to access powerful tools to fall back on, to protect the brand and distribute products successfully.