Amazon Account Management and Amazon Strategy

Under the brand name mySheepi mySheepi GmbH manufactures pillows with an integrated, movable neck roll. In this way, the innovative products from mySheepi support the neck and neck area, ensuring a restful night's sleep. The range currently includes pillows in four different sizes, including M, L, S for children and mySheepi KIDS for children under 6 years of age, as well as mySheepi Travel for travel. Customers can choose different filling materials such as virgin sheep's wool, buckwheat or spelt.

Period of cooperation: Q2 2019 - ongoing

Amazon strategy

The aim was to successfully place the mySheepi product range on We achieved this with A+ content, a brand store and targeted advertising with the help of extensive data and many years of experience with various forms of advertising within Amazon.

Advertising campaigns on Amazon

In order to expand the reach of mySheepi products on, advertising campaigns, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand & Sponsored Display, must be implemented. Based on the performance of current advertising campaigns, we analyze them and derive new measures including pricing, fulfillment or the concrete design of the advertising forms.

Account Management

We manage mySheepi's seller account, create and optimize listings for mySheepi products and continuously expand the product range. In this way, mySheepi can strengthen its presence on and develop an additional source of income alongside its own online store.

Amazon Brandregistery

Trademark registration on Amazon serves to prove the ownership of a trademark. This has various advantages, such as the activation of tools for detecting unauthorized copies on Amazon. In addition, the registration of a brand is a prerequisite for the creation of A+ content and a brand store.

A+ contents

A+ enable the seller to expand the product detail page with marketing content. This not only leads to more sales, but also strengthens the branding. According to Amazon, A+ content increases conversion rates and boosts sales by 3-10%. The bottom line is that A+ content enables the use of more keywords, a better product description, the display of higher quality images, more text in the description and thus the presentation of product features and benefits.

Brand Store

Brands have the opportunity to customize their brand store and can thus transfer their design language to the store. They offer sellers numerous advantages, such as more opportunities to implement the branding strategy on Amazon and thus highlight the unique selling points of a product with content, increase brand affinity, increased visibility and a higher conversion rate, as well as an additional channel for product launches.