Optimization of the advertising campaigns of a client from the "Home & Living" category


Period of cooperation: Q4 2019 - ongoing

Results after 30 days: Increase in advertising revenue by 223% with a simultaneous increase in advertising efficiency of 34.4% in just one month

Initial situation before the collaboration

Since November 2019, we have been supporting the client as Amazon Agency in full when selling on Amazon. Prior to the joint collaboration, the customer only placed advertising on Amazon sporadically. In the initial month, advertising revenue amounted to €15,200 (€1540 advertising expenditure).

The client has a very large, homogeneous product portfolio, which is an advantage when structuring Amazon Ads campaigns. Since the start of the collaboration, the number of products has tripled. 

Results after just 30 days

After just 30 days of working together, we were able to significantly improve the performance of the advertising campaigns.

Advertising revenue rose consistently to €49,700 and ROAS improved from 9.8 to 13.1, despite November being the category's strongest month in terms of sales. The most successful month to date was November 2021 with advertising sales of €453,000 and a ROAS of 6.93.