Search engine optimization of Durex products for & 7 online pharmacies

Durex is a British brand that is now part of the FMCG group Reckitt Benckiser. In collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser, we optimized the product listings on and 7 well-known online pharmacies.

Type of collaboration: Project (period Q1 2023)


In 2023 we took on the exciting task of creating SEO texts for Durex, a Reckitt Benckiser brand, on Amazon and seven other marketplaces (MOPs). Under the leadership of our experienced account manager Karoline Jüttner, we implemented a successful SEO strategy. Since 2021, we have been supporting Reckitt Benckiser with content optimization for a variety of brands including Durex, Veet, Nurofen, Dobendan, Clearasil, Gaviscon and many more.

Durex Case Study

Goal setting & challenge

Creating a total of 456 unique individual texts posed an immense challenge. Each of these descriptions not only had to be of high quality, but also had to correspond to the specific style guides and requirements of the respective platform. This differentiation was necessary to ensure that each listing is individual and optimized for its platform.

Solution approach

We started with thorough keyword research for Amazon and Google. Based on this, we started creating the Amazon listings, starting with the condoms. We developed a master listing into which we incorporated the general and product-specific keywords. This process was then carried over to the other condom listings and finally to the lubricants.

For the MOPs, we took a similar, yet differentiated, approach. The focus here was on creating unique texts for each platform. This approach ensured that product listings within a MOP were similar but significantly different between MOPs.

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Results & Conclusion

Despite the extensive project, we were able to complete the job within a month thanks to our structured approach and prioritization of the tasks. The texts were available in time for the launch on April 1st.

The successful implementation of this project underlines our expertise in SEO on Amazon and other online platforms. Despite the challenges of the scope and variety of tasks, our team, led by Karoline Jüttner, met Reckitt Benckiser's expectations and ensured successful implementation of the project. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser and continuing to contribute to content optimization for a variety of brands.