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It is already clear to everyone that Amazon is now the most important place to buy products. I advise my eCommerce customers regularly to invest in a budget shift, away from Google SEO / AdWords and more towards Amazon SEO & PPC. The future of eCommerce is decided on marketplaces like Amazon. Due to the steadily increasing number of customers and merchants, Amazon is constantly working on expanding its advertising system.

In this article I will therefore discuss the advertising possibilities of the Headline Search Ads and how they can be used to promote your own products.

WHAT ADVERTISING Formats are available on Amazon?

Before we come to Headline Search Ads , I would like to briefly present all performance marketing formats on amazon: 
Sponsored Product Campaigns (Sponsored Products): In the "Sponsored Product Campaigns" marketing activity, product ads are placed in both the search results pages (SERPs) and product detail pages. Sponsored product advertisements are marked with the addition "Sponsored". Sponsored product campaigns are played out on the basis of the submitted keywords. Below is an excerpt from the Amazon SERPs with a total of three Amazon Sponsored Product ads.

Amazon PPC


Sponsored product campaigns can be launched by any Amazon seller with a professional seller account. However, please note that the products to be advertised have a buy box, otherwise it is not possible to run sponsored product campaigns.

Another marketing measure is the so-called Product-Display-Ads, which are placed on the product detail page below the buy box. Product-Display-Ads should be displayed particularly on product detail pages of similar and complementary products.

Product-Display-Ads LOOK LIKE THIS:


It is currently not possible for sellers with an Amazon seller account to play out this type of campaign. At the moment only AMS participants (Vendors & Vendor-Express) are allowed to use Product-Display-Ads. It can be assumed that in the future Amazon sellers will also be able to market their products via display ads.

The third and last marketing measure (at AMS) are the mentioned Headline Search Ads TheHeadline Search Ads are displayed above the search results and lead to either the Amazon Store or a page where the products displayed can be found.



Headline Search Ads for AMS participants are currently available (as of February 2018). But Amazon sellers can also use Headline Search Ads if they have a trademark that they have registered via the Amazon trademark application.


Headline-Search-Ads are played out like Sponsored-Products-Ads based on the respective search queries. The keywords selected for this purpose are selected when creating the Headline-Search-Ads. There are no costs for the pure playout of Headline Search Ads, only when a user clicks on the ads will be charged (CPC).


Due to their size, Headline Search Ads occupy a large part of the search results pages, so that users are able to perceive the products and brands of Headline-Search-Ads very well. In particular, the combination with Sponsored-Product-Ads and organic results can lead to a situation where an Amazon seller displays a total of three touchpoints on the first search result page. Increased awareness ultimately leads to more sales and better organic results.

Another advantage is the increased trustworthiness of the brand. Until recently, only major brands were able to claim Headline-Search-Ads. Now that smaller retailers also benefit from Headline-Search-Ads, they naturally profit from the positive affection and are accepted by buyers as professional and trustworthy.


The following instructions introduce the placement of Headline Search Ads via the Seller-Central. How you can switch Headline-Search-Ads via AMS is not shown here.


✔ Amazon trademark registration has been completed

✔ Only products belonging to the registered product brand can be advertised via Headline Search Ads.

✔ At least three similar products are required, which can be displayed in the HSA.

The Headline-Search-Ads can be found under the menu item Advertising → manage campaigns. In the upper part of the campaign manager you will find the selection options "Sponsored Products" and "Headline Search Ads".


The first step is to fill the list page with products. The list page is the page to which the Headline-Search-Ad links. If possible, we should try to put together a uniform product range. Only three products are shown in the display, but more than three products can be displayed on the list page.

Headline Search Ads Campaign

The second step is to create the ad. A Headline-Search-Ads consists of three products, a headline, the brand name and a main image. This means that Headline-Search-Ads can be created according to your own ideas, in contrast to sponsored product campaigns.

Please note that the display of the Ad changes depending on the terminal device. The Headline-Search-Sd on the desktop looks different from the mobile app or mobile web version. Since the majority of Amazon visitors search for products via mobile devices, the focus should undoubtedly be on their design.

In the third step, the desired keywords are specified for which the ad is to be played. As usual, you can choose between three types of match: "Exact", "Phrase" and "Broad". A great highlight of the Headline-Search-Ads is the reproduction of the relative search volume (low, medium, high search volume). This gives you direct feedback on the selected keywords.

As already known from sponsored product ads, Amazon also suggests relevant keywords for HSA, which can be booked into the campaign.

Once the keyword selection has been made, all that remains to be done is to provide information on the budget, campaign runtime and campaign name to complete the first ad.

And the first Headline-Search-Ads are already posted. Please note that it is checked by an Amazon employee before going live. If your ad has been checked and activated, you will receive an email notification. Activation usually takes 48 hours after submission of the advertisement.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to Headline-Search-Ads. If you have any questions, I'm happy to hear from you.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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