1400% Increase in sales since the start of the collaboration

Since the start of the collaboration with HOLZRICHTER Berlin in 2017, a small start-up has developed into a company with over 20 team members. 

Tobias has been contributing to the success of HOLZRICHTER Berlin since 2017 with foresight, professional expertise and the highest level of commitment. I particularly appreciate his hands-on mentality and excellent customer focus, which he has never neglected for himself as a sought-after marketer.

Alexander KorduanFounder & Managing Director - Holzrichter Berlin

eCommerce consulting and support on Amazon.de, Holzrichter.berlin, Facebook & Instagram

Holzrichter Berlin is part of the Korduan Leather Company GmbH. The product portfolio consists of leather bags such as travel bags, toiletry bags and laptop bags. In its production, Holzrichter Berlin focuses on high quality and craftsmanship, following the example of the classic leather products of the early 20th century. The leather used for the production of the bags is obtained from cattle, buffalo or goat hides in an elaborate vegetable tanning process.

Period of cooperation: Q2 2017 - Ongoing

Consulting and strategy

Holzrichter Berlin sells products ranging from premium travel bags to pencil cases on Amazon and is proving to be extremely successful. Where does this success come from? Over the course of our multi-year collaboration, we have carried out all performance marketing activities that have contributed to the growth of the brand and sales. This includes, for example, marketing on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This is because marketing on different media platforms has enabled us to attract new customer groups

Management of the seller account

In order to achieve sales or increase the current performance of a seller account, it must be managed professionally. Within the scope of our As part of our cooperation, we have taken over and optimized the Amazon.de seller account of HOLZRICHTER Berlin. Listings from HOLZRICHTER Berlin are characterized by high performance thanks to A+ content, optimized titles and images. Targeted advertising campaigns ensure that awareness and sales figures for HOLZRICHTER Berlin products are constantly increasing.

Amazon.de advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns on Amazon can take various forms: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display. Depending on the form of advertising, HOLZRICHTER Berlin products are displayed at different points in the buyer's journey, for example in product categories as sponsored products, and lead to higher sales.

Search engine optimization

Since Holzrichter Berlin also has its own online store, we also focused on search engine optimization in addition to Amazon optimization. Since then, traffic performance has improved significantly - we were able to generate top rankings for important product categories such as leather bags for men and wallets for women.

Facebook full-funnel concept

HOLZRICHTER Berlin needed a strategy for Facebook that would fit in with the brand's overall concept. The full-funnel concept developed enables HOLZRICHTER Berlin to not only run one-off advertising campaigns, but also to persuade leads who have had little contact with the brand to buy a product over a longer period of time.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is also part of HOLZRICHTER Berlin's marketing mix. By displaying Google Shopping ads, HOLZRICHTER Berlin products can also be found on Google.de.

Web monitoring

We have implemented data monitoring with Google Analytics to evaluate the website data. By using the Google Tag Manager and creating tracking measures for GTM-defined events, we can record important metrics for Holzrichter Berlin, such as conversion rates, and thus perform funnel analyses. This approach helps us to evaluate and optimize advertising campaigns and find suitable measures to improve performance.