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Great news for brand owners: Amazon has now released the coveted Premium A+ Content, which was previously only available to vendors at a high cost, free of charge for a longer promotional period for sellers who have a registered brand on Amazon. In this article, you can find out what the requirements are for using Premium A+ content, how it differs from Basic A+ content and why you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

What makes Premium A+ so special?

Premium A+ content is very rarely seen on Amazon and when it is, it is almost exclusively on the product detail pages of the best-known and most successful brands such as Apple or Samsung. The automatic linking of this content with the big brands, which is the result of the exclusivity to date, is what makes it so appealing. With an attractively designed premium A+ content, your brand and the associated products are automatically perceived as more professional than competitors who use basic A+ content or even no A+ content at all to present their products. Amazon claims that implementing Premium A+ content can increase sales by up to 20 %. These are just a few reasons why you shouldn't hesitate to try Premium A+ content for your brand.

A+ Premium Content

What are the requirements for using Premium A+ Content?

We have already mentioned the requirement that the seller must have a brand registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. There are a few more requirements, but they are easy to fulfill. Firstly, a brand story must have been published for the brand's ASINs. The Brand Story is also a type of A+ content that is available to brand owners under AdvertisingA+ content managerCreate content for A+ is available. The A+ content created here should focus on the brand and, for example, present the brand's history and various product categories. You can then link all of your brand's ASINs to the brand story. Once this has been approved and published, the hurdle on the way to premium A+ content has been cleared.

brand storyExample of a brand history of the HOLZRICHTER Berlin brand

The second requirement is that at least 15 A+ contents have been approved in the last 12 months. Anyone who has dealt with A+ content for their own products in the past will automatically fulfill this criterion. If not, this step can simply be taken later. The only requirement is that there are at least 15 ASINs in the product portfolio for which A+ content can be created. It is important that the projects pass the review, so you should adhere to the guidelines for A+ content.

If you meet all three criteria, i.e. you have a brand registered with Amazon, a published brand story and at least 15 approved A+ contents from the last 12 months, you will automatically be activated for the use of Premium A+ contents. Amazon always evaluates your qualification at the end of the month. If everything has worked, you should see a banner in the A+ content manager informing you of your qualification.

a+ premium content

The banner informs about the successful activation of the Premium A+ content

How long does the promotion last for sellers?

The only catch is that the promotion will probably be limited in time. Amazon writes that the Premium A+ content is now available to sellers for a "longer promotional period". However, the period is not specified in more detail. The good news: Once Premium A+ content has been created, it will remain free of charge even after the end of the promotional period. The only difference is that new Premium content can no longer be created free of charge. Amazon also emphasizes that there are no hidden costs after the end of the promotional period. If the promotion ends and the use of the content becomes subject to a charge again, you will be notified. All the more reason to try out the function as soon as possible and equip as many of your ASINs as possible with Premium A+ content before the end of the period. We as Amazon Agency have already started working hard to create Premium A+ content for our customers. If you would like to discuss this with us, please contact us.


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What is the difference between A+ Content and Premium A+ Content?

A+ content is already eye-catching compared to text-based product descriptions. Premium A+ content, however, has a significantly higher quality and more professional appearance, not least due to larger images, more modules and extended display options. The following table shows the differences at a glance:


A+ vs a+ premium content


Which modules are included in the Premium A+ Content?

Next, we would like to take a closer look at the different types of Premium A+ Content modules and their special features.

Video modules: A major advantage of Premium A+ is the ability to integrate videos. Three modules are available for this purpose: Full Premium Video, Video Image Carousel and Premium Video with Text.

a+ premium video

Example: Full premium video

Questions & Answers: With the Q&A module, frequently asked questions can be addressed and clearly answered. In this way, uncertainties are directly eliminated and the purchase decision is positively influenced, especially for products that require explanation. A maximum of five and a minimum of two questions can be answered here.

amazon a plus premium

Hotspots: Two image modules are available for creating hotspots. Hotspots offer the option of defining points on an image for which additional text information appears when clicked on. This module is ideal for highlighting special features of a product and explaining them in more detail.

hotspots a+ premium


Example: Product image with hotspots for more detailed explanations of the product

Carousels: The carousels can be used to click or scroll through several images. In addition to the video image carousel mentioned above, there are three other modules available: the premium navigation carousel, the premium system carousel and the simple image carousel. In addition to the images, individual texts can be added for each element of the carousel. Ideal, for example, for step-by-step instructions accompanied by images or the presentation of individual product features.

carousel a+ premium

Example: Premium navigation carousel with five elements to click/scroll through

Comparison tables: A comparison table with up to six products can also be created in Basic A+ content. However, Premium A+ Content includes four different types of comparison tables. These differ mainly in the way they are presented and are even more focused on comparing a main product with up to six other comparison products.

comparison table a+ premium

Example: Comparison table in a varied design

Image modules: In addition, there are some image modules that are not available in the Basic A+ content, including Premium double images with text or the Premium image with a resolution of up to 1464 x 600 px.

double image - a+ premium

Example: Premium double images with text.

Text modules: A text module with headline and main text is available in a similar way to Basic A+ Content. There is also a module for the clear presentation of technical data.

How can I use Premium A+ content?

Creating Premium A+ content works in exactly the same way as before with Basic content. Under Advertising -> A+ content manager -> Create content for A+ you now select Premium.

premium_createSelection of A+ Basic, Premium and Brand History content in the A+ Content Manager

The rest of the process is the same: you add the desired modules (up to 7) in any order and fill them with content. You then include the ASINs on whose product detail page the Premium A+ content should appear and submit the draft for review. As soon as your draft has been published, you will find it on the corresponding product detail pages below the Brand Story.

Conclusion on Premium A+

Compared to Basic A+ content, Premium A+ content offers significantly more potential to present products in the best possible light. In particular, modules such as the Premium video, images with hotspots, questions and answers and the varied options for comparison tables clearly stand out from the Basic version of the content. Premium A+ is rarely found on Amazon and is automatically associated with large, successful brands due to its exclusivity. For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to stand out from the competition with high-quality Premium A+ content.


Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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