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Amazon, as a product marketplace for buying and selling products, is known to most online retailers. Every online retailer should also be aware of its growing importance as a product search engine in 2018. In some studies and analyses, Amazon has already achieved a B2C eCommerce market share of over 50%. If you also take a closer look at the numbers of Prime customers and their likelihood to buy, every manufacturer and retailer should be aware that an Amazon First strategy is needed today in order to remain relevant in the future. Online sales to generate.

I have already summarized how online retailers can successfully place and promote their products on Amazon in a number of blog posts. For this reason, today I am presenting the so-called Amazon Marketing Services and how they can be used to achieve sustainable success. for sale on Amazon.

What is Amazon Marketing Services?

With Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon offers its advertisers the opportunity to use Performance marketing measures in the form of display ads to increase sales of the products to be advertised. Amazon Marketing Services is a comparatively new marketing channel that has only been available in Germany since mid-2015.

In total you will find Amazon Marketing Services three different ad formats that can be used:

  • Sponsored Product Campaigns
  • Headline Search Ads
  • Product Display Ads

What are the benefits of Amazon Marketing Services?

On the German Amazon marketplace are Pi mal Daumen 230 million products available. The number of available products continues to increase.

If we also note that the standard search results page on Amazon only shows 16 organic results we quickly come to the realization that there must be other ways to present our products. And this is exactly where Amazon Marketing Services can help. By using the various ad formats (Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads), new retailers can promote their products even without placements in the Top search result pages to the man.  

Who can use Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services are currently (February 2018) only available to Vendors and Vendor Express participants. Participants in the Seller Center do not yet have access to Amazon Marketing Services and will have to continue to use Sponsored Product campaigns and, in the case of successful Trademark application be satisfied with headline search ads.

1. Amazon Marketing Services: Sponsored Product Ads

Every Amazon seller with a professional Amazon seller account can use Sponsored Products Ads sustainably and profitably increase the number of sales.

The following requirements must be met for Sponsored Product Ads to be placed:

  • The product to be advertised must have the Buy Box have
  • The seller needs a professional seller account
  • Sponsored Product campaigns must be activated for the respective category
  • The maximum CPC must be high enough for the ads to generate impressions

How and where are Sponsored Product Ads displayed?

Sponsored product ads can be displayed either in the search results pages or on product detail pages for similar products. The ads are displayed on the basis of the nominated keywords. Sponsored product ads follow the same pattern of thought as Google AdWords campaignsexcept that the ad design is not included.

With Sponsored Product Ads A basic distinction is made between automatic and manual campaigns. In a manual campaign, the retailer decides for which keywords the paid ad should appear. This is not the case with automatic campaigns, as Amazon decides for which search terms the ad should appear. 

2 Amazon Marketing Services: Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads is another performance marketing CPC product that can be booked via Amazon Marketing Services. It is also the only advertising format that is not yet open to Amazon sellers.

The big difference to Amazon's other marketing products is that Product Display Ads are not displayed on the basis of keywords.  

Product display ads are displayed either on the basis of interest-based targeting or via product or category-specific targeting. The ads are displayed both on product detail pages and on the search results pages. The most prominent display of the ads is below the buy box and below the product attributes.

3. amazon marketing services: Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads are the third advertising format of Amazon Marketing Services. Headline Search Ads are not only available to Vendors and Vendor Express participants, but for some months now also to Seller Central participants with a registered brand.

Headline search ads only appear at the top of the search results pages, before the actual search results. Search results. The display of the ads is triggered by entering certain keywords, which must be defined when the campaign is created.

Requirements for the placement of headline search ads:

  • AMS participant or brand registration in Seller Central
  • Three similar products must be shown in the headline search ad

Conclusion Amazon Marketing Services:

By using the three different ad formats, retailers and manufacturers can not only generate sales in the short term, but also support organic placement in the search results by using the ad formats. I have written a guide for each of the three ad formats, which can help you with the placement of the campaign.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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