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For some time now, Amazon Business has also been offered as a marketplace for business customers in Germany. Entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes have the opportunity to register for the service free of charge and use the marketplace for commercial purchases. Amazon advertises a number of advantages when using the business model. But what exactly is Amazon Business and how does it differ from Amazon's B2C marketplace? What are the advantages of registering and what do you need to bear in mind when using it? This article will answer all open questions about Amazon's B2B model.

What is Amazon Business?

Until recently, the Amazon marketplace was more tailored to private customers and less geared towards orders from companies and businesses. Amazon Business is now set to close this gap and accommodate corporate buyers. For example, purchase on account with VAT shown and other aspects that are advantageous for commercial purchases are supported. The entire Amazon product range can be accessed as usual.

What advantages does Amazon Business offer?

Some commercial orders have certainly already been placed via the Amazon B2C marketplace in the past. For regular or larger orders, however, this is not ideal and B2B retailers are used. Amazon Business was introduced to make the Amazon marketplace more attractive for business customers. The differences and advantages compared to the Amazon marketplace for private customers are set out below.

  • Extended offers: In addition to the usual product range, other interesting offers for companies are available for business users
  • Purchase on account: The payment method "purchase on account" with a payment term of 30 days is available with a business account
  • Business invoice: The "Business invoice" filter can be used to compare net prices, create invoices with VAT shown and order numbers. You can also search directly for retailers who support business invoices
  • Purchasing systems: The business account can be integrated into existing purchasing systems
  • Reporting: Procurement analyses provide an overview of the items ordered and account activities
  • Multiple users: The business account can be used by several employees. Additional users can be added manually or, if there are a large number, via a corresponding template. Different rights can be assigned, allowing administrators to set restrictions and budgets for additional users. By creating groups, the account can even be used across departments
  • Free shipping: Business customers with a minimum order value of 29 euros receive free shipping
  • Business Prime: Business customers also have the opportunity to use the Prime service and benefit from free shipping and faster delivery times. The price depends on the number of account users
  • Business prices: Business customers can receive volume discounts and lower prices for some products

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course, the question arises as to whether there is a catch. However, there is no specific disadvantage to Amazon Business. Since registration is free, you basically have nothing to lose by trying.

Amazon Business for retailers

Amazon merchants can also register their seller account for Amazon Business and reach business customers in this way. Products can be listed and sold as usual. By activating the sales tax calculation service, sales tax information can be entered and the calculation service will generate sales tax invoices. In addition, net prices can be displayed to customers in this way and you will be listed as a retailer if a business customer uses the "Business invoice" filter. To increase the attractiveness for business customers, volume discounts and business prices can be added. To use Amazon Business, you also need to register as a retailer. Only those who have a Pro seller account can activate the use of Amazon Business free of charge.


As already mentioned, registration for Amazon Business is free of charge for business customers. First, a business e-mail address must be entered that is to be used for the account. Alternatively, an existing Amazon account can be converted into a business account. Then some information about the company is requested, such as the company name and the company address. A few personal details must then be entered. Once registration is complete, the account is activated, which can take up to three working days. If an order is to be placed using the "invoice" payment method, a credit check is also carried out.


The use of Amazon Business actually has a number of advantages for companies. Retailers now also have the opportunity to address both private individuals and business customers via a marketplace. Of course, every company must weigh up whether it is worth using the marketplace. Particularly in the case of existing purchasing relationships, a change often needs to be carefully considered. However, if business purchases are made via Amazon from time to time anyway, free registration for Amazon Business can basically only bring advantages for the company.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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