Digital marketing support for the Metal Kids brand

The idea for Metal Kids was born in 2006 by the young fathers Tobias and Michael. After that it took a few months until we finally had our first public appearance at a metal market at the MCM Festival in Bad Arolsen. Shortly before that, on 07.07.2007, the first webshop went online, so we were well prepared for the metal world out there!

Period of cooperation: Q2 2020 - ongoing

Management of the seller account

The management of an seller account is crucial for its performance. Through constant market analysis and optimization of variables such as prices, the performance of the product portfolio was significantly increased. In this way, we have also successfully expanded the Metal Kids product range.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the most popular and promising performance marketing channels for online retailers. Due to the growing importance of the Amazon marketplace in particular, it is becoming increasingly important to include other channels in order to avoid becoming a pawn in Amazon's game.

At Metal-Kids, Google Shopping campaigns play an important role in the marketing mix.

Brand Store

Amazon Brand Stores allow brands to present products in their own, individually designed store. Instead of an ordinary listing, the brand store makes the character of a brand much more visible, which ultimately increases customer loyalty to the brand and enables higher sales figures. Thanks to my experience with brand stores, we were able to successfully take over the creation of a brand store for Metal Kids. advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns on Amazon can take various forms: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display. Through these forms of advertising, Zaloop's products will appear at various points in the buyer's journey, for example in product categories as Sponsored Products, thus ensuring higher sales.

Web monitoring

We have implemented monitoring with Google Analytics to evaluate website data from Metal Kids. By using Google Tag Manager and creating tracking measures through events defined on GTM, we can now record important metrics such as conversion rates and perform funnel analyses for Metal Kids. This helps us to evaluate and optimize advertising campaigns and improve the store's performance with suitable measures.