eCommerce consulting and takeover of the Amazon seller account

DaMi Wohn- und Schlafsysteme has specialized in the manufacture and sale of mattresses, foams and high-quality furniture since 2006.

Our company is based in Enger. If you are in the area, you can visit our new showroom or collect your order from our warehouse. There are of course no shipping costs.

By consistently using the Internet as a sales channel, DaMi Wohn- und Schlafsysteme offers you high-quality mattresses and furniture at a first-class price/performance ratio.

Period of cooperation: Q4 2019 - Ongoing

Consulting and strategy

One of my most fundamental tasks as a consultant is to create an eCommerce and marketplace strategy tailored to the customer. In the case of DaMi Wohn- und Schlafsysteme, such a strategy was successfully developed, communicated and implemented.

Management of the seller account

The management of an seller account is crucial for its performance. As part of our collaboration, we have made numerous products from the Envira and boo! product ranges available on with optimized listings, boosted sales through advertising campaigns and implemented a cross-brand strategy operationally. advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns on Amazon can take various forms: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display. Through these forms of advertising, DaMi's products will appear at various points in the buyer's journey, for example in product categories as sponsored products, thus ensuring higher sales.

Brand Store

Amazon Brand Stores allow brands to present products in their own, individually designed store. Instead of an ordinary listing, the brand store makes the character of a brand much more visible, which ultimately increases customer loyalty to the brand and enables higher sales figures. Thanks to my experience with brand stores, we were able to successfully take over the creation of a brand store for DaMi.

A+ contents

For brands like Envira and boo!, A+ content on Amazon is necessary because they manufacture individual products whose uniqueness needs to be showcased in product listings. By creating A+ content, we were able to help Envira and boo! not only do justice to their brand story, but also highlight the key features of each individual product. All of this helps to ensure that the A+ content we create sells particularly well.