From €0 to 7-digit sales within 12 months

We have been supporting Manuka-Doctor in acquiring new customers since it entered the market. Our focus is on acquiring new customers via the German online store.

Tobias has helped us launch our dedicated German site and has helped us quickly develop a presence and build our sales. He has been incredibly helpful as we learn to understand this new market.

Ben PethulliseCommerce Manager - Manuka Doctor

Management of Amazon and Google Shopping accounts and management of advertising measures

Manuka Doctor sells New Zealand Manuka honey. The honey is produced by a family business in Auckland, New Zealand, whose history dates back to the early 20th century. Manuka honey is known for its exceptional healing properties for health complaints such as dry coughs and skin impurities. In addition to being sold via the company's own online store, the products are now also available on the German Amazon and Google Shopping marketplace. 

Period of cooperation: Q3 2020 - Ongoing

Consulting and strategy

As a New Zealand company, Manuka Doctor first had to find a suitable German marketplace. We started by offering the products via the in-house store, Amazon and Google Shopping - with Google Ads and Facebook Advertising. The strategy proved to be successful and Manuka Doctor was able to successfully establish itself on the German market.

Amazon Ads Management

Successful management of Amazon Ads helped Manuka Doctor reach more customers. We took over Manuka Doctor's advertising campaign optimization and helped the New Zealand-based company to achieve higher performance and successfully launch new products on the market. As a result, Manuka Doctor's products are among the top sellers in their sector.

Takeover of advertising campaigns throughout Germany

As part of our collaboration, we handle all advertising campaigns for Manuka Doctor in Germany. In particular, these campaigns also include Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns. All advertising campaigns follow the full-funnel principle, in which individual advertising measures contribute to addressing potential customers in all phases of the buyer's journey.

Google Shopping

To successfully establish Manuka Doctor outside of its own store and Amazon, Google Shopping Ads was the perfect solution. Paid ad campaigns with Google Shopping Ads allow products to be displayed in Google searches. In this way, Manuka Doctor reaches more German customers than ever before. Management, including the evaluation and optimization of these ads, is crucial.

Web monitoring

We have implemented data monitoring with Google Analytics to evaluate the website data. By using the Google Tag Manager and creating tracking measures for GTM-defined events, we can record important metrics for Holzrichter Berlin, such as conversion rates, and thus perform funnel analyses. This approach helps us to evaluate and optimize advertising campaigns and find suitable measures to improve performance.