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Amazon Freelancer

Need help selling on Amazon? Then I can certainly help you as an Amazon freelancer! In addition to startups, I also support medium-sized companies in selling on Amazon. In addition to assisting my customers in selling on Amazon, I also sell a number of gift items on the Amazon marketplace. This ensures that hypotheses are first tested with my own products and then transferred to my customers‘ products in case of success.



1. I analyze the sales and revenue potential of your products on Amazon. I also create an attack plan for the successful sale of your products. Need reviews? Then I will be happy to help you generate reviews on Amazon.

2. After I uploaded your products to Amazon, I campaigned for the increase in sales. Conversion-optimized texts and external traffic strategies must not be missing.

3. Amazon is primarily a product search engine. In order for your products to be sold, they must first be found. I optimize your Amazon listing and sponsored product campaigns for both organic and paid search.

4. With the SEO & PPC optimization I manage that you will generate sustainable profit. This is not a quick-win strategy, but rather a sustainable optimization which must be looked after in the long term.

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Amazon Workshops


1. Consulting

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You are still thinking about producing your own products and distributing them via Amazon? I can help you with this! From product selection and product research to a well-thought-out launch plan, I am at your side. Or are you looking for an intensive Amazon workshop for your team? No problem either. I regularly hold workshops for successful sales on Amazon (International and National). I also have wholesale and supplier relationships, which you can also access.

2. Account-Management

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Dein Unternehmen verkauft bereits auf Amazon, aber du bist auf der Suche nach einem Spezialisten, der das Account-Management für dein Unternehmen übernimmt? Ich betreue eine Handvoll an Amazon-Accounts. Somit übernehme ich die Verwaltung als auch das Hinzufügen neuer Produkte und die Gestaltung von Marketing-Kampagnen. Selbstverständlich darf das Monitoring von Verkäufen und Rankingveränderungen nicht fehlen.

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3. Amazon-Listing-Optimization & Keyword-Research

Do you want to optimize your Amazon listings? Let’s do it. With the right focus and listing optimization, it is possible to more than double your Amazon sales in just a few days. The optimization of an Amazon listing begins with the selection of the appropriate product category and ends with the design of an optimized product title.  Often underestimated, a professional optimization of Amazon listings offers a real and lasting opportunity to increase sales.

4. Amazon-EU-Expansion

Your company is already selling on Amazon, but you are looking for a specialist to manage your company’s account? I look after a handful of Amazon accounts. Thus I take over the administration as well as the addition of new products and the design of marketing campaigns. Of course, the monitoring of sales and ranking changes must not be missing.

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