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I am a Digital Marketing Consultant


I am a Digital Marketing Consultant. I am driven by growing my Clients Companies through different Online-Marketing-Channels like Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, SEO and Amazon Marketplace-Optimization. I have been advising and growing Business for over two years.

Currently, I am helping my Clients to generate Sales through Facebook Advertising and on the Amazon Marketplace.

Before life as a Digital Marketing Consultant, I built an Gift-Online-Shop with over 500 products, where I was responsible as a CEO of my own Company.

I am passionate about Digital Marketing & eCommerce and provide the Best-in-Class Digital Marketing Services for my Clients to help them to go from 0 to 100. Furthermore, I love traveling the World and working from different places.

From time to time I write Hands-on-Digital-Marketing-Guides to help None-Customers with SEO, SEA, Amazon and Facebook Advertising.

I write Hand-on-Digital-Marketing-Guides

Current Location: Düsseldorf

Learning by doing not talking

Best in Class Digital-Marketing-Services

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