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As an Amazon Vendor, you sell your goods directly to Amazon. Sellers, on the other hand, sell their products to end customers and therefore enter into a B2C relationship. 

Vendors can create virtual bundles on Amazon to combine several products. The virtual product bundles can improve the customer experience and help you generate more sales. 

But what characterizes a bundle, what requirements should vendors meet and what product packages are available? How does the Amazon agency Tobias Dziuba to success and how do you realize the pricing? 

What is a virtual bundle?

More profit thanks to virtual bundles: To increase your Increase sales opportunities and present your goods more profitably on Amazon, you usually use bundles. In this context, you determine which products your target group frequently buys in combination.

You then create a listing with an independent EAN, article number and separate stock keeping. The reason: Amazon's ordering algorithm works on Article level.

The realization of the undertaking costs you valuable resources. This is because implementation is not only time-consuming. It is also necessary to entrust different departments of your company with the task. 

You are therefore using employees for the time-consuming creation of the bundle. In this case, there is no capacity beyond the project to fulfill important tasks in day-to-day business.

At the same time, it is essential that internal experts are available who have experience. Not every company has the specialists. 

The virtual product packages, which are currently still available as real insider tip apply. The marketplace offers no information about virtual Amazon bundles in either the Resource Center or the Vendor Central help section. 

A virtual bundle consists of two to five products that can be sold at a discount. These are offered to the customer via a Excel sheet with your own Amazon standard identification number (ASIN) presented on Amazon. 

Amazon creates the ASIN for the respective bundle. The company also realizes the pick and pack. Your only task is to create the sheet. 

What requirements must vendors fulfill?

Anyone who sells products via Amazon as a vendor agrees to the Guidelines of the marketplace. A willful violation, such as the sale of prohibited products, results in the Group first sending a "warning for violations of the guidelines". If the vendor does not comply with this, Amazon withdraws the authorization to sell.

But what rules apply with regard to product bundling? Amazon allows the creation of virtual bundles as long as the retailer Specific requirements fulfilled. Find out below what the requirements are and how you can create practical, virtual Amazon Product Bundles.

These points must be taken into account when creating and using product bundles:

  • A bundle must consist of at least two different products exist. 
  • A bundle may a maximum of five different products included. 
  • A bundle may only be sold in a category be distributed. 
  • Every product must purchased individually can be used. 
  • The goods must belong to a brand that you have registered in advance with the Amazon Brand Registry have registered. 
  • The products in the bundle should harmonize thematically. 
  • One product represents the Main product represents. This is the most expensive product in the bundle. 
  • Digital content such as music, e-books and video games may not be part of a bundle. 
  • A bundle may not include used goods. 
  • If there are 10 products for sale, you may maximum 10 bundles with the product. The product with the smallest quantity serves as a reference point.
  • A bundle can not subsequently changed become. If the prices of your products change, the bundle prices will remain the same unless you delete the bundle. 
  • It is possible to delete a bundle. 

How does the creation of a virtual bundle at Amazon work?

To create your Amazon Virtual Product Bundle, use the marketplace's ready-made Excel sheet from Vendor Central (VC). The bundle consists of an ASIN for the main product. The bundle also includes one to four by-products. 

Multiboxes, where several ASINs are delivered in the bundle, cannot be created with the tool. To add an ASIN to your bundle, add it. 

Then click on the number next to the category "Quantity in bundle" is displayed. The quantity is 1. In this way you release a bundle ASIN from the FBA stock. 

You are responsible for deciding which product in the bundle serves as the main product. As a rule, vendors use the best-selling product. The main component inherits the Keywords to the bundle ASIN. 

The Keyword research is part of product title optimization and has a direct impact on Google rankings. This ensures that you include all important topics and take niche topics into account when creating the Amazon Virtual Product Bundle. At the same time, it is important to include relevant synonyms for the keywords.

You can check the search volume of individual keywords with free or paid tools. Amazon recommends using the Google Keyword Planner. However, you can also use comprehensive software such as the Keyword Explorer from Ahrefs.

A TipPay particular attention to the filter functions of the price comparisons. In this context, you can identify relevant keywords that can help you achieve a top ranking and increase the reach of your brand.

Search for bestsellers via the Amazon bestseller rank (BSR). Amazon determines this every 24 hours. This gives you access to the current sales figures in relation to other items. It is therefore a comparative value. 

Once you have completed the product bundle, you can no longer undo this. If you delete your bundle, you should allow at least 24 hours to pass before using the SKU again. 

Up to six bundles with the main product ASIN can be displayed to your customers via the browser. But be careful: The "Make it in a Bundle" widget is not responsive. This means that the Widget not via mobile devices how the smartphone is broadcast. 

Decide on one Product title (bundle title)a Main image and bullet points. Amazon either creates the latter on its own or you create your own image based on the templates as well as your own bullet points for each individual item in the bundle. 

A TipThe articles should be presented in an appealing way. For example, the size ratio and color scheme of the individual products should harmonize.

There is also the option of issuing a recommended retail price. As a rule, however, Amazon does not include this.

Would you like to check the success of your efforts? You can view your campaign data via the Performance dashboard from Amazon

Virtual product packages - increasing the visibility of products

Virtual Amazon product bundles with an independent SKU allow you to present several thematically relevant goods to prospective customers. You can choose from several Amazon bundle templateswhose designs differ. 

If your bundle contains two products, the image size is identical. If at least three items are included, the main product is displayed larger than the secondary products. 

You send the created bundle as a case to the Vendor Central. By bundling the products thematically, you increase your sales opportunities and enhance the customer experience. At the same time, the bundles can be used as part of your cross-selling measures. 

How we help you

As an established Amazon agency we support Amazon sellers and Amazon vendors who want to achieve a significant increase in sales through concrete measures to improve their sales performance. Since the company was founded in 2017, clients have achieved a total of Turnover of over 100 million euros on Amazon. 

One focus is on the professional creation of virtual Amazon bundles. Our in-house team consists of experienced experts and realizes the implementation within a short time. Lead times are not necessary.

Your advantage: We value long-term, effective cooperation and focus on our existing customers. New customers are taken on occasionally in order to ensure a constant High service quality to ensure that

The pricing 

To convert interested parties into customers, you often need an incentive. If you equip the bundle ASIN with a coupon, buyers benefit from a Price reduction. 

Alternatively, you can use Vendor Central. Under the heading "Marketing" tab, select "Promotions". Here you have the option to enter discounts for the bundle. 

But watch out: Discounts are only available for a limited time. If you sell your goods via a virtual bundle on a long-term basis, you should check them regularly and grant new discounts if necessary. 

The seller's authorization

Are you planning to use virtual product bundles? The prerequisite for product bundling: You have a registered brand and act as a Salesperson responsible for the brand (brand owner) on Amazon. 

The reason: the brand owners hand over the products to Amazon. The Group then handles sales, shipping and customer support.

In order to act as a vendor and provide your customers with bundles, you must be authorized to make brand-relevant decisions on your own responsibility and, for example, to design an Amazon virtual product.

The advertising rates

Successful bundles include discounted products. Alternatively, it is possible to set the price (bundle price) according to the total sum of the products included. 

If the bundle price exceeds the total price of the sum of the individual components, Amazon will withdraw your bundle authorization. The product bundle prices should therefore be Neither too low nor too high fail. 

The highlight: The marketplace also benefits from low-priced items thanks to the product packages. This increases your chances of selling higher numbers of products.

As inexpensive products cost less than 5 euros each to store and ship, the bundles are a Win-win situation for vendors and Amazon represent. 

The API integration/feeds

The bad news first: API/feed integration is not possible. You can only create your virtual bundles using the Bundle tools in Amazon Seller Central. Otherwise there is a risk that the bundle cannot be accessed. 

Before you send the product package, remove the ASIN from the API integration. Do the same if you have used an external tool to create the package. 

Offers, vouchers, A + content and advertising

You can combine the bundles with vouchers and A+ content if required. A + contents are Design elements of your detail page on Amazon. 

The A + content includes unique content, high-quality images, tables, unique selling propositions (USPs) and branded content in one digital shop window and makes the purchase decision easier. This is because your customers get an insight into your brand history as well as detailed information about their favorite products. 

In addition to increasing your sales figures, you can also achieve a Reduction of the returns rate to obtain. This in turn can have a direct impact on your customer reviews on Amazon. 

The A+ content is also indexed on Google. This gives you the chance to generate additional traffic and increase your brand awareness. It is crucial that you use relevant keywords and rework existing content. 

The advantages of an Amazon bundle

First and foremost, Amazon virtual bundles serve to increase your brand awareness. There are also numerous other benefits associated with the use of virtual bundles. 

These bundle benefits exist: 

  • The Customer satisfactionPresent the right products to prospective customers and make their purchase easier. 
  • The Return rateBundles contain relevant items. This way you can reduce the number of returns. 
  • The reviews on AmazonIf the customer is satisfied with the product, the chance of a positive review increases. 
  • The brand world: Bundles give interested parties an insight into the brand history and the product range. 
  • The increase in salesDiscounted products can lead to prospective customers spending higher sums. This goes hand in hand with an increase in profitability. 
  • The low internal costsThe bundles can be created with little effort. This increases your turnover while saving valuable resources such as time and employees. 
  • Market researchUse the bundle sales reports to optimize your sales processes. 

The bottom line - selling products successfully on Amazon 

Increasing sales through bundle sales: The virtual Amazon bundles are still considered an insider tip and are not yet known to many Amazon vendors. 

An Amazon bundle is a virtual product package that is based on an ASIN and puts the main product in the spotlight. You also present relevant secondary products that your customers may also like. 

You can create them internally or commission a professional Amazon agency to have the bundles created by experienced in-house experts. With the help of virtual bundles, you can increase your sales, boost brand awareness and generate numerous new customers. 

As a result, you will increase your competitiveness and outperform your competitors in the long term.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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