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If you would like to sell on Amazon and already have a Seller Central Account has created, the next step should be to set up the first products. There are two possible scenarios here: Either the product is already from other dealers sold and is therefore already listed on Amazon or it is must be newly created as you are the first retailer to be able to sell on Amazon would like to.

In the first case, the Product detail page already exists and all you have to do is enter your personal offer for this item. In the second case both the offer and the product detail page must be created. This article shows you with the help of a Sstep-by-step instructionshow both variants work and what you should pay attention to when adding your offer or product in order to sell your products successfully on Amazon.

Uploading products to Amazon - Before creation

What information is important?

The posting of offers requires a certain preparationespecially when the products are newly created. On the one hand, you will need a unique Identification numberlike UPC or EAN. This is the number that can be found under the barcode on items. If you are selling a product from another manufacturer, this product already has a Identification numberthat you need to find out before setting the item. If you are the manufacturer of the products, you must first request such a number if you have not already done so. On the other hand, it is important to already have at least one informative, high-resolution image of the item at hand. Even better, of course, are several images; Amazon recommends at least three. You can find more detailed information on the requirements in the "Images" section.

These were basically the two aspects where prior preparation is essential. However, to save yourself stress when creating the offers, you should also think about aspects such as bullet points, product description and pricing beforehand.

Where can I get an EAN number?

If you click through various online forums, you will come across some problems with the procurement of the Identification numbers. Especially the search for existing EAN codes can be difficult. In the best case, the product has a barcode under which the number can be found. For products whose EAN cannot be found on the item itself for some reason, it must be located. On the one hand, there are search engines that list numerous products and their EAN numbers, but given the number of different products on the market, the probability that the product you are looking for is among them is very low. The simplest option is to use this Case is to request the code directly from the manufacturer.

An EAN must first be acquired for a new, proprietary product. The contact point for the allocation of EAN numbers is the GS1. There are many other providers who make the corresponding codes available at a lower price, but caution is advised because only the GS1 may officially issue EAN numbers assigned. Amazon itself writes on the help pages that the EAN numbers with the GS1 database synchronized and products labeled with EAN numbers from third-party providers can be declared invalid. If you want to be on the safe side, you should therefore purchase your EAN codes directly from GS1. When purchasing EAN numbers, it should be borne in mind that variants of a product (e.g. different colors and sizes) each require their own EAN.

Trademark owner can register with the Amazon-Brand-Registery and receive GCIDs (Global Catalog IDs) instead of EANs. For products for which there is no valid EAN code, you can also apply to Amazon for exemption from the EAN requirement.

Create offer for existing product

When you create a product, you must first check whether it is already being sold by other sellers on the Amazon marketplace. If this is the case, you do not need to create a new product detail page, but simply your offer be added.

To do this, log in to the Seller Central and select under "Stock" "Add product" button. In the search field that appears, you can now search for the product name or an identification number, such as the EAN or ASINsearch. The corresponding product is then selected and the information can be inserted. As the information on the item already exists, only the offer needs to be created. This includes the specification of the Processing timerequired until the item can be shipped, the date on which the sale is to begin, the quantity available, the shipping method (own shipping or shipping by Amazon (FBA)), the condition of the item as well as the price and, if applicable, the offer price. After saving the changes, your offer will be displayed from the sales start date you entered.


Get started on Amazon now

Add new product

After you have logged in to Seller Central and selected "Stock", "Add product" to check whether the product is already offered on the Amazon marketplace, you can click on "Create your own product" and create a new product detail page for the item. First you have to enter the Category or specify the path where the product should be found later.


Upload product to Amazon


Once you have selected the category, you will be taken to the Editing mask.

Important information when creating products on Amazon

First of all, under "Important information", the main features of the item are specified. These include aspects such as the title of the product, brand, manufacturer, color, the exact search path to the product and the EAN or UPC.

Upload products to amazon

Create Amazon product variants

If available, under "Variants" different versions of the product can be created. Examples of this are different colors, Sizes or a Combination from both. First, the theme ID must be selected, i.e. the type(s) of variant(s) (e.g. color). It is important to note that if variants are planned but not yet available, they should still be created, as they cannot be added later.

For example, if you sell a T-shirt in the color blue and size L and think that you will also offer it in other colors and sizes in the future, first select the Theme ID Color and size and create the blue variant and the L variant. This way, you can add more colors and sizes to the variants later without having to delete and recreate the product. In the worst case scenario, you could lose valuable Product reviews and the visibility your product has gained are lost and you have to start all over again.

Once you have selected the variants, click on "Add variants". You will now see a table with all variants and, if applicable Variant combinations. In this case, some information about your offer will already be requested there. So you have to enter the SKU (a unique name for each product), the EAN or UPC, the condition, any comments on the condition, the price and, if applicable, the offer price and the quantity available for all variants.

Get started on Amazon now


If variants have been created, some Offer informationn have already been entered, otherwise they will be requested under "Offer" at the latest. The information includes the SKU (the unique designation of the product), the condition, the price and, if applicable, the offer price, the required Processing timethe date of the start of sales and the selection of whether to be shipped by yourself or by Amazon (FBA) is used.

Offer price

Amazon offers the possibility to purchase actual selling price a time-limited Offer price and his Validity period to enter. Potential customers are then shown both prices and information on how much money they will save with the offer. Many sellers use this "trick" to generate more sales. However, if you decide to set an offer price, you should note that the commission to Amazon is calculated according to the selling price, not the Offer price. Therefore, do not use too High difference between the selling price and the offer price or the selling price is set unreasonably high.

Set offer prose at amazon

Create product images on Amazon

The next step should be at least one picture on which the product is easily recognizable. Amazon provides under the tab "Pictures" has some requirements for the main image. For example, it may only show the product, no additional text or an image of the product in action. However, corresponding images can be added. The product should also 85% of the image section and must be positioned on the longest side at least 1000 pixels so that the zoom function is available. The preferred Image file format is JPEG.


Upload images to amazon

Create Amazon product description

Under "Description" you should give your Product meaningful bullet points and add a detailed and informative product description. The product description in particular is often kept very short or omitted altogether. If you want to follow the style guide, the bullet points should briefly summarize the most important aspects, while the product description can take up to 2000 bytes. You can find out what you should pay attention to when optimizing in this post read more.

Amazon search terms

In this area, you have the option of selecting "general keywords" yours Backend keywords to insert. These are the keywords you can use on the Product detail page perhaps (thematically) did not fit in or that you do not want to have visible there. However, if you still feel that your product is relevant for these search terms, you can insert them here. You can simply add the individual keywords without Separator one after the other, but make sure that you do not exceed a total length of 250 bytes.


Finally, you can add certain details to your product, such as the Product dimensionsthe package dimensions or battery information. Not everything listed there will be relevant for your product.

Working with stock file template

Manual entry is well suited for a Manageable quantity of products and works faster and more efficiently with a little practice. However, if you want to offer a very large product range, you will have a lot of work with manual entry. In such cases, working with a Stock file template offer. Another advantage is that the file can be prepared offline. However, such files are reserved for professional seller accounts. The file template is available in the CSV format and can be stored with a Spreadsheet programsuch as Microsoft Excel. With the help of such a stock file template, it is not necessary to enter each item individually, as it allows several products in a category to be processed.

To use a stock file template, go to Seller Central and select "Stock" "Upload multiple items" and "Download stock file".

amazon stock file

A list of category-specific file templates appears. These can now be downloaded and edited. The first worksheet provides more detailed information on the correct use of the template, while the second provides an example. The "Template" is the actual file for editing.

Hints and tips for creating products on Amazon

Finally, here are a few General information and tips on the subject of products upload to Amazon.

  • Observe style guides: If you want to make sure that you are doing everything right, you can take a look at the category-specific style guides. Aspects such as the permitted length of the title often differ depending on the category. However, the style guides also provide assistance in optimizing content
  • Bytes vs. characters: For length-limited texts, make sure to count the bytes and not the characters. For example, a ß is one character, but counts as two bytes
  • Fill optional fields: If the success of your products is important to you, you should fill in as many fields as possible when creating them, including the optional ones. Especially if there are many competing products on the marketplace, this can give you a decisive advantage. The more customers know about your product, the more confident they will be in their purchase decision. At the same time, this prevents surprises when unpacking, resulting in fewer returns and bad reviews
  • Create variants: As already mentioned, variants should be created in advance if they are planned for the future. For example, if a product is currently only available in one color, but more are planned for the future, one color should already be created as a variant so that additional colors can be added later
  • Appealing content: The product image and title are the first things that catch the eye of potential customers, so they should be appealing. If you simply list relevant keywords one after the other in the title, you will probably be ranked for some search queries, but will not be rated as trustworthy or appealing by customers
  • Amazon SEO: To ensure the success of your own products, it is worthwhile dealing with the topic of Amazon SEO to deal with. If you know how to identify relevant keywords and place them optimally in the title, bullet points and product description, you already have a big advantage over your competitors. You can find help on this here, among other things

Uploading products to Amazon - Conclusion

This article has shown that the Upload offers and products on Amazon is not difficult. Amazon guides sellers through the process relatively clearly and the sale can be started with just the most necessary information. However, it should also be clear that it is worth investing a little more time to provide customers with all the relevant information they need to make a purchase decision. Only in this way can the product stand out from the competition. This applies to both content and ranking. Whoever Amazon SEO and adhere to the appropriate Style guides can achieve a significantly better ranking on the search results pages.

How can I sell on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can be done either via Vendor Central or Seller Central. Most people choose to sell via Amazon Seller Central, as the prices and shipping can be managed independently by the seller.

Is it worth selling on Amazon?

Amazon is by far the largest online marketplace in Germany and throughout Europe. 46% of households in Germany have an Amazon Prime membership and Amazon's share of the German eCommerce market is more than 50%. For this reason, every brand and every serious seller needs to be represented on Amazon.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and describes the shipping method in which Amazon takes care of storage, shipping and returns. As an alternative to FBA, sellers can use the fulfillment method FBM = Fulfillment by Merchant.

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