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The Amazon marketplace is huge. Staying one step ahead of the competition is not always easy. This is where Teikametrics comes into play. By automating certain actions in the campaign management process, Teikametrics gives sellers the ability to focus on other areas of their business and run Amazon advertising on autopilot.

In this test report, I will discuss what the Amazon PPC Tool Teikametrics has to offer in terms of automation, growth, support, analytics and price point. Is Teikametrics a good Amazon tool for you?

What is Teikametrics?

Amazon PPC campaigns can be extremely profitable if you know what you are doing. However, sellers often make mistakes that could easily have been avoided. Teikametrics helps sellers to automate their advertising so that they can get the most out of advertising on Amazon.

Teikametrics experienceThe Teikametrics Flywheel is an AI-supported e-commerce platform. This platform allows sellers to automate bids for as many products as they want to advertise. Less manual intervention gives users the freedom to take care of more pressing matters in their business. Of course, this doesn't mean that software can completely take over your ads, but it optimizes them for better performance.

Teikametrics offers customers extensive onboarding and ensures that the user quickly masters the ins and outs of the tool. Not only do salespeople get access to a machine that does what it is told, but they also receive professional advice from experts.

Advantages and disadvantages of Teikametrics

Pro Con
Automated bid adjustment Managed services only from 1,500 USD/month
Updates for bids at short intervals (hourly) 3% Commission for advertising costs
Amazon experts can take over campaigns completely
Affordable from 59 USD/month  
Free trial  
Used by well-known brands such as Dickies and Clarks  

Product features

Teikametrics does not disappoint when it comes to the product's available features. The flywheel is perhaps the main attraction of the product, as I assume most Amazon sellers are primarily interested in automating their bids. These automatic bid adjustments are a breeze thanks to the intuitive UX. The Flywheel is also functionally convincing, because with hourly updates you can be pretty sure that your bids are always optimized.

Teikametrics also tracks your keywords to see which are performing well and which are performing poorly. The tool then modifies the ads to get the most out of promising keywords. The tool also suggests keywords based on the parameters defined by the user. Teikametrics creates customized campaigns to meet the goals of its users.

The Teikametrics team is available for regular meetings. They help formulate, modify and optimize promotional campaigns for your products and brands. The tool combines human-level expertise with cutting-edge machine learning technology to give sellers a better chance of increasing the performance of your products. As a seller, you can optimize your budgets and focus on expanding your product range.

The analytics dashboard is pretty intuitive. Sellers can also tinker with custom metrics to examine the growth of individual products as well as the brand as a whole. This way, you get customized reports on the state of your products on Amazon.

Teikametrics can be used to segment buyers into different categories so sellers can understand how to better target them. Sellers can acquire customers at the best price and don't have to worry about spending too much capital on advertising.


Teikametrics offers its services via the Flywheel subscription and combines it with a variety of managed services. Sellers can use this technology via three different subscription models.

Flywheel Self-Service: This subscription starts at 59 $ for the use of the Flywheel platform. In addition, the customer receives Flywheel support via email and chat. AI services such as algorithmic bidding, automated keyword actions, performance analytics dashboard and goal-based campaign optimization are free until you reach 5000 $ in ad spend. This plan is perfectly adequate for small to medium sized businesses.

Flywheel+Pro Services: This model includes all features available on the Flywheel platform for 59 $. Pro Managed Services for Amazon costs 1500 $. In addition, sellers are assigned a dedicated account manager. You get support for sponsored ads, brand and display ads, training for the Flywheel platform and weekly budget adjustments, among others. AI for ad optimization is free for the first 5000 $ of monthly ad spend. Teikametrics charges 3% once you exceed 5,000.

Flywheel+Premium Services: This subscription includes all the services of the Pro plan. In addition to the above features, Premium Service members receive integrated ad strategy development, proactive campaign planning, negative keyword library management and keyword research. The price for Premium Managed Services is 5000 $. Premium users receive both an account manager and a strategist.

My experience with Teikametrics

In my opinion, Teikametrics is one of the best tools for Amazon ad automation in terms of value for money. The Flywheel is a competitive technology that adjusts offers intelligently and reliably. However, for sellers in European markets, especially in Germany, I think their Pro and Premium services are less useful.

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Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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