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Set up AdWords conversion tracking

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Setting up Google AdWords conversion tracking

The AdWords Conversion Tracking is an important component of website analytics that measures the effectiveness of your ad or your AdWords account. The free tool gives you a precise overview of the causes of successful or less successful ads and thus enables you to react quickly and make targeted adjustments. Optimization capability of your account.

The following article explains the step-by-step process of setting up the Google AdWords Conversion TrackingHowever, you must bear in mind that this can vary depending on the type of conversion and your own goals.

Step by step to success - the process of setting up your Google AdWords conversion

To start, click on the "Tools" and on "Conversions", which will take you to the conversions setup page, giving you an overview of past trackings and their reports, as well as allowing you to create a new tracking via the "+Conversions" tab.

Conversion setup

Specify source. First you designate the Source of your conversion. There are various options here: The first option is website tracking, which is certainly the most commonly used tool and is very useful for monitoring or recording purchases or newsletters. Other options include tracking the App actions or the Phone calls or importing. The latter captures ad clicks that lead to an offline conversion, for example through a purchase in your store or by phone.

AdWords Conversion Setup

Set basic settings. After selecting the respective conversion source, you must provide basic information about the conversion action, including the Namethe Value of a conversionwhich Payment method, the Attribution and the Category the conversion. You should definitely opt for a unique name, such as "Purchases", as this will help you to keep track of the various trackings afterwards. The value usually represents a monetary value and can be fixed or variable.

The so-called Counting method can differ depending on the intended use. For example, I would recommend selecting "all conversions" for sales, whereas the "individual conversions" tool is certainly more useful for contact forms.

In the fourth step, you must choose a Conversion tracking period However, this depends very much on the product in question. I generally recommend a period of around 30 days. Then select the category that indicates the type of conversion and the Markup languagewhich is usually HTML. It should be added that you can choose for yourself whether there is a notice for visitors to your website that they are being tracked by Google. However, you must specify this on the "Data protection page" at the latest. Now you just need to check whether you have ticked the "Optimization" box, which you can find under the "Advanced options" tab.

Set up conversion tracking

Almost there - embed conversion code. Now you just need to integrate the conversion code (or have it integrated) and you're all set. You have two different options here: On the one hand, you can send the code with the respective instructions to your programmer or you can insert the code yourself by calling up the desired page in the FTP, editing it and inserting the code between the <body></body> embed.

Set up Google Conversion

The evaluation. So, that's the complicated part out of the way and now you can view your (longed-for) conversion data. To do this, click on one of the tabs "Campaign, ad group, ad or keyword level" in your account and then select "Columns > Customize columns" and "Conversions". You will then receive an overview of all relevant measurement values, whereby I would recommend that you focus in particular on the measurement results "Clicks with conversion", "Costs / clicks with conversion", "Click conversion rate" and "View-through conversions".

I hope this article has given you a good insight into the Set-up process of Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, so that you can now use the Effectiveness of your conversions and thus optimize them.                                                                                                            

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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