Keyword optimization of Durex products for & online pharmacies

Durex is a British brand that now belongs to the FMCG group Reckitt Benckiser. In cooperation with Reckitt Benckiser, we optimized the product listings on and the well-known online pharmacies.

Type of collaboration: Project (period Q2 & Q3 2021)

Amazon keyword research

In order for products to achieve a top position in the organic rankings on Amazon, the first step is extensive research into relevant search terms.

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Consulting & Listing Optimization

However, researching relevant search terms is only the first step in a detailed optimization strategy. In the second step, the search terms must be assessed according to relevance and search volume. Once this has been done, the optimization of the product listings can be tackled.

After extensive keyword research, Durex was advised on how to optimize the product listings.