Development of the online presence of DALI GmbH on

The company DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) is one of the leading manufacturers of loudspeakers and headphones. As a Danish company, DALI has been offering technically sophisticated products since 1983, which are particularly popular with lovers of hi-fi products. Today, the company operates almost worldwide, with Germany being one of the largest sales markets alongside Scandinavia and Asia. All loudspeakers are developed and mainly produced in Denmark.

Product Listings

In order to make the DALI range accessible on Amazon, we developed a concept for the creation of uniform & optimized product listings for the entire DALI range and put it into practice. Today, DALI is one of the most popular brands for speakers, subwoofers, headphones etc. on Amazon.

Amazon Brandregistery


By registering its brand on Amazon, DALI GmbH is now able to sell its products as the proven owner of the DALI brand. This allows the company to access powerful tools to protect and market its brand.

A+ contents

For brands like DALI, A+ content on Amazon is necessary because they manufacture individual products whose uniqueness needs to be showcased in product listings. By creating A+ content, we were able to help DALI not only do justice to their brand story, but also highlight the key features of each individual product. All of this helps to ensure that the A+ content we create sells particularly well.

Brand Store

Amazon Brand Stores allow brands to present products in their own, individually designed store. Instead of an ordinary listing, the brand store makes the character of a brand much more visible, which ultimately increases customer loyalty to the brand and enables higher sales figures. Thanks to my experience with brand stores, we were able to successfully create a brand store for DALI.