Sales and advertising on Amazon, Facebook and Instagram

Broken Head is a brand of Girlunder which ski and motorcycle helmets are sold. The company's own product lines include BeProud and Endurohelm. In addition to helmets, products such as gloves, motorcycle goggles and hooded jackets are now also sold under the Broken Head brand.

Period of cooperation: January 2019 - Ongoing

Product Listings

The popular Broken Head helmets are now available on Amazon with optimized product descriptions including A+ content and competitive prices. Most of the Broken Head brand products have been rated 4.5/5 stars or higher, putting them on the winner's podium in buyers' favor.

Advice and support

Selling on Amazon is not easy for new sellers. We have therefore brought our expertise, experience and advanced sales strategies to our collaboration with Mädl. The result is a smooth transition to the marketplace and the supporting advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising campaigns on

Advertising campaigns on Amazon can take various forms: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display. These forms of advertising allow Broken Head products to appear at various points in the buyer's journey, for example in product categories as sponsored products, thus ensuring higher sales.

Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Advertising opportunities on Facebook and Instagram are diverse and sophisticated these days. As a lifestyle brand, Broken Head fits very well into the advertising formats offered by the two most important social media platforms in Germany. Broken Head is one of the hottest brands for motorcycle helmets and accessories on Facebook with over 6000 likes and followers.