Optimization of the advertising campaigns of a client in the category "Food supplements for animals"


Cooperation period: Q3 2022 - ongoing

Results after 60 days: Increase in total sales by over 10% and increase in advertising efficiency by 63%.

Initial situation before the collaboration

As an Amazon PPC agency, we have been supporting a client in the nutritional supplements for cats and dogs category since October 2022. Our goal was to optimize the client's advertising campaigns on the Amazon Marketplace.

Before we started the optimization, several other Amazon agencies had already tried to improve the client's advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, the turnover from the advertising campaigns was €72,000 and the ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) was 4.59. The expenses for the advertising campaigns amounted to €15,700 per month.

Results after just 60 days

After just two months of working together, we were able to significantly improve the results of the advertising campaigns. Sales increased to €65,000 and ROAS improved to 7.5. At the same time, total sales (advertising sales and organic sales) increased by 10% and the marketing ratio fell from over 10% to just 6.2%.

These improvements were achieved despite a decline in advertising sales. We have therefore managed to increase overall sales while reducing advertising costs. This shows that our optimization of the advertising campaigns was successful and led to positive results. The collaboration with us has therefore paid off for the client in the food supplement category for cats and dogs.