Optimization of the advertising campaigns of a customer from the "DIY store" category


Period of cooperation: Q3 2021 - ongoing

Results after 90 days: Increase in advertising sales by over 104% and increase in advertising efficiency by 7.1%.

Initial situation before the collaboration

As an Amazon PPC agency, we have been supporting a client from the DIY category since August 2021. Our goal was to optimize the client's advertising campaigns on the Amazon Marketplace. 

The client offers a particularly large number of products, a total of 3,200. Spending on the advertising campaigns before the collaboration was €6,500 per month. The advertising turnover amounted to €45,000 and the ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) was €7. 

*Results of the month December 2022

Results after just 90 days

After just three months of working together, we were able to significantly improve the results of the advertising campaigns.

Revenue increased to €92,200 and ROAS improved to 7.5. The most successful month to date was March 2022, in which we had advertising expenditure of €13,600, generated advertising revenue of €123,000 and achieved an ROAS of 9. 

We not only advertised successful existing products, but also supported the launch of new products with the help of Amazon Advertising. By optimizing the advertising campaigns, we were able to significantly increase the client's sales and also successfully launch new products. The collaboration with us has therefore paid off for the customer from the DIY store category.