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The Amazon PPC agency that increases profits & not just sales

As Amazon PPC Agency unterstützen wir Online-Pure-Player, FMCG-Brands und etablierte Marken aus dem stationären Einzelhandel bei der Erreichung neuer Kundengruppen mittels Amazon Ads. Die Werbebudgets liegen dabei zwischen 3.000–150.000 € pro Monat.

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Have you already burned your fingers with another Amazon PPC agency?

Das hören wir leider sehr häufig in Erstgesprächen. Wir versprechen dir nicht das Blaue vom Himmel, sondern dass wir deine Amazon Ads so optimieren, als wären es unsere eigenen. Kein Trial & Error. Kein Bullshit-Bingo.


Amazon Ads-Experten

+ 100

optimierte Amazon Ads Accounts

> 70 Millionen €

betreuter eCommerce Umsatz in 2022

> 4 Millionen €

Werbeausgaben in 2022

Are you wondering how we can support your company as an Amazon PPC agency?


Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored-Kampagnen sind das Brot & Butter-Geschäft für uns als Amazon PPC-Agentur. Ein optimaler Mix von Sponsored-Product, Sponsored-Brand, Sponsored-Brand-Videos und Sponsored-Display-Ads ermöglicht langfristigen Erfolg beim Verkauf auf Amazon.

AdsMasters software

With our in-house developed reporting software, we provide our customers and ourselves with a precise picture of the current campaign performance.

Workshops & trainings

In-house Amazon Ads workshops

In our Amazon Advertising workshops, we provide our customers with the necessary knowledge about selling on Amazon and, as a sparring partner, we also answer all their questions about advertising campaigns.


Amazon PPC Internationalization

Are you currently only active in Germany? We also help our customers to sell on Amazon FR, ES, IT, UK, SE, PL & NL.

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO ❤️ Amazon PPC

Optimized listings no longer guarantee organic rankings. That's why we implement customized campaign structures to achieve top rankings.

Sponsored Ads

Conversion rate & shopping cart optimization

Amazon Ads are no longer enough to achieve the desired ACoS or ROAS values, which is why we also rely on conversion rate optimization.

Are you still unsure whether we as an Amazon Ads agency can boost your Amazon business?

We recommend working with us as an Amazon Ads agency if you:

are looking for a reliable and long-term partner to manage your Amazon account

are prepared to hear unpopular truths in order to become more successful in the long term

wishes a personal and regular exchange

have the ambition to become one of the top 3 brands in your category on Amazon

have unique products that have a clear differentiating feature (no Alibaba private label)

are looking for a specialized and focused Amazon PPC agency that only works on Amazon all day long

We do not recommend working with us as an Amazon Ads agency if you:

have an undifferentiated product range that is already available countless times on Amazon

only want to build a small cash flow business and don't really want to use Amazon

sell third-party branded articles without owning the trademark rights

actually already know everything and just want to have your opinion confirmed

have no ambitions to dominate your category on Amazon

are looking for a full-service advertising agency that can do a little bit of everything, but nothing too 100%

Are you still unsure whether we as an Amazon Ads agency can boost your Amazon business?

Keyword research

Bid optimization

Campaign structure

Conversion optimization

Negative keywords

Budget optimization

ACoS & ROAS optimization

Bidding strategies

Conversion optimization

New advertising opportunities

Seasonal optimization


Amazon PPC agency from Düsseldorf

We are based in beautiful Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Here we work on optimizing our clients' Amazon PPC campaigns on a daily basis. Would you like to get to know us personally? Of course, we are also happy to invite our customers to our offices at Arnulfstraße 33 for personal meetings.

Amazon Agency

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What do we offer our clients as an Amazon PPC agency?

Amazon SEO

Advertising audit

Is your company already advertising on Amazon? But you're currently not sure whether you're on the right track? Then we recommend carrying out an advertising audit to determine the current status of your advertising account and identify opportunities for growth.

Monthly advertising support

Eine unserer Hauptaufgaben als Amazon PPC Agentur ist die monatliche Betreuung der Advertising-Accounts unserer Kunden. Hierbei führen wir regelmäßige Optimierungen durch (negative Keywords, Aufbau neuer Kampagnen) und etablieren auch neue Advertising Möglichkeiten, die uns Amazon als Werbetreibende zuspricht.

Sponsored Ads

Amazon PPC

An optimized product listing is no longer enough to be displayed on the first page of Amazon. Without the support of Amazon PPC campaigns, it is not possible to achieve a top ranking in the organic search results in the long term. That is why we as Amazon Agency not only about SEObut also to PPC advertising.

Our success stories as an Amazon PPC agency

Steigerung des Umsatzes um 55,7% & des Gewinns um 77,3%
Die Zusammenarbeit mit Oli Natura begann im Juli 2023, bereits in den ersten 9 Monaten, konnten wir den Umsatz über Amazon um 55,7% & den Gewinn sogar um 76% zum Vorjahr steigern.
Florian Fischer
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Umsatzsteigerung von 76% im ersten Jahr der Zusammenarbeit
The collaboration with Frank Juice began in January 2023, and in the first 10 months we were able to increase sales via Amazon by 76% compared to the previous year. At the same time, TACoS was reduced by 22.5%.
Daniel Andreoli
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57% Umsatzsteigerung & 155% Gewinnsteigerung in den ersten 9 Monaten
Die Zusammenarbeit mit der RheinNatur Food GmbH begann im August 2023, bereits in den ersten 9 Monaten, konnten wir den Umsatz über Amazon um 57% & den Gewinn sogar um 155% steigern.
Ingo Meierhans
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TACoS um 56% & ACoS um 49% reduziert in den ersten 18 Monaten
Die Zusammenarbeit mit der RecoVet GmbH begann im Oktober 2022, bereits in den ersten 18 Monaten, konnten wir den TACoS um 56% & den ACoS um 49% reduzieren. 
Malte Niebuhr
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From €30,000 annual sales to 7-digit sales figures at Amazon.
The collaboration with Modern Gourmet Foods / Thoutghfully began in August 2019, and we were already able to achieve 7-digit annual sales on Amazon Germany in 2020.
Jennifer Watts
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From 5 to 7-digit annual sales since the start of the collaboration
The collaboration began back in 2018 and we have since achieved several milestones together. Annual sales have risen to a 7-figure sum.
Akin Aktas
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What makes us different from other Amazon PPC agencies?

60 million € - Customer sales (p.a.)

We have been offering our services as an Amazon PPC agency since 2017. Since 2017, we have already managed over 50 Amazon PPC projects and currently manage an annual advertising budget of around 3.5 million euros. Our standard client is an online pure player and generates a turnover of between 2-12 million euros per year. This unique experience enables us as an Amazon PPC agency to significantly increase the turnover of our new customers in particular.

Not interns, but experts

Our team currently consists of 5 people, all of whom have undergone intensive training in Amazon PPC. The activities we take on are also carried out in-house at 100% and are not passed on to freelancers or other agencies. We only decide to work with a potential new customer if we are certain that our professional expertise will offer them significant added value.

Personal service at eye level

In addition to technical expertise, our experience has shown that it is essential to establish a personal and professional relationship with our clients. Only if our customers feel well looked after and enjoy working with us can we talk of a successful collaboration.

Which Amazon advertising formats do we manage for our customers?

Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns

Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns are our clients' main advertising format when it comes to running Amazon PPC campaigns. As a rule, Sponsored Product campaigns account for around 60-85% of advertising costs and around 65-90% of advertising revenue. As an Amazon advertising agency, we use both automated and manual campaigns in a targeted manner to achieve our clients' advertising goals. We also pay particular attention to the exact breakdown of brand, generic and competition keywords so that the results achieved can also be assessed.


Amazon Sponsored Brand Campaign

Sponsored Brand campaigns are of course a must in any Amazon marketing mix! We also place sponsored brand product collection ads as well as store spotlight ads and sponsored brand video ads. Sponsored Brand campaigns can be created specifically for certain goals, such as to increase the number of views in the Brand Store, to launch new products or to communicate a marketing message! The versatile use of sponsored brand campaigns is often not fully exploited.

Amazon Sponsored Display Campaigns

Of course, we also use sponsored display campaigns to acquire new and existing customers. Here we rely on a combination of product alignment campaigns and target group targeting. As an advertising format, we are increasingly relying on user-defined background images to present the advertised products even more clearly. Even if the click rates for sponsored display ads are significantly lower than those for sponsored brand and sponsored product ads, this form of advertising should not be neglected.

We've talked enough about ourselves for now. Now it's our customers' turn

“Unsere Entscheidung, die Einlistung unserer Leuchten bei Amazon selbst in die Hand zu nehmen, war ein Gamechanger. Das hat uns die Tür zu einer Vielzahl von Neukunden im B2B Bereich geöffnet. Ohne die Hilfe von AdsMasters und Tobias Dziuba hätten wir niemals die Möglichkeiten erfahren, Produkte erfolgreich zu listen und zu bewerben, ohne selbst als Käufer aufzutreten.”
Michael Perterer
Managing Partner SIGOR Licht GmbH
“Ich freue mich über die Zusammenarbeit mit Tobias Dziuba. Er ist absolut kompetent und sein Know-How hat unseren Umsatz stark wachsen lassen. Seine Werbekampagnen werden nicht nur sehr gut erstellt, sondern auch kontrolliert. Somit wird das Werbebudget immer auf seine Effizienz kontrolliert. Er ist immer erreichbar und jederzeit hilfsbereit. So sollte Service sein. Ohne die Hilfe von AdsMasters und Tobias Dziuba hätten wir niemals die Möglichkeiten erfahren, Produkte erfolgreich zu listen und zu bewerben, ohne selbst als Käufer aufzutreten.”
Sascha Wenzel
Managing Director In & Out House GmbH
“Modern Gourmet Foods hired Tobias in 2019 to help us grow our Amazon FBA business in Germany. In our first year working with him, he was able to help us increase our sales 7x. We continued to improve in 2020 and increased our sales by another 4x. Tobias was instrumental in this growth. He is extremely competent and knowledgeable about Amazon and is always on time with his deliverables. In addition, he is very easy to work with a pleasure to have as part of our team.”
Jennifer Watts
Director of Ecommerce - Modern Gourmet Foods
“Tobias trägt seit 2017 mit Weitsicht, fachlicher Expertise und höchster Verbindlichkeit zum Erfolg von HOLZRICHTER Berlin bei. Ich schätze besonders seine Hands-on Mentalität und die exzellente Kundenorientierung, die er auch für sich selbst als gefragter Marketer nie vernachlässigt hat.”
Alexander Korduan
Founder & Managing Director - Holzrichter Berlin
“Tobias hat bei der Einrichtung unseres Amazon Seller Kontos hervorragende Arbeit geleistet. Er hat die Amazon Schnittstelle zu unserem Shopsystem hergestellt, die Werbeanzeigen erfolgreich aufgesetzt und kümmert sich auch sonst umgehend um jedes unserer Anliegen, das mit Amazon zu tun hat. Dank Tobias verkaufen wir europaweit über Amazon und wir freuen uns, dass er uns auch bei der weiteren Internationalisierung und dem baldigen Vertrieb in den USA unterstützen wird. Tobias ist immer zuverlässig und die Zusammenarbeit unkompliziert und erfolgreich.”
Melina Kelterborn
Marketing & Communication at HYTECON
“Wir fühlen uns sehr gut betreut, da die Leistungen sehr spezifisch auf unsere Produkte angepasst sind. Außerdem ist Herr Dziuba sehr flexibel und bietet schnelle Hilfestellung bei Problemen. Herr Dziuba ist ein kompetenter Partner, der uns hilft unsere Amazon-Ziele zu erreichen.”
Akin Aktas
Managing Director EVIA Gmbh
“Tobias has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about our Amazon presence. Tobias has helped us with every aspect on the Amazon platform from our product listings, A+ content to managing and optimizing our ads. I can only recommend Tobias.”
Morten Bengtsen
Digital Marketing Consultant at Saphe A/S
“Die Zusammenarbeit mit AdsMasters, Tobias Dziuba, war von Beginn an auf Augenhöhe. Tobi versteht sein Handwerk, ist professionell und zuverlässig. Er macht keine leeren Versprechungen und keine überzogenen Preise. Nach 1,5 Jahren kann ich nur sagen: Danke! Und ich freue mich auf weitere spannende Projekte und Jahre der Zusammenarbeit.”
Kay Link
Founder of Smilestore
“Beste Amazon Agentur, die wir bisher hatten. Kümmert sich vollumfänglich und selbstständig um Seller + Vendor (inkl. Ads) und managed das Business so, als ob es sein eigenes wäre. Keine typische Agentur im sehr positiven Sinne. Danke!”
Jan Göktekin
Founder & Managing Director - Pumperlgsund GmbH

FAQs on collaboration

What opportunities are there for collaboration?

We provide different forms of cooperation and customizable contract terms to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Depending on the current situation of your business and your goals, we have a solution ready. Basically, our services can be divided into the following categories: 1. full-service agency for selling on Amazon; 2. advertising agency for Amazon sellers and 3. project-related cooperation in the form of seminars, SEO projects, consulting & coaching. 

What contract terms apply to our contracts?

As a rule, our contract terms are six to twelve months, with a notice period of three months. This time frame gives you enough leeway to test our services extensively and achieve initial positive results. Our longer-term contracts encourage extensive collaboration and help you to achieve long-term goals and continuously benefit from our Amazon Seller & Vendor services.

Are there references from previous or current customers?

Yes, we have numerous references and case studies from former customers, which you can find under the menu item "Success stories" on our website. These success stories offer you an insight into the services we have provided for various clients and present concrete results that we have achieved. The reports serve to give you an idea of how we operate as an Amazon agency and what successes we are able to achieve. You can see how we have implemented marketing goals, increased conversion rates, reduced costs and increased sales. If you have any questions or need additional references, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As an Amazon agency, how do you go about meeting your customers' objectives?

Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated contact person who will be at your side throughout the entire collaboration. Your contact person is very familiar with your company and your goals and guarantees that your concerns and requirements are taken into account in the regular calls. This individual advice and support enables us to develop a strategy tailored to your specific goals.

Who will look after me during the collaboration?

Each of our customers is assigned an account manager who has years of experience in supporting sellers and vendors. The account manager is your central point of contact for the implementation and discussion of the next steps. In addition to the account manager, we also have a dedicated Amazon Ads Manager who is responsible for the execution and optimization of the advertising campaigns.

How does communication take place?

We are in contact with our customers via email and Google Hangout. We set fixed and regular appointments with each customer (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) at which we discuss current sales performance and the next steps and optimizations.

What are the next steps if I want to work with you?

1. Free initial consultation

The first step after contacting us is to arrange a consultation, which can be conducted either by phone or video call. In this initial meeting, we get to know each other and discuss your current situation. I (Tobias) will also introduce you to our services and experience as an Amazon agency. Of course, I will also answer questions about selling on Amazon, optimization options and Amazon Advertising. 

2. Amazon audit

After the initial consultation, we usually carry out an initial Amazon audit to determine the current situation of the seller/vendor account. Here we identify optimization strategies and define an action plan for the next steps to achieve the desired marketing goals.

3. Presentation of the Amazon strategy

Once we have created an Amazon strategy, we present it next and discuss any questions that arise in a personal meeting. Only if both sides agree with the strategy do we discuss the conditions and the course of a possible collaboration in the next step. 

4. Implementation of the Amazon strategy

Just a few days after you have agreed to the Amazon strategy, we will implement the strategy in your Amazon account. We ensure that Amazon advertising campaigns are clearly structured. This also includes compliance with the Amazon style guide and extensive keyword research.

5. Reporting, regular exchange & ongoing support

In addition to account management, we create monthly reports with the AdsMasters software and arrange regular update calls to discuss the current situation, advise you and carry out possible optimizations. Because only if both sides are informed can there be a successful and long-term collaboration.

6. reporting & regular exchange

In addition to the campaign support, we create monthly reports and arrange monthly update calls to discuss the current situation and adjust the campaign strategy. Because only if both sides are informed can there be a successful and long-term collaboration.

Arrange a non-binding consultation

Amazon PPC Agency - Frequently asked questions

When is it worth working with an Amazon PPC agency?

Should every seller (Seller & Vendor) on Amazon work with an Amazon PPC agency? Absolutely not! As a rule, working with an Amazon PPC agency is only recommended for 10-20% of all active sellers & vendors.

As an Amazon PPC agency, what do we look out for before working with a client?

As an Amazon PPC agency, we always pay attention to the following points before a possible collaboration with a customer: Checking the feasibility and the goals of the account. The first step is to check whether we can really help the potential customer. The answer here is regularly "no". We only work with clients who we can say with certainty that our work can have a significant impact. We generally avoid conflicts of interest with similar products by not working with clients with identical product portfolios. In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, we must therefore reject all inquiries that offer products that are currently already being sold by a client we support. Checking other factors influencing the campaign performance of Amazon PPC is just one of many levers for achieving sales success on Amazon. We regularly discuss and answer questions about shipping logistics, product selection, product presentation and internationalization with our customers.

What does an Amazon PPC agency cost?

The costs of a PPC agency depend on the needs of the client, which can be completely different. Factors influencing the costs include the size of the company, the objectives, the number of products to be advertised, the competitive situation and many other factors. For this reason, we cannot prepare standard offers without a prior consultation. Every customer receives an individual offer from us that is tailored to the customer's current situation.

What tasks does an Amazon PPC agency take on?

As a PPC agency, we take care of the placement of paid advertisements on Amazon. Our aim is to display our clients' products as effectively and efficiently as possible. Different customers have different objectives, which is why each customer requires a separate approach to ensure that the desired objectives are achieved via PPC campaigns on Amazon. As the placement of advertisements is only one of many criteria for success, we also advise our customers on Amazon SEO and listing optimization.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) advertising describes advertising formats that are controlled and displayed via Amazon and billed per click. The advertisements are mostly displayed on the Amazon website. An alternative to Amazon PPC is Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform), which is billed according to CPMs - i.e. a price per thousand contacts. There are currently three different Amazon PPC campaign types that are available to both Seller Central and Vendor participants for advertising their own products.

Amazon PPC campaign types

The three different campaign types available to advertisers on Amazon are:

  • Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns
  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Campaigns
  • Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns

Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns:

The Amazon Sponsored Product campaign is the advertising type that generates the most clicks, orders and sales. It is therefore the main campaign type and belongs in every advertising account. As a rule, Sponsored Product campaigns account for around 50-80% of advertising costs and advertising sales across all Amazon PPC campaign types. This is because the placement of the Sponsored Product campaign has been chosen so favorably by Amazon that these ads receive the majority of the attention.

There are two types of Sponsored Product campaigns, the so-called automatic and manual campaigns. When choosing an automatic Sponsored Product campaign, the advertiser defines the products to be advertised, the daily budget and the maximum CPC bid. 

In contrast, the advertiser has significantly more work with manual campaigns, but also significantly more creative freedom. The placements can be freely selected and all placements, whether search term or product detail page, can be controlled using individual CPC bids. When using manual campaigns, the advertiser can either control the placement for predefined search terms or carry out the placement on product detail pages. The analysis and optimization options for manual sponsored product campaigns are much more extensive than those of automatic campaigns. 

As a best practice tip, sponsored product campaigns should be defined according to the chosen focus. For keyword campaigns, it may be advisable to structure PPC campaigns according to generic terms, private label terms and competitor names in order to facilitate performance evaluation at account level.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Campaigns:

The second type of Amazon campaign is the sponsored brand campaign. As the name suggests, the focus here is on promoting the brand and the entire product range. Sponsored brand campaigns can only be created and played out by vendor participants and sellers with a registered brand.

Sponsored Brand campaigns are not divided into manual and automatic campaigns. All campaigns are manual in nature.

However, the following design options are available:

  • Sponsored brand product collection ads

In the product collection ads, three of the brand's products appear next to the brand logo and the headline. Clicking on one of the products leads directly to the product detail page. Clicking on the logo or the headline takes the customer directly to the brand store of the brand.

  • Sponsored Brand Store Spotlight Ads

           Instead of three products, three different categories of the brand store are displayed in store spotlight ads. A headline and a logo are also displayed here. However, clicking on the ad always leads to the brand store.          

  • Sponsored Brand Video Ads

The latest sponsored brand advertising type is brand video ads. The ad is placed after the first four organic placements on desktop and after the first two organic placements on mobile. In addition to an advertising video, the advertised product is linked. Clicking on the advertised product takes the customer directly to the product detail page.

Display types of sponsored brand campaigns:

Sponsored Brand campaigns can be applied to both keywords and product detail pages, regardless of the selected design option.

A comprehensible campaign structure - generic terms, own-brand terms and third-party brand terms - should also be used when designing sponsored brand campaigns.

A significant difference to sponsored product campaigns is the possibility of advertising even without an existing BuyBox. For sponsored product campaigns, the presence of the BuyBox at the advertiser is a basic prerequisite for campaign playout. 

Sponsored display campaigns

Finally, we now come to the last Amazon PPC campaign type, the sponsored display campaigns. In sponsored display campaigns, a display ad is played that shows either the product alone, the product with the brand logo and a headline or a lifestyle shot of the product.

Here too, the prerequisite is that the seller has a registered brand in order to be able to use this type of campaign. However, a BuyBox as with sponsored product campaigns is not necessary.

A significant difference to the two previous campaign types lies in the display of sponsored display campaigns. On the one hand, sponsored display ads are only available in manual campaign form, and on the other, there is no keyword targeting as with sponsored product and sponsored brand campaigns.

For sponsored display campaigns, advertisers have access to both the familiar product targeting and the relatively new target group targeting. With target group targeting, the advertiser can access the Amazon target groups and reach predefined groups of people with display ads. For some time now, it has been possible to target users who have seen the advertiser's products but not purchased them (classic retargeting).

Advertisers also have these three different optimization options at their disposal:

  • Optimization for visible impressions (CPM billing)
  • Optimization for page impressions (CPC billing)
  • Optimization for conversion (CPC billing)

As a rule, optimization for conversion is recommended. 

Sponsored Display campaigns usually have a relatively small share of the total Amazon PPC advertising costs. In most cases, the share of Sponsored Display campaigns is around 10% of the advertising costs of an advertising account.

In particular, retargeting for products that require explanation and buyer retargeting for consumer goods are features that belong in every professional campaign setup.

Which brand goals can be achieved with Amazon PPC campaigns?

amazon ppc agency

Amazon PPC campaigns are used to present the advertised products to customers who are ready to buy. Ultimately, Amazon PPC is not much more than placing your own products on a premium shelf space. As in stationary retail, there are visible placements and not-so-visible placements. Amazon PPC only ensures that the advertised products are visible.



Marketing goals that can be achieved through the use of Amazon PPC are:

  • Reaching new customer groups
  • Increase in market share
  • Presentation of new products
  • Sale of articles
  • Increase of the organic ranking

As we can see, Amazon PPC can be used for much more than just the crude optimization of a ROAS value. It is therefore advisable to align the use of Amazon PPC campaigns with your strategic marketing goals. As an Amazon PPC agency, we support you with your ads.

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