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With Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google has created the most famous SEA advertising system in the world. With a market share of around 88% (as of 2019), Google is by far the most used search engine worldwide. In Germany the market share is even higher with 90%. It is therefore obvious that ads on Google’s search results pages are equally in demand due to their high visibility. This is clearly reflected in Google’s previous turnover: from 2001 to 2019 Google generated a total of 134.81 billion US dollars in advertising turnover worldwide. In this article you will learn what Google Ads is and how the system works. I will then discuss the potential benefits of Google Ads Tools and introduce some tools that can help you create and optimize your Google Ads campaigns.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads enables advertisers to target potential customers with targeted ads. The ads are placed in Google search or on Google Maps and should, for example, lead to more website visits or more shop visits, depending on the set goal. With the help of previously researched keywords, it is determined for which search terms the ad should be displayed.

Google’s SEA advertising system charges according to PPC (Pay per Click), which means that you don’t pay for the mere placement of an ad, but for the interaction with it. On Google search results pages, up to four places above and up to three below the organic hits are usually reserved for Google Ads. The ad spaces are auctioned, so advertisers must indicate the maximum CPC (cost per click) they are willing to pay for each keyword for which the ad is to be played. A fixed monthly budget allows them to control their spending on Google Ads.

Google is continuously expanding its advertising system, so that there are now numerous other advertising options in addition to the classic text ad. In addition, the ads can be limited to various factors, such as region or end device.

Ads with Google Ads offer a promising way to increase the visibility of your company. New companies in particular can generate initial traffic for company-relevant search terms through targeted ads. But also websites whose organic ranking is not optimal for a relevant keyword can achieve faster success with Google Ads than, for example, through comprehensive searchengine optimization.

What advantages do Google Ads tools offer?

External tools that are intended to be useful in the creation or optimization of Google Ads ads are offered in a variety. But what are the benefits of using Google Ads Tools that go beyond the functionality of Google Ads itself?

First of all, Google Ads can be a bit confusing, especially with large accounts. The more campaigns and ad groups are added, the more difficult it becomes to keep track. This is where external tools can help, which focus on providing a clear interface especially for the management of large accounts.

The situation is similar when several Google Ads accounts are managed at the same time. Here too, there are tools that support and simplify the management of multiple accounts.

Also, the data that Google Ads provides on campaigns is not always intuitive to interpret. Many tools therefore offer extensive reporting functions, with which exactly the data you need is extracted and visually displayed. Often the type of presentation can be influenced. Even regular presentations of results can be made clear and comprehensible with such a tool.

Often external tools can also help to automate manual processes. Some tools can use artificial intelligence to take over the entire display creation process. Still others automate routine tasks or take over bid management. Especially the latter is often used, as it is important to keep bids up to date, but at the same time this means a lot of effort. Selected Google Ads tools calculate bids fully automatically, based on a wide range of factors, the consideration of which would take too much time manually. Through automation, such tools can even update the bids on an hourly basis.

Some tools focus on the campaigns of competitors. Profitable strategies and keywords can be identified and directly integrated into the own campaign. The situation is similar with keywords and ad groups that are not profitable. In this way, it is possible to learn from the mistakes and tests of competitors without having to do them yourself.

In the following I will introduce you to some tools that can help you create and maintain your Google Ads. You will find out which features the respective tool offers and where it is located in terms of price. Hints and explanations should give you an overview of the functionality of the different tools and give you a feeling for which tool is most suitable for your purposes.


Google Ads Tools SemRush


SEMrush is a comprehensive marketing toolkit with numerous features from the areas of SEO, paid traffic, social media, content & PR and market research. As the tool is very extensive with its 40+ functions, we will limit ourselves here to the features relevant for Google Ads.

Features: Ad research, display advertising, PPC keyword tool, ads with product information, CPC Map, Ad Builder

Price: SEMrush is offered in three packages, which differ mainly in the scope of usage. The Pro package costs $99.95 (about 92.25€) per month, the Guru package $199.95 (about 184.50€) and the Business package $399.95 (about 369€). Here you can find an overview of the packages and the included services.

Features in detail

Ad research: The ad research provides an analytics report on competitors’ advertising strategies and budgets, including analysis of ad copy and keywords used. New competitors can be identified and your own ad campaigns can be localized.

Display Advertising: This is also an analytics report that lists top publishers and advertisers and analyses competitor’s dispay ads. The performance of display ads by end device is compared and new publishers can be discovered.

PPC Keyword Tool: The tool provides various methods for keyword research and enables the management and optimization of keyword lists with recommendations.

Display ads with product information: This feature shows which competitors also run ads with product information, provides insight into the PLA competitors’ product feeds and locates the most successful PLAs from competitors.

CPC Map: CPC Map is a tool to check the average CPC of the niche in different regions. In addition, CPC and search volume can be compared to identify particularly rewarding regions.

Ad Builder: This feature helps you to find ideas and creative templates for your ads. Text ads can be created directly in the tools.


Google Ads Tools SpyFu


SpyFu is a marketing tool that focuses especially on competitor analysis. Included are PPC competitor analysis, SEO competitor analysis and tools for keyword research. Also here we keep the focus on the included Google Ads Tools.

Features: Adwords Competitor Keywords Spy Tool, Monitor PPC Competitors, Adwords Keyword Grouping Tool, Competitor Adwords Campaign and Ad Test History, PPC Ad Rank Tracker

Price: SpyFu is offered in three different packages, which can be paid either monthly or annually. Basic: $33 (about 30.50€) per month for annual payment, $39 (about 36€) per month for monthly payment; Professional: $58 (about 53.60€) per month for annual payment, $78 (about 72.10€) per month for monthly payment; Team: $199 (about 184€) per month for annual payment, $299 (about 276.45€) per month for monthly payment. An advantage of SpyFu is that all three plans include unlimited access to the available data. You can find an overview of the features of the packages here.

Features in detail

Adwords Competitor Keywords Spy Tool: With this tool, competitors’ PPC keywords can be downloaded without restrictions, including clicks and the price they pay for each keyword.

Monitor PPC Competitors: This feature provides monitoring of the domains that bid on your AdWords. Changes can be registered and new competitors identified.

Adwords Keyword Grouping Tool: AdWords keyword groups of competitors are visualized. In this way, the most effective keyword groups can be found and adopted in your own campaign.

Competitor Adwords Campaign and Ad Test History: This feature provides insight into the complete AdWords campaign history of a competitor, including the results of all split tests. In this way, unprofitable keywords can be detected and excluded.

PPC Ad Rank Tracker: With this tool you can keep track of the development of the PPC Ad Rankings of your most important keyword groups.

More functions: Some additional features allow you to find competitor keywords that you have not yet taken into account or to find unprofitable keywords that competitors have already tested. SpyFu also includes some keyword research tools that can help you to find relevant keywords for your Google Ads campaign.


Google Ads Tools AdEspresso


The marketing tool AdEspresso is specialized in digital marketing on the Google, Facebook and Instagram platforms. We will discuss the Google-specific features here. If you also do marketing on Facebook and Instagram, you can discover an interesting all-in-one tool in AdEspresso.

Features: campaign creation, campaign analysis, campaign approval, dynamic ads

Price: AdEspresso can be subscribed to in four different packages, depending on the desired scope of services and monthly advertising expenditure. Base: $58 (approx. 53,60€) per month, Premium: $166 (approx. 153,50€) per month, Elite: $333 (approx. 307,90€) per month, Diamond: $499 (approx. 461,40€) per month. Those who need even more can choose from four additional Enterprise packages.

Features in detail

Campaign creation: The tool is particularly useful for those who run ads on all three platforms (Google, Facebook and Instagram), as it allows all campaigns to be created and tested in one place without having to switch between platforms. Tracking and managing campaigns can also be simplified with the tool.

Campaign analysis: The analysis tool also analyses your Google, Facebook and Instagram campaigns all in one place and provides you with the metrics you need to improve your campaigns.

Campaign approval: A feature of a different kind that can be very helpful when you need to get your campaigns approved by customers or managers before they go live. The tool simplifies the process of having the campaign reviewed and published immediately after approval.

Dynamic Ads: Dynamic Ads can be very complex and complicated to create. This feature provides a clear interface that makes it easy to create dynamic ads.


Adference offers features to improve Google Ads performance for both Google Search and Google Shopping. Tip: In addition, Adference also offers useful tools for Amazon Ads. Ideal for businesses that advertise on both platforms. However, the modules can be booked separately, so you only pay for what you really need.

Features: Performance optimization for Google Shopping & Search, automated shopping campaign management, predictive shopping bids, bid adjustments

Price: Search module: 249€/month + 3% of advertising expenditure, Shopping module: 249€/month + 3% of advertising expenditure. Additionally, there is an individual enterprise package from 100.000€ monthly advertising expenditure. The price must be requested.

Features in detail

Performance optimization for Google Shopping & Search: With Adference the bids of your shopping and text ads are controlled and optimized regarding the maximum number of conversions or the maximum turnover. In doing so, predefined specifications for CPA or ROI are taken into account. The bid management technology is based on self-learning algorithms.

Automated Shopping Campaign Management: Adference is able to create, manage and update Google Shopping campaigns fully automated. Your own specifications are taken into account as well as different product types, product categories or brands.

Predictive Shopping Bids: The product bids of Adference combine product performance and product characteristics for an optimal bid calculation.

Bid adjustments: With this feature, bid adjustments at ad group level can be calculated fully automatically depending on the device. The device types desktop, mobile and tablet are taken into account.


Optmyzr is a toolkit for PPC campaigns, mainly focused on Google and Amazon ads.

Features: One-Click Optimizations, Data Insights, Reports, Enhanced Scripts, Shopping Ads Tools, Bid Management, Campaign Automator

Price: Pro: $499 (about 461,40€) per month, Pro+: $799 (about 738,75€) per month. The prices are based on monthly payment, with annual payment the packages are slightly cheaper. Additionally, an Enterprise package is offered, the price must be inquired. In addition, more individual plans can be chosen, which are based on the monthly advertising expenses. You can see all prices here.

Features in detail

One-Click Optimizations: With this function the performance of a PPC account can be improved with one click. Alternatively, the suggestions of Optmyzr can be used as a basis for your own optimizations.

Data insights: Optmyzr displays the Google Ads tables in clear graphics. This way all important information can be easily extracted. The display options include many different graphics and diagrams.

Reports: With Optmyzr, reports on campaigns from different platforms can be compiled and downloaded as PDF files. In addition, an interactive dashboard is compiled from the data and the results can be presented in presentation mode.

Enhanced Script: This tool simplifies the creation of Google Ads scripts with mandatory PPC scripts. With the scripts, accounts can be automatically optimized and data analysis and reports can be generated.

Shoppping Ads Tools: This feature combines several tools to create and optimize Google Shopping Ads. You can create and update shopping ads and control bids. Additionally there is a report function about the shopping ads performance.

Bid Management: With Optmyzr you can create logic and rules for bids automatically. In addition, useful data is visualized, which can help to adjust bids on an hourly basis.

Campaign Automator: The tool can be purchased on its own or in addition to the booked package. The tool is designed to help create and update campaigns and automate the process.




Opteo is a comprehensive AdWords Management Toolkit and promotes the management of AdWords accounts in a clear way and automates routine tasks.

Features: Account performance optimization, performance problem reporting, budget control and account management, account audit

Price: Opteo is available in four packages, depending on monthly AdWords spending. Basic: $97 (approx. 89.70€) per month, Professional: $197 (approx. 182.15€) per month, Agency: $397 (approx. 367€) per month, Unlimited: $797 (approx. 736.90€) per month.

Features in detail

Account Performance Optimization: Opteo makes suggestions for optimization based on current conversion data and performance objectives. If desired, the optimizations can be incorporated into AdWords with just one kick.

Reports on performance issues: The tool shows all performance metrics in one place, even some that are not available in AdWords. This allows performance problems to be identified and corrected in time.

Budget control and account management: Accounts can be managed in a single table. Ad groups, keywords and other components are clearly displayed. Additionally, complete control over bids and budgets is given.

Account Audit: With Opteo, a performance audit of an AdWords account can be performed in a few seconds. This way you can find out in which areas things are already going well and where there is potential for improvement.




Tenscores provides some tools to optimize Google Ads. These consist of quality score and keyword tools.

Features: Quality Score Check, Quality Score optimization, keyword research, keyword duplicate detection, bid optimization

Price: Tenscores is offered in three packages, depending on the size and type of company. The SMB plan for small and medium businesses costs $25 (approx. 23.10€) per account per month. Prices for the Agency Plan and the Enterprise Plan must be requested.

Features in detail

Quality Score Check: The tool calculates the quality score of the AdWords account and shows where there is room for improvement. The history shows whether subsequent optimizations have improved the QA and how the value develops over time.

Quality Score Optimization: To optimize the quality score, the tool helps to group keywords and revise structures. Additionally, campaigns and ad groups with poor performance are identified and simply paused or replaced. All suggested optimization measures are displayed in a to-do list that can be worked through step by step.

Keyword research: With the research tool new keywords can be researched automatically.

Detect keyword duplicates: The tool immediately detects keyword duplicates within a campaign and posts them as negative keywords in the poorly performing ad groups.

Bid optimization: Tenscores automatically calculates the bids that lead to maximum profit based on various factors.


Instaon describes itself as an intelligent advertising platform for more sales with Google Ads. Based on AI, Google Ads can be easily created and optimised.

Features: Keyword research, campaign creation, optimisation, reporting

Price: Instaon offers three different packages, which differ in the scope of services The Free Package is free, the Grow Package is available for 49€/month and the Pro Package is available for 99€/month.

Features in detail

Keyword research: Instaon generates relevant keywords and combinations with high potential by analysing websites and finding relevant synonyms.

Campaign creation: With Instaon’s NLP algorithm, the tool is able to automatically create Google Ads campaigns according to Google’s recommendations. To maximise ROI, each keyword combination receives its own ad.

Optimization: The first optimization takes place before the ad is created by performing an advanced keyword research. After the campaign goes live, the algorithm learns and continuously improves the ad.

Reporting: The performance of the campaigns can be viewed and checked at any time using the reports. You can also view the optimizations carried out and their effect.




WhatRunsWhere analyzes profitable strategies to help you create and optimize effective campaigns.

Features: Top Ads Analysis

Price: To use WhatRunsWhere, three different plans are offered. Basic: $299 per month, Full Coverage: $399 per month, Enterprise: Price must be requested. The prices are based on a monthly payment. All prices incl. scope of services can be viewed here.

Features in detail

Top Ads Analysis: WhatRunsWhere provides you with information about which types of ads have the best chance of success. This includes text, images, traffic sources and formats. In this way, proven strategies can be analyzed and integrated into your own profitable campaigns. With WhatRunsWhere you can display the top ads from around the world, with numerous filter functions. The data used is updated daily for daily results.

Conclusion about Google Ads Tools

The Google Ads Tools presented here show only a small percentage of the tools that offer support when working with Google Ads. It became clear that the tools sometimes differ greatly in their scope and functionality. Which Google Ads tool is ultimately the best choice depends on your own needs. First of all, you should be clear in which workflows with Google Ads support from outside can be useful to optimize them. Then it should be easier to find a tool that is specialized in these workflows. If you work with ads on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Amazon in addition to Google, a tool that provides an interface for campaigns of all kinds between these channels can also be useful.

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