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Facebook Advertising is one of the most modern and effective online advertising measures. Facebook Ads work differently to Google AdWords, with SEOs & SEAs in particular having problems placing Facebook Ads at the beginning. To make it easier for you to place Facebook ads, I will present the different placement options on Facebook below.

Ad placement on Facebook

When placing ads on Facebook, you have the choice between the automatic placements and the selected placement or edited placement. Facebook places your ads by default on automatic placements. This means that your ads will be displayed on all possible platforms and placements. I recommend the edited placements to select. Since each placement is suitable for a different advertising purpose, you should only use the placements that match your advertising objectives.

Which platforms are available on Facebook?

With Facebook ads, you can not only advertise on Facebook, but also on Instagram and in Facebook's Audience Network. Facebook and Instagram are self-explanatory platforms. The Audience Network is a network of websites and apps on which you can place your ads.

On which devices should the ads be placed?

Before applying the different placements, you must select the end devices on which the ad is to be displayed. In the selection window "Devices" you can choose between all devices, computers only and smartphones only. In most cases, it makes sense to advertise on all devices.


1. desktop news feed

The selection of the desktop news feed is one of the most frequently used placements in the Facebook advertising universe. The placement of the Desktop News Feed is linked to the placement of the Mobile News Feed. If you only want to advertise in the Desktop News Feed, you must first select "Computer only" and select "Feeds" under Platforms.

When should you choose Desktop News Feed as your placement? 

The Desktop News Feed is one of the most effective placements, especially for products that require explanation. However, the Desktop News Feed is also a must-have when advertising surveys and software solutions.

How high is the CPC in the desktop news feed?

As the conversion rate on desktop computers is generally still higher than on mobile devices, advertisers often only invest specifically in desktop users. This ultimately leads to the CPC being 2 to 4 times higher in many cases than in the mobile news feed.

2. mobile news feed

With the Mobile News Feed placement, ads are displayed in the News Feed of the Facebook app and the mobile browser version of Facebook. Mobile News Feed has proven to be the most effective placement when advertising mobile apps. If you only want to advertise in the Mobile News Feed and not in the Desktop News Feed, you must select "Smartphone only" in the device selection.

How high is the CPC in the Mobile News Feed?

The CPC in the Mobile News Feed lies between the CPC of the Audience Network and the Desktop News Feed.

3. right column

The placement in the right-hand column is only visible on the computer. With the placement "right column" the selection of a call to action is not possible. The performance of the right-hand column is below average (low CTR) because we as Internet users suffer from banner blindness and therefore hardly notice the right-hand column. However, if you work with retargeting campaigns, the interaction increases significantly.

How high is the CPC in the right-hand column?

The CPC for the placement "right column" is below the CPC of the desktop news feed and approximately at the level of the CPC of the mobile news feed.

4. instant articles

Instant Articles are a placement that can only be displayed on mobile devices. As the name suggests, Instant Articles are posts that can be called up in the Facebook newsfeed with just one click. For this reason, Instant Articles are particularly suitable for publishers who want to advertise their posts in the newsfeed.

How high is the CPC for Instant Articles?

There is still no reliable data available to classify the CPC for Instant Articles. However, it can be assumed that the level is similar to the CPC in the mobile news feed.

5. in-stream videos 

In-stream videos are video ads that are played within videos, i.e. as an interruption to the actual video. In-stream videos can be played for videos longer than 90 seconds. In-stream videos are particularly suitable for increasing brand awareness. When placing in-stream videos, you should note that only the objective of "video views" can be pursued, so there is no CPC value here.

In addition to the Facebook feed as a platform, in-stream videos can also be played in the Audience Network.

6. instagram feed

Ads can also be placed in the Instagram feed. To display ads on Instagram, you need an Instagram account and a Facebook page. Ads for the Instagram feed are also placed via the Ads Manager. When placing Instagram ads, you should understand the environment and align your ads accordingly. As images are the main focus on Instagram, meaningful and eye-catching images should be created. Instagram is particularly suitable as a channel for lifestyle products.

How high is the CPC in the Instagram feed?

According to AdEspresso analyses, the CPC in the Instagram feed is on average the highest of all placements.

7. instagram stories 

All Facebook advertisers have recently been able to play ads in Instagram Stories. Both images and videos can be used as creative in Instagram Stories. The following advertising goals can be pursued: Conversion, traffic, app install, video views and reach. An evaluation of the CPC is not yet available here either.

8.native, banner & interstitial in the Audience Network

In the Audience Network, in addition to in-steam videos and videos with rewards, you also have the option of using the native, banner and interstitial ad formats.

How high is the CPC in the Audience Network?

Based on experience and facts, the CPC in the Audience Network is the most cost-effective in the entire Facebook advertising cosmos. If the advertising goal is traffic, then Audience Network is certainly a good choice.

Conclusion Facebook ad placements:

Different placements and platforms are suitable depending on the advertising objective. The contrast between the platforms and the placements should be taken into account. Ads on the right-hand column have different characteristics than Instagram Stories, for example. For this reason, you should generally always refrain from automatic placement and select the desired placements yourself.


Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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