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As an entrepreneur, you use content marketing to build your own authenticity and brand awareness as well as to achieve your company's long-term goals. "Pay-per-click" marketing measures are particularly popular for achieving short-term success, which is why you are ultimately confronted with the question of which of the two advertising titans to choose. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is more suitable for your company. In the following, I will discuss the differences between these two influential advertising platforms so that you have a basis for your decision between these two options.

The MVPs of the advertising landscape: Google and Facebook

Google is a true internet giant and is seen as the pioneer of the PPC advertising format. The PPC advertising format refers to an advertising format in which the respective advertiser pays for each click by users on an advertising medium. The auctioning of advertising space is Google's main source of income - more than ninety percent of Google's revenue comes from the auction. Within just a few years, Google's advertising revenue has almost doubled, which is mainly due to the fact that Google enjoys an enormously high user frequency on a global level.
However, Facebook has also enjoyed increasing success in terms of advertising revenue growth in recent years. As with Google, in the case of Facebook this is due to the extremely high number of users.
Google and Facebook are both currently on the figurative podium of websites with the highest user numbers. User activity on the two companies' respective online offerings is incomparably high. This is also the reason why advertisers - regardless of the size and sector of their company - focus on these two advertising platforms.

The underdog: Instagram

One social medium that is becoming increasingly relevant is Instagram. Since 2015, it has quietly and unobtrusively blossomed into an increasingly influential advertising platform. User numbers have risen rapidly worldwide. 2015 is the year in which the Advertising on Instagram was launched via Facebook. User numbers have risen rapidly worldwide over the last few years, making it an increasingly attractive platform in terms of "advertising audience". It therefore makes sense to keep an eye on Instagram and its growth in the future.

Is Google AdWords suitable for your company?

Google generally offers advertisers two advertising options. These are on the one hand Search ads and on the other hand Display ads.
Search ads are a way of bidding on groups of words and keywords that are actively searched for by Google users.
Display ads on the other hand, refer to banner ads and advertisements that are displayed on websites.

The three advantages that stand out the most when comparing Google AdWords with Facebook Ads are the Equal opportunitiest, the search-based ads and finally the Advertising audience.
With the advantage of Equal opportunities means that Google AdWords takes on the function of an auction platform. As the quality of the ad, in addition to the desired position and the competition for a keyword, affects the price per click, even companies that do not have a large budget can place their ads cost-effectively - but of course only if the ad is classified as high quality by Google. When classifying ads, Google generally pays attention to whether the keyword, the ad and the advertised website match the user's search goal.
The second advantage is the search-based ads. While a user is looking for a certain service or a specific product and is therefore very likely to make a purchase, the advertiser can reach the user.
The last important advantage of Google AdWords is the Advertising audiencebecause with Google you can benefit from an enormous reach to reach potential customers. With more than 92,500 queries per second, Google is far ahead of other providers on the Internet.

So if a company offers a product or service that is actively searched for by users, i.e. has a search volume, Google AdWords is an extremely good option for all companies, regardless of size or industry. 

... or is Facebook Ads better for your business?

The well-known alternative to Google AdWords is Facebook Ads. If you want to advertise on Facebook, you should know that you cannot assume that the users reached by the advertisement do not necessarily intend to buy something. However, Facebook offers you a wide range of possibilities to catch users at an earlier stage of the buying process and also to generate leads from strangers.

The three most relevant advantages of Facebook Ads are the following aspects Display formats, detailed targeting and Advertising audience.
The advantage of the Display formats is that Facebook Ads, like Google AdWords ads, can be woven into the respective page offering, but Facebook also offers a diverse selection of ads. The most common ad formats include image, video (including 360-degree videos), slideshows, but there are tons of other ad formats to choose from. All ads can be modulated independently via the ad manager.

The Detailed targeting is the second advantage of Facebook Ads. In contrast to its rival Google, Facebook does not limit its targeting options mainly to geographical characteristics such as location, device and language, but can benefit from an extremely comprehensive amount of information about the user behavior of its users.
Demographic characteristics, but also income, interests, marital status and hobbies can be used by advertisers to target users accordingly. Furthermore, the "Lookalike Audiences" the possibility of creating target groups based on the characteristics of actual website visitors, leads or buyers.
The last advantage that stands out is the advantage of the advertising audience. Facebook can proudly call itself the holder of the bronze medal for the most visited websites. With around 1.33 billion active users per day, the social network has a user frequency that is second to none.

Facebook therefore offers an opportunity to create advertisements that are visually appealing, but which cannot automatically reach users with a real intention to buy. However, the targeting options allow you to specifically address users who match your own buyer profile.

Which of the options is less expensive?

It is impossible to say which of the two advertising platforms is cheaper than the other, as the cost of placing the ad depends on the competitive situation as well as the marketing objective and the ad format - after all, they are both Auction procedure each characterized by a certain dynamic.
In terms of creating new leads, Google AdWords can generally see higher click prices, as search-based ad placement is usually associated with a higher success rate. This is because a user searching for something is more likely to convert if they are presented with an ad that matches their search query.

The user's intention to buy is more in the background on Facebook. The essential factor in Facebook's ad placement is the user's interests. The prices per click and the conversion rate tend to be lower than with Facebook's competitor Google.

Conclusion: Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

After this comparison, it makes sense to emphasize that both advertising platforms have a respective function in the advertising landscape. This fact becomes particularly clear when you realize that the two advertising platforms Google AdWords and Facebook Ads together make up a considerable part of the advertising market. I advise you to give both advertising options a chance and test them out so that you can weigh them up and ultimately choose the more economical and sensible platform for your company.[:en]As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with content marketing in order to establish authenticity and brand awareness as well as to achieve long-term objectives. In this context, pay-per-click marketing efforts are especially popular among marketers in regard to achieving short-term success. That's why you're consequently confronted by the question of which of the two advertising titans Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is the best choice for your company. In the following, I will explain the differences between these two very influential advertising platforms and provide a basis for you, that can help you pick the right advertising platform for your company.


Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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