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Dynamic Ads in combination with Broad Audiences:

Dynamic Ads from Facebook are one of the most effective and exciting advertising options on Facebook. With Dynamic Ads, products are displayed to people who have already viewed these products in an online store or app. They are therefore classic retargeting campaigns, but they automatically hide specific products. The prerequisites for the use of Dynamic Ads are the product catalog and website visitors in the online store.

However, this is now changing with the new "Broad Audiences" targeting option. With Dynamic Ads in combination with Broad Audiences, you can target your product catalog not only to people in your Custom Audience, but also to potential customers who have not visited your online store. Facebook selects the people based on factors such as websites visited, interactions in the feed and likes for Facebook fan pages.

MeaningDynamic Ads with Broad Audience can therefore be described as retargeting people who have looked at similar products to those you have in your range in other online stores.

Custom Audience vs. Broad Audience

Custom Audience: Custom audiences are people who have interacted with your website / app / Facebook fan page.

Broad Audiences: People who have an interest in your products. Facebook determines this through the interaction of people on other websites or in the Facebook ecosystem itself.

Requirements for the use of Broad Audiences:

To use Dynamic Ads with Broad Audiences, Facebook specifies the following requirements:

  • Product catalog with at least 1000 products: To guarantee an accurate delivery, the existing product catalog should contain at least 1000 products.
  • Optimization for conversion: Campaigns should be optimized for conversions - i.e. for events such as "Add to Cart" or "Purchase"
  • Of course, the Facebook pixel be implemented on the website.
  • Targeting should be minimized to gender, age and location, so that Facebook has leeway to play out the products.

When are Dynamic Product Ads with Broad Audiences available? 

Facebook is working on the rollout of Broad Audiences so that the function should be available in the Ads Manager in the next few months.

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